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Cold Wind

10 Oct

Life is filled with unexpected experiences. Sometimes there are surprises that suddenly and swiftly change our focus or direction. If the turn is beneficial we may be happy things changed but sometimes what comes isn’t what we want and we may stumble as we try to find our footing. If we experience something very upsetting we may be stunned and stopped in our tracks. We can only control what we do. The rest is like a game of chance. Maybe things will go the way we plan and maybe they won’t. When they don’t and the result is difficult we may struggle to push ahead. We may feel like a cold wind has consumed us and we are frozen in place. It can be hard to discern what to do next and we may need time to recover before we can chart our way forward. We may feel lost and unsure, as though our whole world has tilted away from us and we are alone and adrift, unable to recognize any landmarks to guide us. No matter what has happened or how devastating the change may be, we are still in control of our lives. No matter how much things shift we still know who we are and can be confident that we will succeed. Even if the challenge is extreme, even if we are in disbelief and must stand still for a moment, we have everything we need to start again. There is nothing we can’t overcome. No pain, no matter how intense, can last forever. The fog will lift, the winds will cease, and we will move forward. Trials can only test our strength. They can never stop us. We have everything we need to do anything we choose. We can change our direction and begin again.

If we have the air knocked out of us, we can bend over for a moment and wait for it to return. It will always return and we will recover. The same is true when we face very difficult unexpected developments. When things change suddenly we may need to stop, bend a little and wait. There is always plenty of air around us and we will find the way to breathe again and move forward

There are endless options available to us all the time. There is no one single way to live our lives. We have limitless choices we can make and infinite directions we can travel. No destination is ever too far or too difficult for us to reach. If we face an unexpected hill we cannot climb, we can reroute our course. If there is a sudden roadblock in our way, we can go around it. There isn’t anything we can’t comprehend and nothing is powerful enough to stop us. Difficulties may come, but we have everything we need to manage them. We are strong and powerful, and completely capable of finding success.

Today if something has happened that has suddenly changed everything, take a moment to see the situation clearly. There isn’t anything too difficult for you to understand and you will find your way forward. Your life belongs to you alone and you are in control. Decide what you want and then begin again. There isn’t anything out of reach. You are powerful and strong, and nothing will stop you. Be confident. You are amazing, and every success is waiting for you.


Push and Pull

9 Aug

When we have an idea we want others to buy into, or when we have something we want to do and we need the help of others, it’s important that we are able to convince them to join us. If it’s something we’re passionate about, or something we are sure is right, we may be forceful in explaining why they must join us. We may try to push them into agreeing, or in some way try to make them come along. Even if we have the best idea ever conceived, trying to force others to join us usually doesn’t work. Everyone has their own ideas to offer, and most of us aren’t receptive to someone telling us we have to do things their way. If we try to push people into coming to our side, we may push them away instead.

So how can we get the support we need? If pushing and force won’t work, what will? Imagine trying to push a bulky object up a hill. When we are behind something pushing it, we can’t see what’s ahead on the path. There may be obstacles that need to be avoided in order to succeed, but we’re in the back pushing with all our might, and we can’t see them. When we run into them they impede our progress, making the task even harder than it was. On the other hand, if we are in front of the object, pulling it up the hill, we can see every complication as it comes along, and avoid pitfalls. It’s the same with people. Most of us do not respond well to being pushed. It’s irritating to be told we have to do something we haven’t agreed to. But we can be pulled into an idea if we are informed, and given time to understand why we should join in.

Pulling people in is much more effective than pushing them. Taking the time to explain what the plan is, what is needed to make it happen, and what is being requested helps others understand why they are needed. We can explain why it’s important to us, and then ask – not force – but ask for their help. Most of us would respond more positively treated this way. If we want cooperation, being positive will more likely bring the results we are seeking.

Today if you have something important you want to accomplish, and you need the help of others, pull them in by explaining what your plans are, and ask them to join you. Ask without expectation that they will agree. Ask, understanding they may accept or decline. If you are open and friendly, your demeanor will bring them in. You will be successful in getting the help you need. You have everything you need to succeed already. You can do anything.

Defining Us

16 Jun

Have you ever faced a challenge you didn’t think you could conquer? Something beyond what you felt you could manage? Have you ever felt overwhelmed at a problem you had to face? These times happen to all of us. Very difficult hurdles come that at first may shake us. We may have no idea how we’re going to overcome them, or even how we’re going to face them. When these things happen, they are usually critical, and demand our attention. Even if we’re unsure, even if we’re scared, we have to look at the huge hill before us, and just start climbing.

What defines us as people? Is it what we own? Is it what we’ve done? Is it how much money we make, or how many friends we have? What makes us who we are? When we think about our strengths, and our weaknesses, we can see that every facet of our personalities has been molded, and shaped by the experiences we’ve had. Our experiences are vast as we live our lives. Every day brings something new. And each challenge we face makes us a little stronger, a little braver, and a little truer. What defines us is how we face them.

When very difficult issues come into our lives, when we are facing the dragon, and there is fire all around us, we will come face to face with our fears. What if we can’t do this? What if we fail? What if this destroys us? There are a lot of things that can go wrong when we have a lot to surmount. But if we stand strong, and take it as it comes, face each moment and conquer them one at a time, we can overcome even the hardest of challenges. As we navigate the problem, as we deal with each complication, as we unravel each puzzle, we learn new skills, and we become stronger. Because of that strength, when the next hurdle arrives, we are ready to begin again. There is nothing we can’t handle. There is nothing we can’t face. We are powerful, and we are capable. If we remember that, we will not only survive, we will thrive.

Today if you are facing something very hard, something that is threatening, and you are afraid you cannot conquer it, remember who you are. You can do anything. Be fearless. You may not get every step right, but you will eventually reach the end, and you will overcome. You have more strength than you realize. You have the very best of everything inside you. You have everything you need. Don’t forget that. You will beat this. It’s just a hill after all, and you’ve been climbing those your entire life.