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Nothing Bigger

23 Dec

Life is full of possibilities. There are endless roads to travel and unlimited things to accomplish. We can do anything we desire and reach any destination we like. The world is a big place filled with unlimited options. When we think about everything possible, we might think we want something bigger than ourselves. It’s good to reach for something beyond our grasp, but it’s impossible to find anything bigger than ourselves. We are the number one focus of our lives. If we don’t attend to our personal needs and desires, it will be nearly impossible to succeed at anything else. Our personal safety and health must take priority if we intend to reach our goals. Ignoring what we need to thrive will rob us of the vibrance we need to succeed. There are a lot of demands on us much of the time and it’s easy to put off our own needs while we tend to others. If we aren’t careful, we may find all our time is taken in service and assignments. Sacrificing our time to help and serve those around us is noble, but if we give everything away and keep nothing for ourselves, we will ultimately fail. Success comes when we find the balance between giving and taking. It’s not selfish to take excellent care of ourselves – it’s wise. When we make sure our personal needs are met, getting enough sleep, eating well, and getting the exercise we need to be strong, the road ahead is easy. If we suffer neglect, we won’t have the energy or strength to give our very best. Time for ourselves must be a priority if we want to reach our goals and do everything we desire. There is nothing bigger or more important. We are intelligent and capable of making excellent decisions. By valuing our personal best and doing what is needed to ensure we can offer it, we will reach success in every endeavor. Every goal is possible, and with wisdom and clarity, we will reach them.

We live in a time of information overload. We are constantly bombarded with directions and advice about how to live, what to do, and where to go. There is no end to the suggestions we may receive, and we must filter it to fit into our own needs and desires. Our goal is never to do everything everyone else thinks we should do, but to do the one thing we want most to accomplish. It doesn’t have to match anyone else’s ideas. We can choose our own road ahead and move toward success.

Preparation is the key to any successful venture. If we want to be strong and vibrant, we must do what is needed to get there. Desiring success will not magically make it happen. We must first define what we want, then move forward with confidence. Strength comes from struggle and hard work. We are more powerful than we realize and can accomplish anything we desire. By preparing carefully, and moving forward with determination and clarity, we will prevail.

Today if you’ve been sacrificing your own needs for work or service, remember you are the most important person in your life. By caring for yourself you will more effectively move ahead and reach greater heights of success. Be mindful and prepare. Every success is there for you, and with focus and wisdom, you will make them yours.


Just a Moment

1 Apr

There’s a lot going on in our lives all the time. We have responsibilities to attend to, things that need to be done, people asking for our help, appointments we need to make and the list is never ending. We have a lot of priorities we want to get done, and as we rush around and accomplish so much, our personal needs may get pushed aside. The time we need to recharge may get shorter and shorter, and before we know it, we may be burned out and exhausted. Once we deplete all our resources, we can do no more. There will always be more than we can accomplish all at once. No matter how hard we work or how fast we go, there will always be another task waiting. Before we rush headlong into the fray, we can look at everything before us and make a reasonable plan for completion. Whatever we don’t accomplish today can be done tomorrow. Pushing ourselves beyond our limits and setting unrealistic goals will only lead to fatigue and defeat. There is plenty of time to do what is most important. The rest can be managed later. As we move through our list of projects, it’s important to allow time to take a break and refresh ourselves. Just a short walk, or a few minutes of quiet reflection can help us navigate a busy and demanding day more effectively. Allowing ourselves a moment of rest to look around and enjoy our day will rejuvenate us and give us the energy we need to succeed. Every day is a blessing. We can accomplish much and still find time to reflect on what’s most important. We are strong and capable, and can do anything we desire. Remembering to value our personal time as much as our tasks will help us find balance and happiness. We know what we want and what we need. We can take care of business and still take care of ourselves.

There are a lot of people coming in and out of our lives all the time. They may be family members, co-workers, friends, acquaintances and some we’ll interact with once and never see again. They may ask us for help with something and we may certainly agree. Our time is ours to manage, and we can give them as much as we like. If we’re mindful of all our responsibilities and our personal needs, we will be able to serve effectively and still have the time we need to take care of ourselves. Constantly replenishing our well will ensure we always have enough to keep going and still share with others.

Caring for ourselves is our responsibility. We can’t expect anyone else to know what we need or how much rest we require. Making sure we’re at our best will help us accomplish everything before us. It’s impossible to be as effective as possible if we’re sleep deprived, hungry or overwhelmed. If the beginning isn’t working, we will never reach the ending. We can take what we need and be strong and effective. Every blessing is possible and with planning and care we can reach every destination.

Today if you’ve been rushing around and neglecting yourself, remember you are the most important person in your equation. Give yourself what you need and you’ll be strong and effective. You can do anything if you plan effectively and take care of yourself. Every destination is possible and you will prevail.


25 May

When we’re committed to a task or something we want to accomplish, we give all we can to the project.  We find time for it and make it a priority.  It becomes important to us and we’re determined to succeed.  But our lives are complex and we always have more than one thing going on.  We can make something a priority but to assume we will give it our complete focus 24 hours a day is unrealistic.  If we attempt to give the goal more energy than is workable we may burnout before we finish.  There are many facets of our lives in play all the time.  Nothing can take 100% of our attention 100% of the time.  It’s just not possible.  To expect that from ourselves or others is not reasonable.  Being committed is important when we want to accomplish something but being realistic in our expectations is important as well.

Burnout is a real possibility when we’re working hard on something.  We can narrow our focus so tightly we forget to do other things that are important.  We may skip meals to save time, forget appointments we need to attend, neglect sleep, and lose track of hours as we push through.  There is nothing wrong with being committed to a project or idea and making it a priority, but determining what is reasonable as we work through it will help us get to the goal more efficiently.  The human mind is a wonderful thing and we are capable of doing almost anything we set our minds to.  However, we must see the entire picture if we want to succeed.  Pushing ourselves beyond our limits generally will not help us achieve the goal faster.  Recognizing what is possible and doing what we can to achieve it is the best we can do.  It’s impossible to give more than we have and we must define where our boundaries lie before we begin.

The expectations of others can bring pressure to perform beyond what is reasonable.  Some will ask for more than is possible perhaps thinking that setting a lofty goal will push us to greater achievement.  When that happens, we may be encouraged to meet timelines that are impossible, or complete tasks that are beyond what can be done.  We may try our best to comply but if the expectation truly can’t be met nothing we do will make it happen.  It can be overwhelming as we try to meet impossible goals.  Despite the demands of others it’s important to understand what is realistic.  If we do our best and the goal is not achieved, we can be confident knowing we did everything possible.  We only fail if we don’t try and we succeed if we do our best, even if the objective isn’t realized.  There is a saying, “Anything is possible,” but that isn’t always true.  Recognizing what is real, what the limitations are, and what is truly possible makes us successful.  And when we do our best we succeed no matter the outcome.

Today if you’ve been trying to do too much and are starting to feel the burn, step back and look at the entire picture.  Determine what can be done and do your best to achieve it.  You can push your limits and still set your goals realistically.  You are capable of accomplishing great things.  Make a workable plan, implement it, and you’ll find success.