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One More Rung

26 Nov

Life is a journey that takes us many places and teaches us many things. As we move forward, we decide what we want to do and where we want to go. Some things come easily, but many times we must reach a little further than we’re comfortable, and trust ourselves to make the right choices, even when we’re not sure. No matter how far we go, the road continues forward. There will always be another step to take, and another rung to reach for as we climb. It’s up to us to choose what kind of life we’ll have, what we’ll do, where we’ll go, and how far we’ll travel. The options and possibilities are endless, and if we’re determined, nothing can hold us in place. But first we must decide what we want. We must choose the road ahead ourselves. If we like where we are and don’t want to face challenges or struggles, we can try to keep things the same. Repeating what we’re doing over and over is easy, and requires little energy. However, it’s impossible to learn anything new doing the same things again and again. Life is filled with possibilities and there are endless opportunities for growth and development. If we stand still holding on to what we know, that’s all we’ll learn. We are capable of understanding many things, and every new experience enriches us and teaches us more about the world around us. Even if we’re comfortable where we are, we can reach for one more rung and rise a little higher. As we step up, the view will broaden and deepen our knowledge. Nothing is too difficult for us to manage, and with confidence and clarity, we can move forward toward any goal we desire. The whole world is there for us. We can do anything and reach any destination.

Climbing a mountain is hard work. The path is always angled upward, and when we tire, it takes concentration and determination to continue climbing. Every step takes us closer to the top as we push against gravity and struggle to find our footing. If we don’t stop, we will reach the summit and find great pleasure in the view before us. Accomplishing goals brings us tremendous satisfaction and builds our confidence. By keeping our focus and continuing forward, we can reach any objective and realize great success.

Life offers all kinds of options. If we want to, we can just coast along and see what happens. We might end up in places we like, or we might not. If we’re just going along for the ride and not driving the train, we won’t have a choice of destinations. But our lives are important and every day is valuable. We can think about what we want and then do what is necessary to take us there. Every dream is possible and we can have the lives we want the most. We are powerful and capable, and nothing is beyond our reach.

Today if you’ve been comfortable keeping everything the same, there are countless possibilities waiting for you. Think about what you really want. Your dreams are possible. Decide where you want to go, and take the first step forward. You are strong and powerful, and nothing is too far for you to reach. Be confident. You can reach any goal you desire. Every success is there for you and you will prevail.

Truth or Dare

26 Oct

There are unlimited opinions in the world around us. Everyone has their own perspective of what is going on, what is real, and what is true. All interpretations have some truth in them and as we live we will naturally modify our ideas as we grow and experience different situations. We all have opinions but truth and opinion are not always the same things. What is real can be camouflaged by what is popular, what is important to us, or what is desired by others. If we believe something strongly and want others to follow us and only focus on converting them to our way of thinking, we may neglect to discover if what we’re doing is based in truth or not. If we dare to take the time to really uncover what is real, we will gain greater clarity and learn to listen more willingly. Nobody has all the answers. If we arrogantly go about telling others how things should be and how they should change we may miss the opportunity to genuinely and openly understand them as they are. It’s like missing the forest while we concentrate on looking at the trees. When we feel compelled and passionate about something and don’t take time to objectively evaluate our way forward, we may push ahead blindly missing important cues that tell us the whole story. A wide view of what is real will deepen our understanding of the way forward and help us correct our course if needed. Looking for all the facts, and seeking the complete truth will bring us confidence and success. We are capable of understanding great things and the more we know the better we can move forward.

Seeing only a small section of any picture will modify our understanding of what we’re looking at. If we see only the top of a mountain we cannot comprehend how high it is. The same is true when evaluating situations in our lives. If we hear only one side of the story we cannot know the entire thing. It takes time and willingness to listen to all points of view to fully understand. If we are emotionally involved it may be difficult to hear other ideas but if we step back and allow ourselves to see them openly we will more easily find resolution.

It’s impossible to change our point of view if we refuse to hear anything new. If we are absolutely sure we are right it may be very difficult to even consider anything else. But nobody can know everything all the time. Even if we are confident there is only one answer, if we allow others to share their suggestions and listen openly we may find that although our way forward will get us to the goal, there may be ways to improve. We are intelligent and capable of making excellent choices. Being open to new ideas will help us find the best road forward and build connections that will help us on the journey.

Today if you’re trying to convince others that you know the truth, be willing to listen when they give their points of view. Everyone has something to offer and the complete truth will rise when everyone has the opportunity to share. You know what you want. Everything is within reach and all the information is there. Be open, listen carefully, and build the connections you need to get to your goal.

Here a Little

13 Jun

Life teaches us many things.  Sometimes we learn what we need right away and adjust our lives accordingly.  Other times the lessons take a long time to understand.  When we’re navigating change we may wish we could learn everything we need immediately and move on but it doesn’t always work that way.  Change is a process and doesn’t usually happen overnight.  We can’t see all the adjustments we need to make from where we are to where we want to be.  We have to grow into each step and as we do our vision is clarified for what’s next.  There is no way to see everything we need to do or all we need to learn going forward at the beginning.  We get a little here and a little there and piece by piece we gain the attributes we’re seeking.  Here a little and there a little will bring us success.  There may be times in our lives when everything changes all at once but those are very rare.  Generally we move forward inch by inch and as we do we learn everything we need to move forward confidently.

In our busy lives if we have a lot going on we often try to take the fastest routes possible.  We may try to do two things at once and call it multi-tasking although it’s been proven we really can only concentrate on one thing at a time.  But still we may try and although we’re moving forward, we may miss a step here and there.  When a lot is expected of us or we’re in a time crunch we might cut a corner to get to the finish line in time.  But the corners are there for a reason and sometimes when we cut them we miss an important part of what we’re trying to accomplish.  Going fast doesn’t always mean doing well.  Getting the job done is only one piece.  Getting it done well is what brings satisfaction.

When we try to learn something new we have to take it step by step.  If we’re learning to ski we don’t start on the expert run and hope we’ll learn how as we fly down the hill.  But if we want to learn something badly or we’re in a hurry to achieve the accomplishment we may feel impatient taking it step by step.  However if we want to learn the lesson well, whatever it is, step by step is the only way.  We can learn a little here, and as we move forward we’ll learn a little more.  Making the most of each turn, and seeing everything completely and openly will allow us to gain the most from what we’re experiencing.  We can climb every mountain, learn every lesson, and achieve every success little by little.  Learning our lessons well the first time prevents us from making mistakes and having to return to learn them again.  If we take the time needed to make the change well, we can move forward with confidence and completely integrate the change into our lives.  Here a little and there a little will bring success.

Today if you’re impatient with your progress and want to skip to the finish line, remember that each step along the way has something to teach you.  If you learn everything you can as you move along you’ll be successful in gaining the most from your experiences.  Learn all you can as you move forward.  Your understanding will be magnified and your growth will reflect that.


4 Mar

We can do just about anything we want to in our lives. If we want to learn something new, with enough time and practice we can master whatever it is. If we want to make a change, with enough determination we can accomplish it. And if we want to achieve something, if we plan well and do all we can, we can succeed. Unfortunately we all face times when something we really want eludes us.  If everything only depended on us we might never fail, but in this life what we do and what we want often depends on the choices of others. We can try hard to change something in our lives but if others are involved and they don’t agree, we may have to alter our course for a time.  Sometimes we may have to change our plans until the situation improves. But that doesn’t mean we have to forsake the dream. It just means we may have to move in a different direction or at a different pace.

The old saying that “no man is an island” is true. We live in a world with lots of other people. We develop all kinds of relationships with them and they are intertwined throughout our lives. There are some things we do that don’t impact anyone else, but unless we’re hermits living alone on a mountain top, many of our choices will touch those around us in some way. If we’re in a work situation, the choices we make and the things we want to achieve may depend on their agreement and support. If we’re dealing with family and they don’t understand what we’re trying to do, their disapproval may hinder us. If we’re in a relationship where someone depends on us keeping things the same, we may postpone a decision we really want to make. People are complicated and every one of us has our own unique perspective on life. If we want to do something that needs the cooperation of those near us for it to succeed, and that isn’t forthcoming, we can alter our plans. We can find a way to move forward alone, and we can still succeed.

Complications often come when we’re trying to make a change in our lives. But complications are just unexpected developments. We are certainly capable of figuring out how to navigate anything that comes our way, and if our goal is important to us we will find a way around any complication. If we want something badly enough we can achieve it even without the support of those around us. Someone else’s opinion of what we’re doing is just that – their opinion. And their opinion belongs to them. We can let them own that, and continue on our course.  We can listen to their comments and if we don’t agree, we can graciously decline their advice and do what’s most important to us.

Today if you really want to make a change in your life, and there’s something you want to do, carefully weigh your options. If you can move forward and feel it’s best to proceed, begin today. If you feel you must wait until things change, make a plan for when you will start. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You’re in charge of your life and are capable of making excellent decisions. You know what you want and you know how to get it. Make a plan and make the best choices for success.

What’s Coming

4 Jan

If you’ve ever tried skiing, you know there are times when you’re at the top of the hill and because of fog or snow, you can’t see the bottom of the hill. You know it’s there – you just left it – but it’s invisible. There is no ski lift that takes us back down the mountain and once we’re at the top we have only two options. We can ski down it, or we can walk. If we decide to ski, which most of us do, despite the inability to see the bottom of the hill, we can begin down the slope. If the fog or snow is heavy, it may be hard to see more than a couple of feet ahead. If we haven’t done the course before we will not know what’s coming. But if we have faith in our abilities, and plan every turn carefully, we can get down the hill and reach the bottom in safety. Our lives can be like that. We know where we are and where we want to go, but the distance in between the two can be foggy and hard to see. If we really want to reach our destination, we have to go forward with faith. Sometimes we come to a wall and have to re-navigate but if we take our time, and keep moving forward we will reach the destination.

When we can’t see the road ahead of us, and we aren’t exactly sure which way to start, we can be overcome with doubt and decide to stay where we are instead of venturing forth. We know the location we’re in, it’s predictable and sure. Forging ahead into the unknown can be frightening. But the truth is there isn’t anything we can’t manage. We are smart enough and strong enough to face anything that comes to us. If we really want to go forward, even if we can’t see each turn that’s coming, we can keep moving and if we come to a complication we can re-navigate and start again. Every road is within our reach and every goal is attainable if we’re willing to do what we must to achieve it. We can ignore the fear and just start moving ahead. We can push our doubts aside and have faith that although we can’t see the next bend, we will know what to do when we get there.

Not everyone will support us when we want to make a change in our lives and move in a new direction. Some may tell us it’s impossible, some may say it’s too hard, some may ask why we want to change when we’re fine where we are. But none of that matters if we know what we really want. We can forge a new road, go after a big goal, and tackle difficult challenges. The world and the future belong to those brave enough to grab it. We all have the courage we need inside us. We can do whatever we want to do. We can summon our confidence and garner our faith strongly enough to do anything. There isn’t anything too hard for us to manage, too difficult for us to figure out, or too intimidating that we can’t overcome it. We can do anything. When we believe that and begin going forward deciding we will continue no matter what, we will find success. There is nothing that will stop us.

Today if you’ve wanted to move in a new direction but have been unsure, you have everything you need to succeed. You are smart enough and strong enough to do anything you want to do. You can go forward and if you keep going forward you will succeed. Nothing can stop you when you are determined to win. You already know what you want. Start moving and you’ll get there. You deserve everything you’re seeking. Today take the first step forward to claim it.