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You Do It

15 May

We face many challenges as we navigate through our lives. Some of them are easy, and we process through them pretty quickly. Others are more complicated and require time and effort to figure out how to manage them. Most of the time we move through whatever complications arise and continue on. But there may be times when what we’re facing is very difficult and we have no idea how we’re going to get through. If the problem is more than we believe we can handle, we may become overwhelmed and convinced there is no way we can possibly survive. If we’re desperate and devastated, we may push it off onto someone else and surrender. We’ll just let them take care of it and forget about the whole thing. Pushing our problems onto someone else will never teach us anything, and if the problem comes up again, as problems often do, it’ll be déjà vu all over again. Nobody wants to go through difficult times. But trouble is constant, and there is no way to completely avoid complications. If we’re facing something huge, that takes our breath away, we may have no idea how we’ll ever figure it out. But we are intelligent and completely capable of managing anything that comes. We can take a moment to see everything clearly, and then begin to unravel the problem one step at a time. We are stronger and wiser than we think we are and can do anything. By trusting in ourselves, and taking our time, we can conquer whatever we must. Every destination is there for us, and with clarity and patience, we will reach them.

When there’s a lot to accomplish it’s helpful to recruit assistance from those around us. If we can delegate the work, even large and difficult projects are accomplished. Having a staff to help is a great blessing but when we’re facing personal challenges, we may need to manage them alone. Nobody knows everything but we are intelligent, and will learn as we go. Our vision may be cloudy at the beginning and the road ahead may be rough, but we don’t have to do everything today. We can chart our course ahead one step at a time. Every problem has a solution, and we are certainly capable of finding every answer we need.

If we lack confidence in our ability to manage something, we may lean on those around us. We can always ask for advice and direction, and take any counsel we receive. If someone else has been through this before, and knows more than we do, we may be tempted to dump it on them and escape. But offering advice is not the same as taking over the issue. We own our own problems, and have everything we need to solve them. Every step forward opens up new information and shows us the way ahead. We will have great satisfaction as we continue on, and reach success.

Today if you’re facing a huge issue and have no idea how you’ll survive, trust yourself. You’ve already overcome many difficult obstacles, and you can manage this. Recognize how strong you are, and take a step forward. When you’re comfortable, take another step. Soon you’ll overcome the problem and reach the goal. You really are amazing and capable. Be confident. Every dream is there for you, and your will reach them.

Two Wrongs

5 Aug

Every decision we make takes us somewhere. If we’re mindful and careful, and take time to see the road ahead before we choose, we have a better chance of ending up somewhere we want to go. There’ll always be unforeseen complications and details we don’t know about, and sometimes things will go wrong. But most of the time, if we consider all our options, we can make excellent choices that bring us the results we desire. If we get involved in a situation where someone has a lot of influence over us and asks us to do something we aren’t sure about, we may hesitate. If they’re forceful and determined to push us their way, despite our concerns, we may acquiesce and go along. Sometimes other people’s decisions will work out for us but other times we may end up headed for trouble. We always have the choice to change direction and start again, but if we’re swept up under someone’s influence, we may feel powerless to turn around. One bad decision may lead to another, and then another, and before we know it, we’re in foreign and difficult territory, far from where we want to be. Two wrongs can never make anything right. They don’t cancel each other out, and continuing on the wrong road in the hopes that somehow it will magically turn into the right one, will never work. We’re always in control of our lives and no matter what others choose or how much pressure they bring in an effort to take us along, we can make our own decisions. We don’t have to agree to anything we don’t want. Nobody knows more about where we want to go than we do. We can have the lives we desire most by making careful choices that lead us to the destinations we want. Every blessing is possible and with patience and determination, we will find true happiness.

Some people like to control others to get what they want. If we have something they want, they may do all kinds of things to try and make us give it. If we don’t agree, they may manipulate the situation to pressure us into compliance. It’s very difficult and unpleasant to deal with situations like these, and if being honest and straightforward doesn’t work, we may consider something underhanded in an effort to escape. We’re always accountable for everything we do, and there is no excuse powerful enough to turn bad behavior into good. Choosing well will always bring blessings. We have all the courage and wisdom we need to make decisions that reflect our high standards and hold fast to what is noble and right.

If we go along with a bad decision that complicates and negatively impacts our life, we can stay with it and hope things will improve, or stop and rethink the way forward. No decision is written in stone and we can change direction at any time. We don’t need permission or agreement to correct our course. Every road is possible and with determination and focus, we can move toward the destinations we want the most.

Today if someone is pressuring you to make a choice you don’t agree with, stand firm and choose what’s best for you. You’re in control of your life and can go anywhere you desire. Every option is available and you will find the right way forward. Choose roads that will take you where you want to go, and make your dreams come true.


28 Mar

There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong. Mistakes may be made, wrong turns taken or something we have no control over arises and brings us hardship and heartache. If we are overcome by what’s happened and feel unable to move ahead we may lean on someone else for support and encouragement. It’s wonderful to have others near us who are willing to help us through difficult times when we need them. Leaning on someone else for a while gives us respite from the storm and holds us up while we figure out our next step. As we lean we can recharge and take a moment to think but while we’re leaning on someone else the balance we need to move forward is set aside. We are not standing solid and ready to walk. While the break is helpful, soon it will be important to stand up straight again and begin forward. We will need to compose our confidence, garner our courage and regain our stature so we can move ahead. Some trials are very difficult and it sometimes takes a little time before we feel ready to face them but face them we must if we want to progress. When we’re ready we may right ourselves and start forward. There isn’t any problem too difficult for us to navigate and even when we feel we may not survive we have everything we need to continue. Trusting in our ability to adjust and solve the problem and courageously step forward will move us through the trial to the other side. We are stronger than we think we are and completely capable of facing anything that comes to us. We can stand tall and walk forward with confidence and assurance.

When we’re facing a heavy problem, we may believe we can’t do it, we can’t face it and we can’t get through it. We may be convinced we don’t have what we need to manage and feel like giving up. We can always surrender to any problem that comes our way and try to escape it, and we may be successful for a time. But problems that are left unsolved have a way of returning and revisiting us until we settle them once and for all. Instead of ignoring them or giving up and facing them again in the future, it’s best to face them head on when they arrive and solve them.

Help is always available to us when we need it. If we are confused about what to do or how to proceed there are many people around us who have answers we haven’t yet found. If we ask they will help us find the way forward. Everyone’s experiences are different and a new experience for us may be something someone near us has already encountered who will have advice and counsel that will help. We can ask for help when we need it and listen to suggestions that will assist us. We don’t have to face everything alone. We can enlist the help of others and find success.

Today if you’re facing a big problem and you’re leaning on someone close for support, take the rest you need until you feel confident. Then, stand up straight and determine to solve the issue once and for all. If you need help, ask for it. You are smart enough and wise enough to solve any problem that comes to you. Trust yourself. You are an amazing person with incredible abilities. Let them shine and the answers will come.