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Beige Paint

11 Aug

There are billions of people on Earth, and each is individual. We all have our own ideas about what’s right and how things should go. Every choice is ours to make and if we make them honestly, staying true to who we really are, we have a better chance of getting the results we desire. But we share our lives with lots of other people, and some of them are strong willed and powerful. They may tell us what to do, where to go, and how they think we should live. If we’re timid and unsure, or lack self-confidence, and our choices differ, we may struggle to stand up and defend them. We might try to blend into the background to go unnoticed, and stay out of the way. By keeping our heads down and our eyes averted, we may think we’ll be overlooked. Beige paint is very neutral. It’s used a lot because it basically goes with everything. It doesn’t stand out, and is often just a plain background that few people notice. When we’re in uncomfortable situations with others, we can try to be like that – we can try to be beige paint. We might succeed in hiding, but ducking down and pretending we aren’t there will never help us reach our goals. We don’t have to fit into anyone else’s model or conform to any idea. We don’t have to shout, and get attention, but we can stand firm. We can show our true colors, red, blue, hot pink, or whatever, even if they don’t match what others are doing. Our gifts are ours alone to give, and we can express them in ways that are unique and specific to us. Beige paint has a place, but it doesn’t need to be part of who we are. The whole world is blessed by our presence, and we bring great light and variety to those around us. We can be confident in choosing our own road, and move forward toward any goal we desire.

It’s easy to work in a group when everyone has the same ideas and agrees on the same things. Conformity can pave the road ahead, but going along with others when we want something else rarely takes us where we want to go. Everyone has something to offer and insight nobody else possesses. By speaking up and sharing our thoughts with those around us, we will enrich everyone, and deepen our understanding.

There may be times when we have an idea but aren’t sure it’ll work out. What if we speak up and others think it’s stupid? What if they adopt our plan and it fails? Nothing in life is certain, and there will be times when things won’t go the way we want them to. But if we keep every idea to ourselves afraid that it might not work out, we’ll never get the chance to succeed. If the first plan falls apart, we can come up with another. There are many roads to every destination and with patience, and courage, we will find all the answers we need to reach success.

Today if you’ve been keeping a low profile, trying not to be noticed, remember you are important. Your ideas have value and you can present them with confidence. You have so much to offer. Speak up, and share your thoughts with those around you. Every success is possible, and with courage and determination, nothing can keep you from your goals. You are amazing and capable, and we’re all blessed because you are here.

One More Day

3 Apr

There are times in all our lives when things don’t go well. Unforeseen developments may come and suddenly we may have to change everything. We may be held in place because of circumstances beyond our control, and there is nothing we can do to change the situation. It’s hard not to be able to do all the things we want to do, and frustrating when our hands are tied and we’re stuck. We only have control over our own personal decisions and there are always things going on outside our reach that may impact us personally and in ways that are uncomfortable. It isn’t easy to wait and stand still when we want to move. It’s difficult to remain in place when we have goals we want to accomplish, places to go, and people to see. Nothing can ever remain the same indefinitely, and no matter what is happening now, it will change. If we cannot move, we can take time to review all the options that will be available once things open up again. We can still plan for our future, and choose what we’ll do and where we’ll go. Waiting gives us a pause where we can review where we’ve been, and decide how we want to proceed. Life is filled with unexpected developments. Some of them are delightful surprises, and some stop us in our tracks. If we must remain still for now, we can trust that everything will open again. We know who we are and what we want, and nothing can keep us from our goals forever. The road will eventually become accessible, the way will be clear, and we will be able to move. Although it’s hard to wait, if we need to, we can manage one more day. Nothing has changed. Every success is still there for us. We can be patient, and when things change, move forward with confidence, sure we will prevail.

Nothing in life stays the same forever. Everything is constantly moving on to something else. We are growing and learning with everything that happens, and each experience teaches us something of value to carry forward. Even when we feel stuck, things are changing. We can trust ourselves to manage whatever comes, and be sure we have everything we need to get through. Life can be complicated. We can get tangled up in situations we can’t control and held in place, but everything will shake out, and we’ll continue forward.

Nobody knows what the future will bring. We can’t control what might happen but we are in complete control of every choice we make. Our lives belong to us and we can do whatever is needed to make them satisfying and fulfilling. Every option will always be possible, and there is no destination too far away or too difficult to reach. In time, with determination and focus, we can make all our dreams come true. Everything we want is within reach. We are capable and wise, and can do anything.

Today if you’re held in place and can’t change the situation, be patient and hold on for one more day. Nothing lasts forever, and in time everything will change. All your dreams are still there for you, and you will reach every destination you desire. Be confident and trust yourself. You are amazing and nothing is beyond your reach. Every dream can come true, and you will prevail.


23 Oct

As we go through our lives, there may be times when we feel strong, negative emotions toward someone else.  We may determine that those emotions are intense enough to be labeled hatred.  We decide we hate them.  We despise their very existence, and we wish they would disappear.  It takes a lot of emotion and a lot of energy to carry hatred, and we can carry it for as long as we like.  Hatred has caused a lot of problems and turmoil in the world, but it has never helped any situation or resolved any issues.  It is a negative emotion that can hold us back, and freeze us in place.  It’s hard to move forward when we’re consumed with hatred, and despite all the energy we give it, returns nothing back to us.  It pulls on our strength, controls our thoughts, and may negatively determine our actions.  If we let it consume us, it can destroy our lives.

When we determine to hate someone else, we may lose our direction.  Hatred is so powerful and caustic, if we embrace it, it can hold us in place.  In order to move forward in our lives, we need to focus on our goals and where we want to be.  If we are consumed with the presence of someone else it’s difficult to see the road we need to be on.  Hatred may become an obsession.  It may continually pre-occupy us and constantly intrude on our thoughts.  While we are embracing it, it’s very hard to think of little else.  If we are consumed in our hatred, the result may be that the very person we hate, because of the intensity of our focus on them, controls our lives.  If we let the hatred become our driving force it will take over.  We cannot move forward, we cannot improve, and we cannot evolve any further as long as we are held in its grip.

When we are hurt or seriously disappointed by someone, it’s natural to feel bad.  If those feelings are intense it’s hard to let them go.  But letting them go restores our power.  We can acknowledge the slight, we can understand what happened, and we can accept our feelings.  And then, if we are dedicated to our personal growth, we need to let it go.  That doesn’t mean we have to trust the other person again, or even interact with them if we don’t have to.  It means we value our progression and personal happiness more than we value the negative experience.  We are in charge of our lives and we can direct them.  When we feel very strongly about a situation it may be hard to let it go, but letting it go lets us move forward.  And moving forward is what brings us satisfaction, accomplishment, and happiness.

Today if you feel like you absolutely hate someone, don’t let it have authority over you or your actions.  Be in control of your life by understanding what happened and why you feel this way, and then let it go.  Don’t get tied up and stuck because of something someone else has done.  Rise above it and be the best you can be.  You can be an excellent example of success.  Let the hatred go, and embrace your life.  You have so much to offer.  Go forward.

At Odds

18 Oct

When we decide we want to do something, or change something in our lives, the decision often comes with the need to modify our behavior in some way. Making the decision to change may be easier than implementing the necessary adjustments to our behavior to make the change a reality. For instance if we want to get fit but don’t take the time to exercise, or want to be more educated but don’t want to study, we work against ourselves. We are at odds with what we want to do. If we ignore what is needed to implement the change, and instead simply complain about not being successful, we will fail. It’s good to define our goals, but without action to make them happen, we aren’t going anywhere.

Routines give us a sense of order. We know what to expect, we know how we’re going to spend our time, and we feel comfortable in the sameness they offer. When we decide we want to change, it often means we also have to change our routine. We have to vary things and re-order them to accommodate the new challenge. Things may be bumpy for a while as we adjust to the new schedule. We will have to plan instead of just go through the motions, and pay attention so we adhere to the new model. The transition may be uncomfortable but if we keep the goal in mind we’ll get through more easily. After we’ve kept to the new agenda for a while, it will replace our previous routine and we’ll go forward with more confidence.

Change requires effort. Adjusting our routine is important but it’s just one step. We must also adhere to the actions needed to facilitate the change we’re seeking. Once we’ve decided what we want to do we must devote the required time and activity to the goal to achieve it. A half attempt will result in a half success, which really isn’t success at all. If we want something, we are perfectly capable of getting it. But we have to take the time and effort needed to get it done. We can live an easy life and do the same things every day. Or we can determine to get the most out of our time, push ourselves, and dedicate our lives to excellence and success. A life lived fully, and without reserve, brings more happiness and joy than a life lived complacently. The choice is ours, and we need to be sure the choice we make is the one we want the most.

Today if you’ve been trying to make a change and haven’t been successful, review your routine and make a plan to include whatever is needed for you to move forward. You can make any change you want, and you can do it effectively. Plan your actions to find success. Achieving your goals will bring you great satisfaction and confidence. Take charge and do what is needed to get there. You can do this. Push forward and you’ll reach the finish line.

Law of the Harvest

21 May

Every spring I pour over seed catalogs, and begin to plan my summer vegetable garden. I plant tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, zucchini, summer squash, watermelons, and the list goes on and on. I have a large garden plot, and find great pleasure in planning, planting, tending, and harvesting it. There is nothing quite like seeing seedlings first pop out of the soil, and watching them grow, knowing that soon all the wonderful things I’ve planted will be on my dinner plate.

When we plant our gardens we buy seeds for the fruits, and vegetables we want to harvest. If we’re planting a flower garden, we find seeds for the colors, and varieties of flowers we want to see growing there. The seed packets are always accurate – it they say the seeds are for summer squash, summer squash is what you’ll get. Never once have I purchased squash seeds and had daisies come up. What the package says, is what you’ll get.

Our lives are like gardens too. Every day we make choices that bring results. And those results are directly tied to the choices we make. For instance, if we are rude, and we sow seeds of disharmony, disharmony is what we’ll reap. If we are kind, and we sow seeds of caring, caring is what comes back. If we are mean, and we sow seeds of pain, in return pain is what we’ll find. The law of the harvest is immutable, and it is inescapable. We simply cannot sow seeds for carrots, and expect to harvest cucumbers. And so it is in our lives. If we want others to be kind to us, we must be kind to them. The harvest will return what we plant.

This principle applies to both our professional, and our personal lives. If we are contentious in our relationships, if we lie, or if we deceive, we will never be trusted, and our relationships will be turbulent. On the other hand, if we value our relationships, treat them with care and respect, they will be fulfilling and pleasurable. If we are lazy at work, if we spend our days wasting time instead of working diligently, we will not earn the respect of others, and we will never be successful. But if we work hard, honor our commitments, and keep our promises, we will be valued, and successful in return.

The law of the harvest applies to every facet of our lives. We understand it when we’re planting our gardens, and it’s important that we understand it in our lives. What we plant, we will surely reap. There is no escape. There is no cheating. There is no excuse. What we plant we will surely reap. Today as you go about your life, remember you are planting seeds. What you get in return depends on the seeds you choose. Be careful. In the end, nobody wants a garden full of weeds.