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Not Forgetting

7 Jun

There are all kinds of people in the world making all kinds of decisions that may affect our lives. We interact with them and build relationships with them, and they give us an anchor and offer support when we need them. Relationships are like bridges we build that connect us to each other. Trust is imperative as we develop bonds that bring us together. Without it, there is no foundation on which to build and we can never have rich, deep connections. Most people try to be honest but there are some who only think of themselves and have no concern for those around them. They may lie, or cheat to achieve what they want, and feel no guilt or remorse as they leave a trail of broken promises and broken people in their wake. If we’ve fallen into their trap, we may get hurt as they drive the knife of betrayal deep into us. Most of us will be fooled by someone at least once in our lives. Being manipulated and fooled doesn’t mean we’re stupid. It doesn’t mean we’re weak. It just means we believed in someone who wasn’t worth our trust. It’s good to give others the benefit of any doubt and have faith that they’re honest and trustworthy. If it turns out we were completely wrong, the guilt belongs to the one who lied and manipulated, and not to us. When we see everything clearly, we can learn a lot from what’s happened. We may forgive those who offended, but we need not forget the lessons we’ve learned. Every experience gives us something to take forward with us. Each step, even the wrong ones, teach us something valuable. We can gain everything possible from what’s happened, and move forward with increased wisdom and understanding. We’re intelligent and powerful, and nothing is strong enough to overcome us. With courage and confidence, we can move forward and find great success.

Love is a powerful emotion. When we love someone, we may overlook actions and patterns that may end up hurting us. Because we care, we might make excuses for bad behavior, or look the other way when there are offenses and pretend everything is fine. Our happiness and comfort are important. We never have to sacrifice what’s best for us because we have tender feelings for someone else. We can choose wisely and make decisions that will bring us what we desire most going forward.

We’re all responsible for our own lives and never have to stay in any situation that’s uncomfortable or doesn’t work for us. We can’t control what others do, but we’re always in control of our own decisions. There are countless roads to travel and we can always adjust our lives if we want something different. We learn as we go and can use every experience to guide us forward toward the destinations we desire most. We can have the lives we dream about and find true and complete happiness.

Today if you’ve been manipulated and hurt, learn everything you can from the experience and remember the lessons going forward. Learn all you can and take the knowledge with you. You are worth every happiness and nothing can keep you from it. Choose your next steps carefully. Be confident. Every success is possible and nothing is out of reach.


Throwing Paint

17 Sep

We can do anything we want with our lives.  We can make good choices or just do things because we can, hoping it’ll all work out.  If we don’t think about the decisions we’re making, sometimes things will work out but other times the choices we’ve made may complicate the way forward and cause problems.  Success will not simply be handed to us and it takes effort to live well.  We’re in complete control of our lives and what we do is our responsibility.  We can lie about what we’re doing but if we lie about the actions of others, we impact the world in negative and hateful ways that may bring extreme pain and despair.  Lying about someone, saying they did something they didn’t or in other ways impact them dishonestly, may taint them until the truth comes out.  It’s like throwing paint around.  Wherever it lands it leaves a mark.  But paint is temporary and can be removed.  When the truth comes out, as it inevitably will, things will change and the mark left by our dishonesty may be removed as well.  Truth is powerful and nothing we do or say can hold it back forever.  It will always rise and if we’ve been dishonest, in time our actions will be uncovered and open for all to see.  We are a reflection of everything we do.  If we want the best lives possible we must choose well.  Every success is there for us if we do what is needed to achieve it.  We can have the lives we dream about if we carefully and honestly move forward.

There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong.  If we’re in a situation where we’re desperate for things to change we may consider saying or doing something underhanded.  Desperation may make us think about options we wouldn’t normally contemplate.  If we lie or manipulate others to get out of the situation, it may work but the dishonesty will follow us.  We’re accountable for everything we do and at some point, possibly the worst possible moment, the deception will be exposed and we will answer for it one way or another.  It’s hard to manage difficulty and nobody wants to struggle.  When trouble comes if we get through it with virtue and nobility, once it’s over we can move on and there will be no unpleasant reminders of what we’ve done and nothing to clean up afterward.

It isn’t always easy to take the high road and hold fast to our ethical and moral standards.  There are unlimited excuses for the decisions we make.  We’re always free to choose but we are never free to choose the consequences of those decisions.  Everything we do impacts our lives in one way or another.  By choosing well despite the inconvenience or effort, we have a better chance of getting the results we desire.  Choosing to be the best we can be in every situation will bring us satisfaction and happiness and pave the way forward to the lives we want the most.

Today if you’re in a situation that seems unbearable and you’re considering a lie to get out of it, think again.  Your integrity is valuable and precious.  You can handle anything and nothing is too powerful for you to navigate.  Stand firm in your honesty and hold tight to your values.  Great success lies ahead.  You will reach it by being true to the very best you have to offer.

Driving the Train

19 Jan

Every decision we make determines where we’ll go and what we’ll do.  There will always be outside influences and there may be times we feel pressure to do things a certain way, but ultimately our lives belong to us and we can live them any way we like.  Our happiness is our responsibility.  If we aren’t happy where we are, it’s our responsibility to do what is needed to change the situation.  We can complain about our lives, bemoan our current situation, and blame anything and everything for our dissatisfaction, but the truth is we are the ones driving the train.  If we’re in a situation we don’t want, we can change it.  If we’re in a relationship that isn’t working, we can leave it.  Making excuses for why we remain unhappy will never bring us lasting comfort or improve our position.  We can sit and imagine how our lives could be or we can do what is needed to change things.  Change can be intimidating and isn’t always easy.  It takes focus and determination but we certainly have everything we need to be successful.  We are important and our personal desires are important.  We deserve complete and fulfilling happiness.  It’s available to us if we are willing to do what is needed to find it.  We know ourselves and we know what we really want and where we want to go.  We can decide to do what is needed to create the lives we want and find happiness.  We don’t have to wait for things to improve.   We can move forward today and reach any destination we desire.

Some people believe in fate.  They may think it doesn’t matter what they do, they are predestined to have a certain kind of life and experience.  Using that as an excuse to cover unhappiness is illogical.  We have the right to choose anything and everything we do.  We can go anywhere and do anything.  There is nothing strong enough to hold us in place once we decide we want to move.  All our dreams are possible and we need not stay anywhere we don’t want.  Nothing is out of reach and we can achieve any goal and reach any objective we desire.  We are in control and can create the lives we want the most.

Fear of the unknown may be a factor when we want to do something new.  Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring and when we’re pushing forward on a new path there is no way to anticipate all the complications that may come.  The first road we try may not work out and we may need to change direction and try again.  We get unlimited chances to find our way and no matter what we face we have everything we need to continue forward.  Life is a great blessing.  All options are available.  Happiness is there for us and we can reach further to find it.

Today if you feel unhappy and unfulfilled in your life, decide where you want to go and chart a new course going forward.  Let go of the things that are holding you back and break free of anything keeping you from your dreams.  You deserve everything you desire.  Choose your destination and start moving toward it.  Everything is there for you.  Complete happiness is possible and it will be yours.


Around and Around

14 Nov

As we set goals and decide how we want to move forward, it’s wise to objectively look at what must be accomplished in order to succeed. There may be many things we need to do to move us ahead. Perhaps we must go somewhere new, or meet with others who will give us necessary information, or we may need to change something within ourselves in order to progress. Doing external things may take time but they are generally easier than changing something in our personal behaviors and choices. Change is rarely easy and often takes serious thought and commitment to achieve. If we aren’t sure we can do what is needed, we may decide to simply work with what we have instead. That might be enough for a time but if we really must change something in order to succeed it will only delay our progress. We can go around and around the issue indefinitely but if the only way forward requires change, until we do what is needed to make that happen, we may stand still. Even if we’re clear on where we want to go, if we haven’t done what is required to reach the destination we may find ourselves running in place. There isn’t any goal we can’t reach and we can do anything we desire. We have all the wisdom and courage needed to ensure our success. The world is open to us and we can do what is required to move forward and overcome any obstacle in our path.

It’s good to be creative. We can look at situations in different ways and use alternative methods to solve problems. Often there are many ways to resolve issues and we can discover and create new solutions in each case. However, if there is only one way to move forward and it requires a change within ourselves we may need to consider our options. We can look at what is required and then decide if the goal is worth the effort. Personal change takes time and concentration. If the destination is important to us we can do whatever is needed to reach it. Nothing will stop us if we are determined to succeed.

We can never fool ourselves into success. Pretending will never get us to the goal. If we don’t want to do what we must to succeed, we can make excuses for the lack of progress and try to explain why things haven’t worked out. But all the excuses in the world will never be enough to compensate for failure to move forward. If we don’t want the goal we can let it go, but if it’s valuable to us we must do what is needed to achieve it. We can do anything we desire and success is always there for us. We can take charge of any situation, accomplish what must be done, and find success. Once we decide we will win nothing will stop us.

Today if you’ve been going around and around trying to make things work without doing what is needed to move forward, decide what you really want. You have all the wisdom and determination you need to do anything. Choose the way forward and do what is needed to succeed. Everything is available to you and nothing is out of reach. Be confident. The world is yours to conquer and you will win.

Hit and Run

12 Aug

Suppose as we approach our car in a parking lot after doing some shopping we see someone has hit it while we were inside.  There is no note anywhere with information about who did it.  There is nothing but a smashed up car we now have to deal with.  We’ve become the victim of a hit and run.  Somebody hit the car and simply drove away.  Unless there is a witness who saw the event and is willing to come forward with information, we’re stuck with the damage and making the repairs.  It’s unethical to damage anyone’s property and not take responsibility for it, but some people don’t care about ethics, or what is right.  And so we have to deal with what’s happened.  It’s cowardly to hit anyone or anything and run away afterward.  And when it happens to us we may feel angry, and frustrated.  There is no way to make things right if the offender has disappeared and we are stuck repairing the situation on our own.

Ethics is an interesting subject.  We define what is right and it’s ethical to maintain the standards we set.  It’s unethical to impose pain and suffering on others and not be accountable for it.  But if we want to we can make all kinds of excuses for bad behavior.  The idea of “situational ethics” comes into play.  It’s a convenient excuse when we know what we did was wrong, but feel the situation warranted it and we shouldn’t be responsible for it.  For instance, we miss an important turn as we’re driving somewhere and need to turn around.  There is a no U turn sign but we look around, don’t see anyone and do it anyway.  The situation called for us to turn around and go back, and since nobody saw us, there’s no harm.  But the problem with embracing situational excuses is there will always be a reason to compromise our values, and if there isn’t we can make one up.  We are what we do and if we want to be ethical and honest we must choose what is right even if nobody is looking.

They say the best way to cook a frog is to put it in cold water and slowly heat it up.  That way the frog won’t resist as the water slowly warms until it’s cooked.  When we make decisions that take us away from what we believe is right and then make excuses for them, we are in the water as it begins to heat up.  The next time a decision comes and we want to step out of our standards a little it will be easier because we’ve already stepped away before.  If we keep taking steps further and further away from where we want to be our perceptions of right and wrong will change and our standards will follow.  And like the frog, we’ll be cooked before we know it.  We have to decide what kind of person we really want to be.  If we want to be firm in our convictions we can’t risk wavering.  We can’t hit and run and hope it won’t matter.  What we do always matters.  We can be strong in making choices that keep us on the road we want to travel and define who we most want to be.

Today if you feel tempted to turn away from your standards just a little to accomplish something, hold fast.  Choose well and be firm in what you know is right.  You will prevail and earn the respect of those around you.  You are worth more than you can imagine and your influence on the world is great.  Make it the best influence it can be.

Under the Influence

20 Aug

Every day as we go about our lives, we are exposed to other people. We may talk with them, spend time with them, and get to know them. As we share our lives, we learn things about each other, and we have the opportunity to exchange ideas. They will learn from us, and we will learn from them. What we learn depends on our relationship with them, their authority over us, our respect for them, and how they live their lives. If they are people we admire, we will appreciate their influence, and may try to emulate them. And the same is true for them. If they admire us, they will appreciate us, and may adopt some of our behaviors and actions.

We are responsible for everything we do, and we must answer for every action, both positive and negative. That responsibility includes how our behaviors affect others. If we are rude and mean, and negatively impact someone else, we will answer for that. Defending bad behavior, saying we learned it from our families, or we are just giving back what we’ve been given, will not excuse us from hurting others. There is no excuse that will take away hurt feelings. However, if we are kind and patient, and lift those around us, we will answer for those attributes as well. We rarely, if ever, receive any blessings in our lives when we are badly behaved. When we hurt others through commission or omission, it does not elevate us. If this is a pattern in our personalities, the chances for personal growth and development will be hindered. But if we are kind and gracious, if we are patient and helpful, rewarding blessings will return to us.

When we are considerate to those around us, they are often considerate to us in return. If those we interact with come to know us as patient and caring, and as someone they can trust, we are more likely to build strong relationships that are positive. Because everything we do affects those around us, it’s important to remember that although we have the right to live our lives any way we see fit, almost everything we do will impact someone near us. We can be the ones who set the standard for kindness, who wait a little longer and are a bit more patient, and who offer encouragement instead of criticism. If we do these things, those around us will find comfort in their relationships with us. There is already enough suffering in the world. We can do our part to ensure we don’t increase it by being kind, caring, patient, and loving, and making sure our influence is positive.

Today take care and pay attention to your behavior when you interact with others. Remember to be patient and show you care so that those around you will learn they can trust you, and be comfortable with you. Be kind, be caring, and be supportive. You will never regret the blessings you will gain. Share the good you have to offer. It will return to you tenfold.