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Running On Empty

12 Nov

Life is busy and we often have many things to think about and accomplish. We move from one task to the next and if we’re heavily distracted and deeply involved, we may lose track of time. We might forget to eat and have no idea when we last sat down and rested. When we’re busy and trying to get things done, it’s easy to let our personal needs slip. But we are the only ones who can take care of ourselves, and if we neglect what is necessary to keep us strong and healthy, it will impact us. When we’re driving and the gas tank is on empty, it’s only a matter of time before everything stops and we get stuck. The same is true for us individually. If we’re running on empty, pushing our luck, we might be able to keep moving for a while, but as our personal resources are depleted and we tire, everything will start slowing down. Eventually we’re going to have to stop and recharge. We are capable of greatness and when we’re motivated, few things can stop us from moving forward. Fatigue and exhaustion are powerful deterrents. If they take over, no matter how ambitious we are, we will have to stop and rest. We can head them off before they take over by paying attention to our personal needs and proactively planning for time out and nutrition. If we take the time we need to make sure we’re strong and rested, and ready for the next challenge, we will find great success. We are powerful and capable, and with careful planning we can accomplish anything, no matter how difficult the task may be. We have all the wisdom and intelligence we need to take care of ourselves and make the most of every moment moving forward. Even far away destinations are within our reach and we can accomplish anything we desire.

When we’re determined to move forward or want to accomplish something in a hurry, we might think taking time to sit down and recharge is wasteful. If we stop to rest, it’s time that keeps us from moving ahead. It’s true that when we’re taking time out we aren’t gaining ground. However, when we’re rested and recharged, we will be able to move more quickly, reason more effectively, and find our next steps more efficiently than we could have while exhausted.

If we’ve been routinely pushing ourselves to the limit of our capacity, we may struggle to recognize when we need to rest and recharge. Our bodies are amazing and can tolerate a lot, and if we listen carefully, they will give us cues when we need to eat and recharge. Working within our limitations and understanding how to maximize our efficiency will bring us great benefits moving forward. We know what we want, and we can achieve anything. We can accomplish our goals and take care of ourselves in ways that bring us great success and happiness.

Today if you’ve been pushing yourself to the limit and are exhausted and tired, step back and do what you need to recharge. You don’t have to push forward every single moment. Take good care of yourself and plan for success. You are amazing and powerful, and nothing is beyond your grasp. Be wise and plan well. Every success is there for you, and you will reach it.

Already There

19 Jul

We can do anything we want in life. We can push our limits and try new things, go to new, faraway places, and try anything that captures our interest. Sometimes we may feel unsure about our next steps and if someone asks us what we want to do, may reply that we don’t know. However, it’s unlikely that’s true. We always know what we want. We may be unsure we can get it, or concerned about what it will take to accomplish it, but it’s already there, tucked away in our minds, waiting. The question isn’t what we want to do or where we want to go. The question is are we ready to do what it will take to get there. There is no rush to make our dreams come true, and we can certainly take our time until we feel confident. But each day we live a life that isn’t making us happy, is a day traded away that cannot be recovered. Every single thing we want is possible – every single thing. Nothing is beyond our capabilities. We have what it takes to get the life we want. Once we’ve defined what that is and are ready to start moving toward it, nothing can hold us in place. The world is a huge place with unlimited possibilities. We’re only limited by our own decisions. We can stay where we are, where we know how things will go, or we can confidently take the first step toward the life we really want. We deserve complete happiness and choosing to make our dreams a reality will bring it. Every day is a blessing. We can make the most of each one and press forward toward the goals we desire most. Every success is waiting and they can all be ours.

Life flies by in a hurry. When we’re busy with details and responsibilities, our days may rush past without notice. We look up and another week has gone by. We can’t hold time back but we can make sure we’re living as fully as possible every moment. Nobody is going to make our dreams come true for us. Nobody but us can create the lives we desire. We already possess everything we need to reach any destination we choose. It’s all there for us. We just need to begin.

Sometimes our lives may get complicated and twisted up with all kinds of commitments, details, chores, and responsibilities. We may overextend our time and find ourselves rushing from one task to the next, barely noticing the world around us. It’s easy to get over involved in doing and forget to value our personal needs. We can put our lives on hold while we serve others around us, but it’s impossible to actually live our lives when we keep them in a holding pattern. Every goal we want is possible. We can plan effectively to ensure we have the time we need to achieve what we want. If we’re diligent and purposeful, we really can have the lives we dream about.

Today if you’ve been struggling, trying to figure out your next move, think about what you really want. You already know where you want to go. Decide to start moving toward your dreams and make them yours. Every blessing is possible and you can do anything you desire. Be confident and step forward. Create the life you want and you’ll find great happiness and satisfaction.

Speeding Along

4 Oct

When we have a lot of things to do and we’re busy rushing from one point to the next, our days can pass by in a blur.  We may have dozens of tasks waiting for our attention and in an effort to get to them all we may rush forward trying to get as much done as possible.  Going faster will often help us get more things done but it’s possible to rush so quickly through our days that we forget our focus and what it is we’re actually trying to accomplish.  If there is pressure from others to hurry along we may find ourselves running from one place to another unaware of exactly what we’re doing.  We may end up engaging our auto pilot and just keep rushing forward.  Our days go by quickly even if we pay attention and if we’re distracted we may find days, even weeks have passed and we don’t remember how we spent the time.  Time is a commodity we can never replace.  It passes whether we pay attention or not, and once it’s gone can never be recaptured.  Getting so caught up in running forward may prevent us from having our fullest experiences while we’re here.  We can be successful in completing many tasks and still take the time we need to be aware and engaged, and enjoy each moment as it passes.  We are in control of every decision.  We can manage our time effectively and slow down enough to live our lives each moment.  This life is a precious gift.  Honoring it and being in control of our time will bring us great contentment and success.

We live in a “hurry up” world.  Never before have we been expected to accomplish more than we are today.  We are constantly bombarded with suggestions that we can go further faster, we can accomplish more with less, and we can do many things effectively at once.  While it’s often true that we may move faster, it doesn’t always follow that doing so will bring us success.  It doesn’t matter what others expect or what timeframe they follow.  We are in control of our decisions and we can plan our lives in ways that bring us both success and happiness.

As we travel along there are many clues and cues available to us with each step we take.  Sometimes the very answer we’re seeking is right in front of us but if we rush by too quickly we may miss it.  It’s impossible to think clearly about our objectives if our first priority is the speed with which we reach them.  Our days will pass no matter how we spend them.  We can do things in ways that work best for us, take the time we need to see everything clearly, and accomplish any task before us.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well.  We can achieve any success we desire and we can do it in our own timeframe.

Today if you’ve been pushed to rush faster and get to the goal more quickly, think about what you’re trying to accomplish and find the road that works best for you.  You know yourself better than anyone else and you know what you need to succeed.  Listen for inspiration and make the best choice going forward.  You are amazing and capable and nothing is out of reach.  Plan your time and move ahead with confidence.  Every destination is available to you.  Find success your way and happiness will follow.

On the Way

30 Aug

When we’re trying to be the very best we can be and do things well it can be hard to accept when things don’t work out. When we’re trying hard to excel it’s disappointing when we miss the mark we’re aiming for. It would be great if everything came to us easily and every project was successful but that’s not real life. We all have shortcomings and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect and even if we really want to achieve sometimes we will come up short. It’s hard to accept that we can’t do everything the first time we try especially if what we’re trying to do is important to us. But there are endless versions in life and if one plan doesn’t work, we can try another. We’re constantly changing and moving toward somewhere else or on the way to a new place. If one road doesn’t take us to our destination, we can try another. We don’t have to give up. Nothing can keep us from where we want to go but we may have to try a few different paths to find success.

The old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” is helpful. We understand sometimes we have to try a few different ideas before we find the one that works. But if we’ve been trying for a while and still haven’t succeeded we may begin to feel defeated. It’s hard to keep going when the road never seems to end. But if the goal is something we really want to achieve, there is nothing that can keep us from it. We may have to try several different ideas, and it may take us longer than we had planned but it’s still there waiting for us. If we adjust a little and try a different method, we will eventually find success. Anything worth gaining is worth our time. We can take whatever time we need to get there and we can succeed.

This life is constantly in “hurry up” mode. It seems no matter what we’re doing someone expects us to get it done quicker but if we only focus on how long it takes to accomplish a task we may miss all the things we’re learning on the way. We can try to get things done quickly and often we will, but if we focus on getting them done well instead of the time it takes we will be happier with the results in the end. If we rush we may miss subtle clues that can bring us greater success. Doing our best requires our attention. Trying to hurry may get us to the end faster but it probably won’t improve the result. Whatever we’re doing is worth doing well. We can do our best at every step and when we get to the goal we’ll be happy and satisfied with our accomplishment.

Today if you’ve been trying to accomplish something and haven’t succeeded, it is still there for you. Adjust your path and try another road. You don’t have to hurry and the goal is within reach. There is nothing that will stop you from getting there. You have everything you need to succeed. Try again. You’re already on the way and success is just around the corner.


12 Apr

We do thousands of things every day. We go places, we look at people, we talk, we interact, and everywhere we go and everything we do shifts our reality just a bit. We’re perceptive and when others impact us negatively or positively it can stay with us. If someone is rude to us it can make us feel bad for the rest of the day. And if someone is unexpectedly nice to us, it can brighten us and make us feel good. As we go through the motions of our lives we have the chance at every turn to make a difference. We can make the world a better place by doing something positive. Just one small act of kindness can lift not only the receiver but the giver, and all those who witness it or hear about it. We’re all connected and when we hear or see someone doing something good, we all feel better. Knowing that, if we determined to do one small positive thing every day, over time, we could change the world. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, we don’t have to donate money, or run into a burning house to save someone, or take all the neighbor kids to a movie, although those are all impressive. We could do something small to lift someone and make their day better. For instance we could help someone with a heavy bag, or cheer a crying child, or let someone who’s in a hurry go in front of us.  Those small acts don’t seem like much, but they can mean a lot. And they can change a day that is lonely or sad or stressed into something better. We are all capable of sharing goodwill, and each time we do, we bless those around us and receive blessings as well. If we decided every day to do one small act to make the world better, we would be amazed at how it lifts us and how much happier we’d be.

We can get caught up in our personal lives. We have a lot of responsibility and every day seems to bring more that needs to be done. If we focus only on ourselves and not those around us we might think we’re being more efficient, and maybe we are. But those around us are part of our world and impact our experiences here. When we look up and notice them we see they are just like us. They are trying hard to get things done too, and they have challenges and triumphs just like we do. If we extend ourselves just a little to let them know we’re aware of them and that we care, we would all feel more connected. And feeling connected is a wonderful thing. It makes us remember that we’re lovable and cared for, and it communicates the same messages to others.

There are countless ways to be of service.  Often, once we do one small thing to help out, it opens our eyes to something else. If we keep our eyes open and look, each day will bring us an opportunity to serve. Day by day as we practice extending ourselves we’ll notice that service makes us feel good. We feel better knowing we’re doing something noble. It doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t take money, and it’s an easy thing to do. The blessings will be abundant – both to us and those around us. We can shift everything to the right, and be a source of great happiness.

Today look around you. See if there isn’t some small way you might help someone else. You’ll find it and when you do, offer a hand. Tomorrow do the same thing. Soon your perspective will change and you’ll feel more connected, and you’ll be happier. You’ll still be busy, but there will be a shift in how you see things. Bring the sunshine. You’ve got it all inside you.  Share it and it will return to you tenfold.