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Stand Still

22 Oct

There are all kinds of people in the world. Many of them are nice, and we make a lot of friends and acquaintances as we go through our lives. Most people try to do their best and are helpful to those around them, but some have an agenda that doesn’t include being kind to others. If we come in contact with someone who is mean or rude, who despitefully uses us to get something they want, it will be difficult and unpleasant. We may try to navigate the situation with grace but we don’t have to stand still and let someone abuse us. We’re in control of our lives and if we’re in a situation that is uncomfortable, we can step away. We never have to remain anywhere we don’t want to be. No matter who we are, what we do, where we live, or what our roles are, we are important and deserve respect. If someone around us isn’t honoring that respect, we don’t need to stand still and endure it. Walking away doesn’t mean we’re weak or can’t handle conflict. It means we value our worth and will protect it. We are responsible for ourselves and know what we need and where we want to go. Being proactive when problems occur and doing what is necessary to ensure we manage the best way possible, will move us forward and help us reach our goals. There isn’t anyone else like us in all of creation. We are unique and have gifts to offer nobody else possesses. We can ensure the connections we build take us where we want to go and provide positive influences that help us move ahead. Every goal is possible and we have everything we need to manage whatever comes and find success.

Some people are very strong willed and internally focused. They have great confidence in their decisions and choices, and want others to follow along. We may certainly go along with anything or anyone we choose, but we need never sacrifice our own initiative and creativity. Nobody knows everything and we can offer our ideas and suggestions to those around us. We are wise and capable, and can find the road to any destination we desire. Others may choose their own roads, and we may choose ours. All the answers we need to reach success are always available to us, and we will find them.

When we’re around a powerful person who dominates the situation, if we don’t agree we can speak up. Power doesn’t always equate to success. Being loud and forceful doesn’t mean we have all the answers. If our choices are being constrained and held back because someone else wants us to do things their way, we may decide to step out on our own. Our viewpoint is important and if we can’t express it where we are, we can move. Our lives belong to us and we can do anything we want. We can have the lives we dream about and reach every goal we desire.

Today if someone is telling you how to live your life and you want something different, step away and begin again. You know where you want to go and have everything you need to get there. Trust yourself and move forward. Nothing is out of reach and you can make all your dreams come true. Be confident. You’re amazing and we’re all blessed because you are here.

Push and Pull

9 Aug

When we have an idea we want others to buy into, or when we have something we want to do and we need the help of others, it’s important that we are able to convince them to join us. If it’s something we’re passionate about, or something we are sure is right, we may be forceful in explaining why they must join us. We may try to push them into agreeing, or in some way try to make them come along. Even if we have the best idea ever conceived, trying to force others to join us usually doesn’t work. Everyone has their own ideas to offer, and most of us aren’t receptive to someone telling us we have to do things their way. If we try to push people into coming to our side, we may push them away instead.

So how can we get the support we need? If pushing and force won’t work, what will? Imagine trying to push a bulky object up a hill. When we are behind something pushing it, we can’t see what’s ahead on the path. There may be obstacles that need to be avoided in order to succeed, but we’re in the back pushing with all our might, and we can’t see them. When we run into them they impede our progress, making the task even harder than it was. On the other hand, if we are in front of the object, pulling it up the hill, we can see every complication as it comes along, and avoid pitfalls. It’s the same with people. Most of us do not respond well to being pushed. It’s irritating to be told we have to do something we haven’t agreed to. But we can be pulled into an idea if we are informed, and given time to understand why we should join in.

Pulling people in is much more effective than pushing them. Taking the time to explain what the plan is, what is needed to make it happen, and what is being requested helps others understand why they are needed. We can explain why it’s important to us, and then ask – not force – but ask for their help. Most of us would respond more positively treated this way. If we want cooperation, being positive will more likely bring the results we are seeking.

Today if you have something important you want to accomplish, and you need the help of others, pull them in by explaining what your plans are, and ask them to join you. Ask without expectation that they will agree. Ask, understanding they may accept or decline. If you are open and friendly, your demeanor will bring them in. You will be successful in getting the help you need. You have everything you need to succeed already. You can do anything.