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1 Dec

When we’re going through difficult challenges and trying to find our way through, we try hard to work things out. It’s not easy to face severe situations and if the answers don’t come quickly and the road forward is long and hard, we may tire of the struggle and feel like giving up. We may feel we need to be stronger than we are, but gaining personal strength isn’t very different from gaining physical strength. If we want to be physically strong we must push ourselves to do more. Giving more when our energy is fading isn’t easy but our greatest growth comes when we challenge ourselves to go further. When we’re tired and have to dig deep to continue, we are rewarded with greater physical endurance and ability. The same is true in our personal lives. When we feel we can’t do any more but are determined to push forward one more time, we become stronger and oftentimes wiser. There is great blessing in adversity. Nobody wants to suffer but bad times will inevitably come to us all. How we manage them and endure will determine how much growth we realize. The more we overcome, the more we learn. Life can be complicated and unpredictable, and nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. No matter what comes we have everything we need to not only endure, but succeed. We can find strength by doing whatever is needed to solve any problem we face. Determining to push forward until we complete the journey will bring satisfaction. We are competent and capable, and there isn’t anything we can’t do. We can be confident even when everything looks bleak, that we will win.

We may choose to give up and run every time there is trouble on the horizon. We can try to avoid conflict whenever possible and refuse to engage when someone disagrees. But hiding from problems will never give us the skills we need to solve them. We don’t live in Nirvana and we will have conflict from time to time. We are smart enough to understand how to move through it when we need to, and find the answers necessary to manage it effectively.

Life is full of challenges and we interact with many kinds of people on a regular basis. No two people are exactly alike and differences will naturally occur. We can take each situation independently, look at it objectively, and find the right way forward to bring harmony. Learning to compromise, learning to listen, and determining to find common ground will help us. Each situation will teach us something new and we carry that information forward to help us in the future. There is a lot we can learn when things go wrong. If we stay the course and learn the lessons well we will become stronger and more effective. There is much to be gained through difficult times. With patience and grace, we will gain everything we need to find success and happiness.

Today if you’re struggling with a problem and feel exhausted trying to find the way through, dig deep and try one more time. All the answers are there for you. Open another door, listen more carefully, and let the resolution come. You are amazing and capable, and this trial will bring you greater strength and wisdom. Be confident. You will succeed.


Holding On

15 Sep

Lots of things happen as we go through our lives.  We have many good experiences and also many hard times to navigate.  We may go through very difficult situations that don’t go well and end up leaving us with bad feelings moving forward and we may hold onto the pain for a time.  If something terrible unexpectedly happens, it may scar us and prevent us from moving forward.  Life is unpredictable and things will go wrong from time to time.  Generally we’ll be able to navigate them and move on but sometimes the pain is so great, or the grief so intense that we get stuck and hold onto it indefinitely.  Our lives belong to us and we can manage them any way we like.  If we allow something painful to take over we may lose the opportunity to be successful.  We will all face hard times in our lives.  We may suffer greatly but no matter what we must face we will always have enough courage and strength to get through it.  There will never be anything so severe and devastating that we cannot recover.  Our reserves for healing are immense.  We can hold onto pain for as long as we like but as we hold onto it we will be unable to progress.  If we set the pain and sorrow down, and leave the disappointment behind we can continue on.  We can reach any destination we desire.  Recognizing the power we possess and allowing ourselves to heal will move us forward to wherever we want to go.  There isn’t anything we can’t overcome.  We are powerful and strong, and we will prevail.

When we go through hard times we may feel great disappointment.  If we choose to, we can hold onto that and all the pain it brings with it.   But if we hold onto trouble we are doing just that – holding onto trouble.  Holding onto difficult situations will not bring us happiness.  It can only weigh us down and may prevent us from finding success.  There isn’t anything too difficult for us to face and we are wise enough and brave enough to walk through any problem we’re carrying.  We have all the confidence and wisdom we need to move ahead and be happy.

Learning to let go allows us to be free of pain and trial.  We cannot prevent what comes to us, and we cannot stop trouble from darkening our door from time to time but we can determine that no matter what comes we will walk through it to the other side.  Life can be difficult and challenging, and we may face some dark days, but no storm lasts forever and in time, no matter what the issue is, things will change.  We can trust in our ability to navigate anything we must and find happiness.  Every day will bring something new.  Letting go of heartache and sorrow and allowing ourselves to openly face what lies ahead will give us greater confidence going forward and help us reach every destination we desire.

Today if you’re facing a very difficult situation and you feel hurt and overwhelmed, remember how powerful you are.  There isn’t anything too strong or difficult for you.  You have everything you need to prevail.  Let go of the pain and take another step.  Be strong and confident.  There is joy just ahead and it’s waiting for you.


Seeking Diligently

26 Jun

As we travel through our lives we may come upon many complicated situations, problems, confusions or obstacles we must navigate and solve.  There is an answer to every question we encounter but sometimes those answers may elude us.  Although we know we can solve any problem we face, finding the solution may take serious work and thought and we may find ourselves stumped from time to time.  When looking for answers, often how quickly we find them depends on how seriously we seek them.  If the issue isn’t too bothersome we may half-heartedly look for the solution or we may even ignore the problem hoping it’ll just fade away.  When the problem is serious or impacts our lives greatly we may be more motivated to look for the answer.  It’s unlikely we’ll find any answer we aren’t looking for and if we really want to find it, seeking diligently will help us get there as quickly as possible.  To be diligent means to be steady and energetic.  Solutions we need won’t just appear out of nowhere.  We must make the search for them a priority, and seek them earnestly and seriously in order to find them.  Complications come to all of us and the only way to live in harmony is to find the answers we need so we may navigate them effectively and with as little stress as possible.  Seeking diligently will allow us to find the solutions we need as quickly as possible to solve any problem we are facing.  We have everything we need to live our lives well.  We can resolve issues and find peace and comfort going forward.

There may be times when things go wrong we feel the problem is too intense or too complicated for us to face.  When that happens we may purposely look away and refuse to see what is really happening.  But looking away will never change the facts and until we decide to see things as they really are we will be stuck.  Nobody want’s trouble in their lives but when trouble comes to us, looking away and ignoring it will never help us get through it.  We can see everything clearly and begin the process of openly and diligently searching for answers until we find what we need to move forward.

Sometimes a quick fix or a temporary patch feels like an option to help us resolve a difficult situation.  They may work for a time but because they are not permanent the problem will return and we’ll have to solve it again.  Instead of facing the issue over and over again it’s better to take the time we need to really examine it and find a permanent solution.  Being able to move forward without dragging along complications from the past will enable us to live more fully and successfully.  We have everything we need to live happily.  Seeking diligently and then applying the answers we find will enable us to move forward with confidence and clarity.

Today if you’re facing a difficult situation that is complicated and daunting, look at it clearly.  You have everything you need to solve any problem you face.  Seek diligently and the answers will come.  Move forward with confidence.  There isn’t anything you can’t do and do well.  Success is there for you.


Try After Try

26 Jan

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

When we’re trying to find our way through something complicated, sometimes the first road we choose doesn’t take us to resolution. If the situation is very complex and there are others involved, we may try several options before we find our way through. Day after day if what we thought would take us to the answer doesn’t work, we must try again. Try after try can wear on our patience when nothing changes and we may begin to believe we are stuck forever someplace we don’t want to be. It’s like having our tires stuck in the mud, spinning and spinning trying to break free but going nowhere. Our patience may be tested, our reasoning may be challenged and we may become exhausted trying to find our way. If we’ve tried and tried and haven’t found success, sometimes we may need to step back for a moment to regain our perspective. Being in the middle of a problem may influence our vision and make it hard to see all the options available. Stepping back from the issue, clearing our minds and looking at it objectively may open new ideas and help us see a way forward we hadn’t considered. Problems come and go and we can find our way through anything. Stopping and stepping away from the fray for a moment may open doors we didn’t see before and help us solve whatever has held us captive.

Feeling overwhelmed won’t help us find answers. If we believe the problem is too big to solve and doubt we will ever find answers we may get stuck. If we don’t think we can solve the issue, or lack the confidence to continue when things go wrong, we will fail. We can give up at any time and refuse to continue but if we do, we will never find success. The willingness to try one more time, no matter how many times we’ve tried before, will open the way forward. Although it may take time, there are no answers too difficult for us to find. We can solve any problem if we keep trying until we find our way. There is nothing too difficult or too complex for us to figure out. We have what we need to succeed as long as we keep trying.

There may be others around us who may encourage us to give up. They may tell us it’s too hard or it’s not worth the trouble. We may certainly take their advice and quit but if we do we guarantee the goal we are seeking will not be met. If we decide we no longer want to proceed, we may stop. But if what we’ve been trying to accomplish is important to us and we really want to achieve it, we may continue forward. Success is always possible and we can have it. We can try one more time, and we will find our way.

Today if you’ve tried and tried to make something work and you’re still struggling, decide if the goal is still important to you. If it is, step back to see things objectively, and then try again. You are worth every success you are seeking. Try one more time. The doors will open and you will find your way.

Tough Nut

18 Jul

Sometimes when we have difficult things we have to do or when a situation becomes hard to handle, we often feel we’re having a bad time.  Difficult problems can be hard to solve and we may struggle to find answers but it doesn’t always mean it’s a bad experience.  Hard times don’t always mean bad times.  Untangling complicated developments and figuring out unexpected problems may take us off the path we want to be on but that’s not always a bad thing.  We learn a lot as we tackle new situations and everything we learn can be beneficial to us in some way.  If we look at these situations more positively we may find our way through them more easily.  We are capable of managing any problem or complication that comes to us.  We know in the beginning we’ll eventually solve the issue no matter how hard it is, and in the end we will be successful.  If we focus on that instead of the annoyance of going through the issue we will benefit more from the experience and feel better as we push through.

Some problems are very complicated and take time to find answers to.  In many cases, it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to solve them and we can take all the time we need.  We can ponder them, think about the outcomes we want and work them step by step.  At each point as we try to crack the nut, we learn something valuable.  Everything we learn we take with us going forward.  If we have a complex issue that requires going through a lot of steps to find the answers, we grow with each step we take.  Once the problem is solved, all the knowledge we’ve gained getting through it will be valuable and will help us in the future.  Tough nuts may be hard to crack but with determination and faith we will always break through.

It’s a common expression to see difficulty unfavorably and we all want to avoid trouble.  But hard or difficult situations aren’t necessarily bad.  When things are running smoothly our lives seem less worrisome and easier to manage.  But nothing runs smoothly all the time.  There will be regular snags, bumps, detours, problems, and complications.  It’s the nature of life.  Learning to see these experiences merely as enhancements that teach us and not roadblocks that stop us in our tracks will help us gain more as we navigate through them.  There is no problem too difficult for us to solve and no situation too complicated for us to figure out.  We can remember that and see our difficulties for what they are – complications in the process.   If we do, we’ll be more confident moving forward.

Today if you are facing something difficult and you feel it’s a bad situation that’s greater than you can handle, take a more objective look at it.  It’s just a complication along the way.  You will solve it and you will find your way through.  You have everything you need to succeed and you’ll learn more as you go.  You’ll solve the problem no matter what it is.  Be confident.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.

Losing Ourselves

21 Apr

Hard times come to us all. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s going wrong in our lives we can’t see anything else. We can only focus on the problems we’re facing. We may feel beset, overwhelmed and quite miserable. It can seem that everywhere we look there is nothing but bad news. It’s like being in a fog of unhappiness and it’s hard to find a way out. But there are things we can do to find peace even when things are going wrong. One way to get out from under the trial is to reach out and help someone else. We may think we can’t possibly help anyone else when our lives are a mess, but doing things for others allows us to take our eyes off our own problems for a while. When we’re helping someone else there isn’t time to think about ourselves. We can get lost in service, and when we do we find respite. It seems counter intuitive to try to give when we feel like we’re going under but if we do we will be lifted and our burdens, no matter what they are, will feel lighter.

We all have so many blessings. Even in our darkest moments we have much for which to be thankful. Maybe we don’t live in a mansion, but we have a safe place to sleep. Maybe we don’t wear designer clothes, but we are warm and dry. Maybe we don’t have money in the bank, but we have enough for our needs. We take a lot for granted and forget how much we really have. Even in our darkest hours we have things for which to be grateful. And often we have more than many others. If we can remember that and share what we have, even when we’re struggling, we will find peace and comfort. It’s impossible to focus on what’s going wrong in our lives when we’re trying to help someone else with something they need. Seeing another person’s problems and helping them find comfort brings comfort to us as well.

When things go wrong and the bottom falls out, when we lose our footing and think we’ll never survive, all is not lost. No matter what we go through in life, we will find a way through. There will always be someone with more troubles and fewer blessings than us. If we reach out and extend ourselves to help, to serve in some way, and to share what we have, we will forget our sorrows and find joy. When we’re focused on someone else, we can’t focus on what’s going wrong for us. We will lose ourselves and our troubles for a moment and reach a little higher. We’ll find comfort and confidence as we remember the blessings we have, and see how we’re bringing joy to others by helping. We have so much to offer. Troubles will come and there will be hard times. But we can navigate them and find solace by helping those around us, and remembering who we are.

Today if you feel overwhelmed by things that are going wrong, and surrounded by trouble, look around and see where you could help. Extend yourself and do something for someone else. You will forget your problems for a moment and the service will bring you joy. When you return to the issues that are pressing, you’ll be rejuvenated and stronger. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Lose yourself helping someone else. Your problems will seem to diminish, and you’ll be comforted and happier.

One Word One Thought

27 Feb

Nobody’s life is perfect and sometimes things go wrong for all of us. When it’s very disappointing or upsetting, we may get angry. If that happens we don’t always keep the anger to ourselves and unfortunately instead let others share it. Perhaps we use offensive words to express how we feel that aren’t part of our every day speech. Or we snap at others who may or may not have had anything to do with our problem. We’re only human and there are times when we aren’t at our best. It happens. If others experience our outburst they may decide out of frustration to return it for one of their own, and then the whole thing can get out of hand. Once things have escalated it’s hard to rein them back in. Feelings can get hurt, and relationships can be bruised. After we’ve ended our furious outburst, and we’ve settled back down, we’ll have to apology for the damage we’ve done, and try to make things right.

Anger can be a very destructive emotion. We all feel it from time to time, but the way we express it is different for everyone. When we’re children we may cry or scream, or kick our feet and stomp off, but as we become adults we must find other ways to deal with it. Some people point their anger inward and manifest specific behaviors to cope. Perhaps they overeat, or can’t sleep, or they close themselves off and hide until they feel better. Compromising ourselves to keep anger hidden away doesn’t help us deal with it, and sometimes the behaviors we embrace while we’re coping make the situation worse in the end. Others of us express our anger outwardly. We take it out on those around us spreading collateral damage everywhere we turn. We say things we don’t mean, and lash out at whomever comes close. Unfortunately those behaviors can damage our relationships and if they are chronic, can ruin them. Learning to deal effectively with anger takes time and practice. It doesn’t just happen the first time we get mad. We have to learn how to control our responses in ways that help us resolve our anger, instead of making it worse.

If someone near us is angry and acting out, instead of jumping into the fray, we can instead offer a word of encouragement. If we do, the anger may lose its impact and suddenly emotions may turn. It’s said that a kind word can turn away wrath – and it’s true. If someone near us is angry and acting out, one kind word from us may change everything. It doesn’t take a lot of effort but it does take self control and thought. We are capable of both. If we’re the angry one lashing out at those around us, we can stop for just a moment, take a breath, and think of one good thing. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, like world peace, it can be something small. Perhaps we had a delicious muffin for breakfast, or the sun is shining, or we really like the color of the shirt we’re wearing. If we can focus on one good thought for just a moment, everything can change. We can put things back into perspective and more effectively navigate our way through. A kind word, or a positive thought are powerful and can help us through difficult situations. Our relationships and interactions are important. When things go wrong, we can do something to preserve them. We can exercise self control and keep the situation for becoming destructive. One kind word or one good thought may be all it takes.

Today if you’re angry about something you can’t accept, stop for a moment and think about one good thing that’s happening right now. There is always something and when you find it, focus on it for a moment. You’ll feel better and you’ll see things more clearly. If someone near you is angry and lashing out, offer a kind word of encouragement to let them know you care. We are all capable of more than we realize. We can do anything. We can do our part to bring harmony back into our lives when trouble is at the door.