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Nothing Bigger

23 Dec

Life is full of possibilities. There are endless roads to travel and unlimited things to accomplish. We can do anything we desire and reach any destination we like. The world is a big place filled with unlimited options. When we think about everything possible, we might think we want something bigger than ourselves. It’s good to reach for something beyond our grasp, but it’s impossible to find anything bigger than ourselves. We are the number one focus of our lives. If we don’t attend to our personal needs and desires, it will be nearly impossible to succeed at anything else. Our personal safety and health must take priority if we intend to reach our goals. Ignoring what we need to thrive will rob us of the vibrance we need to succeed. There are a lot of demands on us much of the time and it’s easy to put off our own needs while we tend to others. If we aren’t careful, we may find all our time is taken in service and assignments. Sacrificing our time to help and serve those around us is noble, but if we give everything away and keep nothing for ourselves, we will ultimately fail. Success comes when we find the balance between giving and taking. It’s not selfish to take excellent care of ourselves – it’s wise. When we make sure our personal needs are met, getting enough sleep, eating well, and getting the exercise we need to be strong, the road ahead is easy. If we suffer neglect, we won’t have the energy or strength to give our very best. Time for ourselves must be a priority if we want to reach our goals and do everything we desire. There is nothing bigger or more important. We are intelligent and capable of making excellent decisions. By valuing our personal best and doing what is needed to ensure we can offer it, we will reach success in every endeavor. Every goal is possible, and with wisdom and clarity, we will reach them.

We live in a time of information overload. We are constantly bombarded with directions and advice about how to live, what to do, and where to go. There is no end to the suggestions we may receive, and we must filter it to fit into our own needs and desires. Our goal is never to do everything everyone else thinks we should do, but to do the one thing we want most to accomplish. It doesn’t have to match anyone else’s ideas. We can choose our own road ahead and move toward success.

Preparation is the key to any successful venture. If we want to be strong and vibrant, we must do what is needed to get there. Desiring success will not magically make it happen. We must first define what we want, then move forward with confidence. Strength comes from struggle and hard work. We are more powerful than we realize and can accomplish anything we desire. By preparing carefully, and moving forward with determination and clarity, we will prevail.

Today if you’ve been sacrificing your own needs for work or service, remember you are the most important person in your life. By caring for yourself you will more effectively move ahead and reach greater heights of success. Be mindful and prepare. Every success is there for you, and with focus and wisdom, you will make them yours.


22 Aug

“We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.”  Helen Keller

Life is filled with ups and downs, successes and failures, joy and disappointment and endless diverse experiences.  Nobody wants to suffer needlessly and we may imagine we would be happiest if our lives always went well and nothing ever failed.  It’s easy to be happy when things go the way we want them to and we have enough of everything we need.  But life is all about learning and it’s impossible to understand what true happiness is if we never struggle.  Joy is defined as the absence of sorrow.  In order to truly feel joy we must have some understanding of what it’s like to feel sorrow.  There would be no reason to be courageous if everything was easy and no need to be patient if all we wanted was immediately provided, but that is rarely the case.  We have the opportunity to experience disappointments and challenges that teach us new ways to see things and help us understand ourselves and the world.  Every obstacle has something to teach us and as we push forward we learn everything we need to find success and true happiness.  Life isn’t always easy but it is always precious and every single day, no matter what we face, is a gift.  We have everything we need to understand what is required to continue forward and we can overcome any problem or complication we face.  Each day we persevere we become stronger and wiser, and gain a better understanding of who we are and how to live happily.

We are strong and capable and even during times of serious struggle and challenge we can find a way through.  We can exercise patience and take problems apart piece by piece until we figure out how to proceed.  If the situation is very difficult we can take our time to discern what needs to be done.  Every turn and challenge teaches us something new and all the skills we learn stay with us.  We may draw on all the lessons we conquer as we move ahead.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t overcome.  Taking our time and being confident will help us solve any issue before us and move us forward successfully.

We may dream of a perfect life where everything is easy and we have all we want and need.  But life is messy, there are other people making decisions that may affect us, there is traffic, bad weather, and countless other things that complicate our vision of a perfect existence.  It’s good to learn new things and test our strength and courage.  We can learn to be patient while we wait and endure while we struggle.  Testing our courage will bring us confidence and overcoming trials will bring us joy.  Life is a great blessing and we have everything we need to live successfully.

Today if you wish a problem before you would simply disappear, you have everything you need to navigate through and find joy.  You are strong and capable and nothing is too difficult for you to overcome.  Learn all you can and go forward with confidence.

At Odds

18 Oct

When we decide we want to do something, or change something in our lives, the decision often comes with the need to modify our behavior in some way. Making the decision to change may be easier than implementing the necessary adjustments to our behavior to make the change a reality. For instance if we want to get fit but don’t take the time to exercise, or want to be more educated but don’t want to study, we work against ourselves. We are at odds with what we want to do. If we ignore what is needed to implement the change, and instead simply complain about not being successful, we will fail. It’s good to define our goals, but without action to make them happen, we aren’t going anywhere.

Routines give us a sense of order. We know what to expect, we know how we’re going to spend our time, and we feel comfortable in the sameness they offer. When we decide we want to change, it often means we also have to change our routine. We have to vary things and re-order them to accommodate the new challenge. Things may be bumpy for a while as we adjust to the new schedule. We will have to plan instead of just go through the motions, and pay attention so we adhere to the new model. The transition may be uncomfortable but if we keep the goal in mind we’ll get through more easily. After we’ve kept to the new agenda for a while, it will replace our previous routine and we’ll go forward with more confidence.

Change requires effort. Adjusting our routine is important but it’s just one step. We must also adhere to the actions needed to facilitate the change we’re seeking. Once we’ve decided what we want to do we must devote the required time and activity to the goal to achieve it. A half attempt will result in a half success, which really isn’t success at all. If we want something, we are perfectly capable of getting it. But we have to take the time and effort needed to get it done. We can live an easy life and do the same things every day. Or we can determine to get the most out of our time, push ourselves, and dedicate our lives to excellence and success. A life lived fully, and without reserve, brings more happiness and joy than a life lived complacently. The choice is ours, and we need to be sure the choice we make is the one we want the most.

Today if you’ve been trying to make a change and haven’t been successful, review your routine and make a plan to include whatever is needed for you to move forward. You can make any change you want, and you can do it effectively. Plan your actions to find success. Achieving your goals will bring you great satisfaction and confidence. Take charge and do what is needed to get there. You can do this. Push forward and you’ll reach the finish line.

Just As You Are

8 Sep

We all have things about ourselves we want to change. Maybe we want to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, read more often, learn more about world events, be stronger, become more patient – the list is endless. Maybe we’re working on what we want to change now, or maybe we’ve put it off because of other priorities. Whatever we’re doing, there’s a chance we may be critical of ourselves because we haven’t yet accomplished all we want to. We’re harder on ourselves than anyone else. We push and push, and when we don’t accomplish all we think we should, sometimes we’re critical. We may expect to be perfect even though we know we can’t be. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking undermines us as we go forward.

I recently got a letter from a relative who included an old picture of me they had found from many years ago. When I looked at it, I was surprised at how good I looked. I remembered when that picture was taken feeling homely and undesirable. Looking at the picture now, I see a very attractive and appealing person. But that’s not how I felt at the time. I was highly critical of my appearance, and looking back I can see I was mistaken. We expect so much of ourselves, always seeing the imperfections, and wanting to be more than we think we are. We spend a lot of time looking ahead, trying to fix this or that, hoping that one day we’ll achieve whatever will make us the way we think we should be.

But what if we accepted ourselves today? Just as we are. Nobody is perfect – we all know that, but somehow it seems we make exceptions to the rule with regard to ourselves. We know nobody is perfect, but somehow we think we should be. The truth is we’re fine exactly the way we are. We’re the right size for where we are now, we have everything we need for what we’re doing, and we’re doing the best we can for the moment. We can change things in time, but for now, we’re exactly where we need to be. There’s a lot of press about loving others and that’s important, but it’s also important that we love ourselves. We’re here, we’re living our lives, and we’re exactly as we should be now.

Today if you’re feeling like you aren’t enough, like you should be better somehow, stop and see how wonderful you are right now. You do many things well and some things very well. Recognize those, and remember today is the best day of your life because you’re living it. Be happy with who you are, and what you’ve done. Work on the things you want to change, but as you go forward don’t forget how far you’ve come already. You have a lot going for you. Embrace that and be confident. You really are all that.


10 Aug

There are a lot of signs in our lives.  They inform us, caution us, and give us direction.  There are traffic signs, road signs, sale signs, address signs, and many others.  They are helpful, and we see them everywhere.  Exterior signs are useful, but what about the signs in our personal lives?  They pop up from time to time to help us find our way, or correct our course.  For instance, if we don’t exercise and our health starts to suffer, it may be a sign that we need to start.  If we eat too much and our clothes start to get tight, it may be a sign that we need to stop.  If we argue a lot with those around us, it may be a sign that we aren’t listening effectively.  There are a limitless number of personal signs in our lives that teach us, warn us, or make us more aware.

Paying attention to signs is important.  There is a reason they are there, and they are helpful.  But sometimes we get busy, and ignore our personal signs.  If someone we love keeps trying to reach us but we don’t respond, and later realize they needed us and we weren’t there, we may wish we had listened.  If our car makes a strange noise but we’ve got a lot to do so we push it off, and then suddenly it stops altogether, we may wish we had paid attention.  Perhaps we wake up with a headache but are in such a rush we don’t take a moment to see how we’re really feeling.  Then we head out to a busy day, only to be derailed by illness in a very uncomfortable situation, and wish we had waited before we left.  Signs are important, and paying attention to them is equally important.

We can do anything we want with our lives.  We can ignore good advice, we can eat and drink too much, neglect exercise, work constantly, isolate ourselves or anything else we want to do.  Even when we know some things may hurt us in the long run, we might choose to do them anyway.  And when we fail to notice our personal signs, we can find ourselves in uncomfortable situations.  Life gives us a lot of discomfort we can’t control.  It seems wise to try to control the discomfort we give ourselves.  So it’s important to pay attention when we feel reminded to do something, or when there is a sign that we aren’t going down the best path.  When those promptings come, we need to stop and re-evaluate.  Signs are there to help us, to remind us, and to show us the way.  It’s important to see them, listen to them, and consider their significance.

Today if you feel like you’re getting a little nudge to change something in your life, pay attention to it.  Take a look at the issue and determine if you need to change.  Listen to your feelings and inspiration.  Today decide to not just do what you want, but to listen.  You deserve the best of everything.  Do what you can today to achieve it.