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29 May

If we hurt our lower extremities and can’t put weight on them, we may use crutches to help us keep moving. They take the weight off the injured limb and help us continue to move forward despite the complication. It’s not easy to walk on crutches, but eventually, as we get used to them, we appreciate the support they give us so we can continue on. Crutches are helpful when we need them but once things have healed and we’re able to set them down, we can learn to walk again without them, and start over. In our personal lives, there may be times when we feel weak and unsure, and want an emotional crutch to help us through. Maybe we lean on those around us and rely on their judgement, or we step back and sit out important decisions because we don’t feel brave enough to participate. Whatever the reason, if we lack confidence, we may rely on the crutches around us to get through. There’s nothing wrong with leaning on something strong for support during times of duress, but if we make it our pattern and let go of our autonomy out of fear or worry, we may forget how capable and strong we really are. We have everything we need to do anything we like, and when we step forward, every answer will be available. We can depend on others to cover for us, and that might work for a while, but nobody knows what we need or what we want better than we do. Even if we’re unsure, we can make good decisions and take a step forward. We can go slowly and take each turn cautiously until we feel confident. The road ahead is there for us and we can find our way to the destinations we desire. Nothing is out of reach and success is always possible.

Facing a big hill on the road ahead can be daunting. The closer we get, the larger it seems, and at the bottom it can appear overwhelming and unattainable. It’s impossible to overcome a huge obstacle all at once, but we can take the first step forward, and then take another. It doesn’t matter how tall or wide the hurdle is, we can conquer it by taking each step forward. Inch by inch we’ll get closer to the goal, and if we persist, will reach our destination.

Strength comes from resistance. Every time we overcome a difficult situation, we gain greater wisdom and strength to carry forward. If we rely on others to hold us up and manage our struggles, we may get through them, but we won’t gain the blessings possible by managing them on our own. It’s good to get help when we need it, but we are wiser and more capable than we realize. Nothing is too difficult for us to manage and we can proceed with confidence that we will find the answers we need.

Today if you’ve been relying on others to get you through a complicated situation and don’t feel strong enough to manage things on your own, have faith and trust yourself. You have everything you need to handle any complications that may come. You are strong and wise, and can accomplish anything you desire. Step forward with courage and be confident. Nothing is out of reach. Stand strong and proceed with determination. Every answer is there for you and you will prevail.

Not Again

9 Jan

There are times in everyone’s life when it seems everything goes wrong. Our plans won’t work, the people we depended on don’t show, everything is taking more time than we thought and costing more than we allocated, and nothing is going right. If we’ve been dealing with one problem after another and simply can’t move forward, and then something else goes wrong we may feel it’s hopeless and consider just giving up and walking away. The frustration of facing another issue and trying to find a way through may be more than we want to face. If the goal is flexible enough to set aside for now, we can move on to something else and continue forward. But if we must press on and cannot let it go, we’ll have to stand strong and patiently keep going. It isn’t easy to stay the course when the road is filled with trouble and obstacles but no matter where we are or what we’re facing, we can find the answers we need. Every goal is possible but may not be easy to achieve. However, we are stronger than we think we are and even when we’re up against serious trials can continue pushing forward. We can be confident that every tangle will be unraveled, every problem will be solved and we will prevail. There really isn’t anything strong enough to hold us in place indefinitely. We need only hold on a little longer and trust in our personal wisdom and understanding to get through. We can do amazing things and nothing is out of reach. We are perfectly capable of managing whatever we must and finding the way to success.

There will inevitably be times when what we want to accomplish isn’t available when we want to do it. If that happens, we may have to stop where we are and set the goal aside for a while. Everything changes every day and in time we may have the opportunity to return and start again with greater success. Life is sometimes all about timing. What isn’t possible today may come easily tomorrow. We can look at the situation objectively and discern the best way forward. If we can’t get there right now, we can change direction toward something new and return later when things have improved.

Success is not a destination and does not have a timetable. There is no need to rush or worry if the road we’ve been on turns and we have to alter our course. Every step we take moves us forward on the journey toward where we want to go. There is no end to our personal progress and each step forward helps us define our next move. Every experience teaches us something new to take with us and as we advance, we get closer to the person we most want to be. Every dream is possible and with determination and patience we will achieve every goal we set.

Today if everything is going wrong and nothing is working out the way you planned, remember there are many roads to every destination. Nothing can stop you from reaching success. Look at all the options before you and choose your next step forward. Every possibility is there for you. You are amazing and capable, and nothing will keep you from your goal. Step forward with confidence. Success is just ahead.

The Ringer

5 Jun

When we’re determined to achieve something, we may plan our steps and work hard to move forward until we accomplish the task. Some things come easily and take little preparation, but other times we may spend hours in planning and work very hard to make sure everything is done completely. When we reach the end of the journey and things go well we may feel great satisfaction knowing we did our best and everything worked out. It’s great to accomplish the things we really desire but sometimes even when we’ve planned for every possible eventuality or complication, just when we think we’re going to win, a ringer is thrown into the mix. Maybe a new person enters the picture who takes control and completely changes the way forward. Or something unexpected happens that prevents us from proceeding. Nobody can read the future and there is no way to know what will happen ahead of time. In an instant all our planning may go up in smoke and we may be left stunned, confused and trying to figure out what just happened. It’s hard to readjust our plans when there’s a sudden roadblock and it’s frustrating when we can’t make the way ahead clear again. But we are flexible and capable of managing change and after we get over the initial shock, will find our way through. There really isn’t anything powerful enough to hold us in place. We can push through any obstacle and continue forward even if the way forward is nowhere near where we thought we were headed. Life is unpredictable but with patience and determination no matter what comes, we will find success.

There are all kinds of people around us who don’t always tell us all their plans. They may impact our progress for any reason they choose. If they have authority over us and decide to change our focus we may have no option but to go along with their decisions. If we believe we are on the best road going forward, it may be hard to let someone else take over. If we must step aside, we can be positive and accept that plans change all the time. A change in direction is only that. We can be patient and still find success.

The only thing we can really count on in life is that whatever we’re going through now will change. It’s nice when things are predictable and we know what to expect but those instances are rare. There are always a lot of variables in every situation, most of which we cannot control. Change is constant and the road ahead may change, our direction may be altered and we may get lost a time or two. With determination and focus we can redirect the way forward and find our way to any goal we desire.

Today if you’ve been working hard on something and suddenly there’s been an unexpected change that has stopped you in your tracks, don’t worry. No matter what road you’re on you’ll find the way forward. You are intelligent and capable and have everything you need to go anywhere you choose. Look at all the options possible and choose the best way forward. The whole world is there for you. Nothing is out of reach and you can achieve anything you desire.

Five Years

5 Sep

As we navigate our lives there are lots of ups and downs. We’re happy, sad, frustrated, weary, angry, and many other emotions. As human beings we feel everything. We sense when things aren’t going well, we celebrate when they do, and most days we do our best to get through whatever comes. Sometimes we get worried about things. We worry about the future, we worry about today, and everything in between. But as we’re worrying, we’re not thinking about the present. Our minds can’t be in two places at once. So, if we’re thinking about what might happen or what has already happened, we can’t be thinking about what is happening now.

Most of what we go through is transitory. We are passing through our experiences day by day. Everything changes as we go, and what’s worrisome today may not even enter our minds tomorrow. In five years, most of what we’re worrying about will be forgotten. Of course there are some very serious and long lasting things that may happen, but for the most part, our worries are for the moment, and when it passes, it’s gone. That being the case, the worry can be set aside. If we can put things into perspective, if they really are transitory, as most things are, worrying is a waste of energy. Whatever is bothering us is going to pass. We’re going to walk right through it to another day.

Sometimes we worry over indefinable situations. We worry about our families and the decisions they might make. We worry about the economy. We worry about the future and what it will bring. We worry about worldwide situations that may evolve. There is plenty to worry about if we sit and think about it. Nobody knows what today will bring. It may be a perfectly fine day, or the bottom might fall out of our plans. All we can do is our part. If we do that, and things go wrong, we will face it. We are able to face whatever comes to us. Worrying won’t change anything. It has never prevented or caused anything to happen – it just takes us out of the present, where we’re living. And being in the present is the best we can do to make things go well.

Today if you’re worrying about something that might happen, or has already happened, let it go. We can’t control all the things that come to us, but whatever they are, we will face them. You have all the courage you need to face whatever happens. Today is all you need to be concerned with. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will come when it comes. There isn’t anything that will come to you that you can’t face. You are strong and capable. Concentrate on that, and just focus on today.

Just Today

18 Jun

From time to time we all worry about things. Perhaps there’s been something on your mind, and it just won’t leave you alone. You can’t help it. You think about it constantly. You worry about what’s coming. You worry about what will happen tomorrow. We all have concerns sometimes, and they can make us worry – sometimes for good reason, sometimes unnecessarily. Whether the reason is good or not, worrying about what might happen doesn’t change anything. All it does is take us out of the present. We can’t fully live the day we’re in if we’re worrying about a day to come.

Each day we have on earth is a blessing. We take them for granted, and sometimes just go through the motions, but each day is a blessing. We often realize what an enormous blessing they are when they are suddenly threatened. Something happens where we understand we might not have tomorrow. We may get sick, a friend may die, or there may be a disaster that wakes us up, and makes us realize how lucky we are to have today. Today is the only day we can live. We can’t live tomorrow yet – it hasn’t arrived. Yesterday is gone, and nothing can be done to take us back to it. So we have just this one day. And if we spend it worrying about what tomorrow will bring, we will have wasted it.

We are powerful, and capable beings. We can do a lot when we want to. But most of us cannot read the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or even five minutes from now. We are living now – not later. What will come to us after this is out of our control. So how can we manage something that is worrisome? A good way to let the worry go is to do something about what’s going on in our lives today. There is something we can take care of today, there is something we can work on today, and there is something we can manage today. While we’re working on today, we won’t have time to worry about tomorrow. We are managing our lives as they roll forward. Tomorrow will get here when it gets here. What comes will come. And whatever it is, we will face it then.

If you’re worried, and having trouble letting it go, do something that is important today. Work hard. Get busy living today. You’ll get things done, your mind will be focused on something productive, and you will forget to worry. Tomorrow you will handle whatever comes. You are perfectly capable of handling it – tomorrow. Today is all that concerns you now. One day at a time is all we have. Live your life that way. Live today. It’s a great day to be alive.