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Completely Committed

9 Dec

There are lots of things we can accomplish as we go through our lives. We’re serious about some of them, and others we only think about as possibilities, but don’t pursue. Achieving anything requires commitment and focus, and if we’re only half way in, the chances for success are slim to none. Before we begin anything, it’s important to identify how much we really want it. If we think we want to do it, and decide we’re willing to work toward it if we get time, or the weather’s nice, or we’re not stressed, or a million other parameters, we probably won’t ever get to it. Whether we actually succeed or not depends on how much we want the goal, and how committed we are to it. If we really want to go somewhere and achieve something, nothing can keep us from it. However, if we’re only somewhat interested in it, and think we might like to have it if things work out our way, odds are we’ll never get there. There are few paved roads in life and it takes determination and focus to move toward anything we truly desire. Most goals will bring complications, road blocks, detours, and problems. When something gets in the way, if we aren’t really convinced we want to continue, we’ll end up stopping and letting go of the goal. It’s a waste of time to pursue anything we aren’t completely sure we want. We can be successful at anything we truly desire, and all our dreams can become reality if we’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach them. If we want success, we will reach it. We can decide what’s most important to us, and design our lives in ways that help us reach our goals, and achieve anything we choose.

Relationships are important and make our lives richer and more meaningful. We make personal connections with those we value and when we develop close bonds with them, they are a blessing in our lives. But successful relationships require personal investment. They don’t just happen on their own. If we want strong connections, we must be willing to do what is necessary to build them. How vibrant and enduring they are is a reflection of how much we commit to them. If we don’t spend time building them, they will not last. However, if we do what is needed to make them strong and deep, they will bring us great happiness and satisfaction.

Success in any endeavor requires focus and attention. If we kind of want to do something, we’ll be kind of successful. Every goal we desire is possible but life will never magically bring us the situations and success we want. We have to define what we want to achieve, and then do what is needed to make it ours. We are powerful and capable of doing anything we desire. By being committed to our success, we can reach any destination, and achieve any goal.

Today, decide what you want and then commit yourself to achieving it. You can achieve great success, and have all the wisdom and power you need to go anywhere and do anything. Decide what you want in your life, and then do what is needed to make it yours. Every blessing is possible. Take control and you will prevail. Nothing is out of reach.

Make Me Happy

13 Sep

Our lives are a reflection of all the experiences we’ve had and a result of every choice we make. If we choose things that take us where we want to go, we often find happiness. But choices can be affected by those around us, or situations that have influence over us. If we’re trying to impress someone and they’re doing something we normally wouldn’t like, we might choose it to show our alignment with them. Following someone else’s ideas can only take us where they’re headed. Our lives are always in our control. Doing things opposed to the life we desire will only delay or completely prevent us from finding true happiness. If we lack confidence or are unsure about where we want to go, we may pattern our lives after someone we admire. There’s nothing wrong with mimicking good, strong characteristics, but we’re responsible for our own lives. We can’t be who we are and someone else at the same time. Nobody else can make us happy. It’s a responsibility that falls completely on us. When we live authentically, and make choices that represent who we really are, happiness will follow. We are unique and valuable just as we are. There is no need to conform to those around us, or try to fit into someone else’s mold. We have individual and specific gifts to offer and nobody could ever replace us. We can be confident in living the lives we want the most, and choosing the roads that take us where we want to go. Every dream can come true and we can reach any destination we desire. Nothing is out of reach and complete happiness is always possible.

Our lives are our responsibility. If we’re not happy, it’s up to us to do what’s needed to change. We never have to stay in any situation indefinitely. There will always be options available and we can alter our course until we’re on the road we desire most. If others want us to stay where we are, they may try to hold us in place. We can stay in any situation for as long as we like but if we’re ready to move forward, nothing can keep us down. We deserve complete happiness. If we’re not getting it, we can change our lives and direction until we reach it.

Life is filled with responsibilities and details that require our attention. If we’re very busy attending to many obligations, our personal happiness may be pushed aside. It’s easy to forget ourselves when we’re busy serving others, but our personal needs are important. If we neglect ourselves, and let our own desires sit dormant, it will be impossible to feel complete. Nothing is more important than our personal health and well-being. When we nurture ourselves, and take the best of care, everything will come more easily, and we’ll find satisfaction and success moving forward.

Today if you’ve been setting aside your own personal needs in order to take care of everything else, remember you are important and priceless. You can have the life you dream about. Make choices that will take you where you most want to go and show us who you are. There isn’t anyone else like you and we need the gifts you have to offer. Step forward with confidence and claim your happiness. It’s always there for you, and every blessing is possible.


17 Jun

Everyone has a lot going on in their lives much of the time. We have many responsibilities, chores and things that need our attention, and there are others around us who may ask for our help as well. We can’t stretch the days any longer than they are and when we’re busy, and someone asks for our time, despite the pressures we’re already under, we may agree and try to find a way to get it done. We may say yes even when we can’t see how we’ll be able to accomplish the task. Most of us want to be helpful, but we must all work within the limits we have. It does no good to over extend ourselves and bankrupt our time. We’ll only end up frustrated and overwhelmed with too much to do and no way to accomplish it. There are lots of people around us and we all have a lot to do. There is no way we can help everyone who asks or be there continually for others, and still get our personal responsibilities cared for. Our time is limited and it’s important and appropriate to manage it in ways that move us forward and give us the opportunity to accomplish our own tasks as well as help others with theirs. Our needs are important and we can value and care for them. It’s counterproductive to commit to more than we can accomplish or get so busy we have no time to take care of ourselves. We can be helpful and still be pro-active. We can offer what works within our personal constraints and then say no to any more. There will always be more need than we can fill. With patience and wisdom, we can exercise self-control and manage our time in ways that help others while still having time for ourselves.

It can be hard to say no when we’re pressed to help. Those close to us may require more support than we can comfortably give, but we may try because they need us. It’s not selfish to decline requests that will be more than we can handle. We can help when possible and understand that we’re all responsible for our own lives. If we fall apart from exhaustion because we’ve over committed, we won’t be able to take care of anything. It’s appropriate to care for ourselves first and then attend to all the other demands around us.

Our personal relationships are important and need attention to keep them happy and healthy. Scheduling too much to do and pressing ourselves to accomplish so much that we neglect time with those we love will hurt us in the end. The world is filled with need. We can do our part without doing too much, and manage our time effectively. Our lives are always in our control. With careful consideration, we can take good care of ourselves and still serve those around us.

Today if you’ve agreed to do more than you can manage and find yourself overwhelmed and over extended, step back and look at what you can comfortably manage. Revise your commitments so that you have the time you need to care for yourself and those you love. Help when you can but manage your time in ways that benefit you and those around you. You are amazing and the whole world is blessed by your presence. Take the best of care and step forward with confidence.

What Matters

20 Jul

Our lives are often busy as we go from one thing to another, racing forward to accomplish something on time or get to our next appointment. We may have lists we check off as we finish one task and then quickly move onto the next. If we aren’t careful our days, months, perhaps years will fly by with little notice except for the lists we carry around to check off as we continue forward. We can become overloaded with tasks and forget about taking time for ourselves but we are the most important person in our lives. How we manage our needs, our time, our preferences and our desires is critically important if we want to be happy. There will always be many things that need our attention. We can address them one after the other but taking the time to notice what is most important for us personally at every moment will bring us peace and joy as we continue on. Taking five minutes to watch the sun rise before getting ready in the morning, enjoying a laugh with friends before we rush to the next appointment, or taking a short walk outside in the breeze in the middle of the day will refresh us and remind us how special and sacred our time is and how important we are. Life flashes by in an instant and every moment we’re here is a gift. We can savor the grace and pleasure of our lives and still accomplish all the things we want to do. We are precious and priceless. Honoring ourselves and taking time to hold onto what really matters will deepen our spirits and make our lives richer and more enjoyable.

Life is not a race although at times it may feel like one. We may be in situations where time is critical and we must hurry in order to accomplish something. But if we live all our days rushing and trying to go faster to get things done we may finish many things but lose ourselves in the end. There is no way to recapture time that has passed. We can plan to accomplish many things while still taking time to enjoy our lives through each moment.

It’s impossible to live in the moment when we’re thinking about what’s happening next. If our minds have already moved onto what’s coming we can’t possibly think about where we are. And if we aren’t aware of the moment we’re in we’ll miss everything happening right now. We can’t live in the past or the future. All we have is right now. This moment we’re in is exactly where we should be and deserves our complete attention. There is a lot to learn as we move along and much to see and enjoy. Keeping our eyes trained on where we are instead of where we’re headed will help us find greater joy and happiness as we move forward.

Today if you’ve been pressing ahead and concentrating on all the places you have to go, take a moment to enjoy where you are right now. You are standing in the perfect place for your life at this moment. See it, listen to it, enjoy it and embrace it. Live where you are and focus on what matters now. This is exactly where you need to be. You are precious and priceless and have so much to offer. The world is blessed because you’re here.

On the Way

30 Aug

When we’re trying to be the very best we can be and do things well it can be hard to accept when things don’t work out. When we’re trying hard to excel it’s disappointing when we miss the mark we’re aiming for. It would be great if everything came to us easily and every project was successful but that’s not real life. We all have shortcomings and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect and even if we really want to achieve sometimes we will come up short. It’s hard to accept that we can’t do everything the first time we try especially if what we’re trying to do is important to us. But there are endless versions in life and if one plan doesn’t work, we can try another. We’re constantly changing and moving toward somewhere else or on the way to a new place. If one road doesn’t take us to our destination, we can try another. We don’t have to give up. Nothing can keep us from where we want to go but we may have to try a few different paths to find success.

The old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” is helpful. We understand sometimes we have to try a few different ideas before we find the one that works. But if we’ve been trying for a while and still haven’t succeeded we may begin to feel defeated. It’s hard to keep going when the road never seems to end. But if the goal is something we really want to achieve, there is nothing that can keep us from it. We may have to try several different ideas, and it may take us longer than we had planned but it’s still there waiting for us. If we adjust a little and try a different method, we will eventually find success. Anything worth gaining is worth our time. We can take whatever time we need to get there and we can succeed.

This life is constantly in “hurry up” mode. It seems no matter what we’re doing someone expects us to get it done quicker but if we only focus on how long it takes to accomplish a task we may miss all the things we’re learning on the way. We can try to get things done quickly and often we will, but if we focus on getting them done well instead of the time it takes we will be happier with the results in the end. If we rush we may miss subtle clues that can bring us greater success. Doing our best requires our attention. Trying to hurry may get us to the end faster but it probably won’t improve the result. Whatever we’re doing is worth doing well. We can do our best at every step and when we get to the goal we’ll be happy and satisfied with our accomplishment.

Today if you’ve been trying to accomplish something and haven’t succeeded, it is still there for you. Adjust your path and try another road. You don’t have to hurry and the goal is within reach. There is nothing that will stop you from getting there. You have everything you need to succeed. Try again. You’re already on the way and success is just around the corner.


19 Aug

As we go through our days we have limitless choices to make.  Every day brings a new challenge or question to answer.  If we want to be our best we try to make each decision well.  We try to keep our feet on the road we want to travel and get closer to the person we want to become.  Sometimes people notice our good works but often they just get lost in the shuffle of everyday living.  If we make a good decision that requires us to sacrifice something we may feel others should acknowledge it.  Perhaps we feel we should receive some kind of praise because we chose well.  But we don’t make good choices for the acclaim they bring.  We make them because they are the best decisions we can make going forward.  We will find great satisfaction by choosing well and oftentimes prevent complications and problems doing so.  We don’t need the praise or adoration of others because we were wise.  Being wise will bring us enough reward.  We will be content in our lives by choosing the best roads possible and feel good knowing we are doing our best.  Although the praise of others feels good it is not required or needed.

Some decisions we face may have attractive options that won’t take us where we want to go.  It can be hard to turn away from a quick fix or a poor choice that will bring us benefits we desire.  But temporary solutions generally bring only momentary happiness and often result in endless complications.  If we’re tired or frustrated and want to move forward quickly we may opt for them, but in the end may find the harder more effective decision was wiser.  We don’t need immediate gratification to find happiness.  We can carefully plan for all possible outcomes and choose the very best option even if it takes more time and is more difficult.  We are what we do.  If we want to be the very best we can be we must make the very best choices.

Some people need a lot of attention.  They want praise every time they do something right, and recognition when they accomplish a difficult task.  Oftentimes that need for attention comes from a lack of confidence.  We can be confident by choosing well.  The need for approval and acknowledgement may influence us into making decisions that aren’t the best choice going forward.  If what we’re seeking isn’t long term success but immediate praise, we may choose options that are quick and flashy but have no lasting success.  We don’t need the agreement of others to choose well.  We can make the best choices even if we stand alone.  We are smart enough, capable enough and wise enough to find the best answers and we are strong enough to choose them.  There isn’t anything we can’t understand and master if we want to badly enough.  We don’t need adoration to choose well.  We can make the best choices and succeed because it’s what we want most to do.

Today if you’re facing a decision choose the path that takes you closer to the person you want to be.  There is greatness in you.  Show the world who you really are by choosing well.  You have so much to offer and we all need your influence.  Choose wisely and success will follow.

Owning the Future

1 Apr

Each day of our lives brings challenges and blessings.  We never know what will come and most of us try to do our best in every situation.  We live in the present and although we think about our futures and even plan for them, there is no way to tell how they will actually come to pass.  However, our decisions can impact what our futures look like.  Whatever roads we choose, wherever they lead, if we stay on them we have no choice but to arrive at their destination.  If we’re on a path that will take us to a place we don’t want to go, we can change our course.  If we do nothing, make no pro-active decisions but just let things roll out on their own, and allow others to decide where we’re headed, we may end up with a future that isn’t anything like the one we want.  We can’t control everything but if we do our best to direct our lives we have a better shot at finding happiness.  If we want to own our futures we have to pay attention.  We have make sure we’re going where we want to go and if not, change our direction.  The future will come no matter what we do.  But if we leave it to chance, we may not end up where we want to be.

Every choice has a result.  If we choose thoughtfully how we live our lives, the result will likely be what we’re hoping for.  But choosing to do nothing is a choice as well.  If we sit back and are careless about where we’re going, or too lazy to actually direct our lives, they will roll forward on their own.  Other people’s decisions will direct us one way or another, and instead of moving forward toward goals we want to achieve, we may drift one way, and then another, with no destination in mind.  The years will pass and if we continue, in time we may find ourselves somewhere we never imagined we’d end up.  But if we coast along, being blown here and there by things that happen and have no rudder to guide our ship, we have no direction.  It’s easy to coast along and let others make decisions for us, but that will never take us where we really want to go.

There are limitless ways to live our lives.  Some people are very active and ambitious, others are more laid back and easy going.  The versions and choices are endless.  But no matter what our personal styles are, it’s imperative that we live on purpose, aware of where we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re headed.  In our daily routines it’s easy to become complacent and just go through the motions.  Although every day is different, we pretty much know what to expect.  Unfortunately that can lead to laziness and a lack of initiative.   If we allow complacency to be the focus we will lose our direction. But our lives are ours to direct and we are the ones responsible for where they go.  If we want to own our futures, we have to be involved and actively engaged.  We are in control.  We can determine our direction, and we can succeed.

Today if you’ve been drifting along and taking a backseat in directing your life, pay attention.  This day will pass and where you go tomorrow is up to you.  Make the best decisions that will ensure you end up where you want to be.  You have everything you need to be happy.  Today, do what is needed to make sure you get there.