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The Ringer

5 Jun

When we’re determined to achieve something, we may plan our steps and work hard to move forward until we accomplish the task. Some things come easily and take little preparation, but other times we may spend hours in planning and work very hard to make sure everything is done completely. When we reach the end of the journey and things go well we may feel great satisfaction knowing we did our best and everything worked out. It’s great to accomplish the things we really desire but sometimes even when we’ve planned for every possible eventuality or complication, just when we think we’re going to win, a ringer is thrown into the mix. Maybe a new person enters the picture who takes control and completely changes the way forward. Or something unexpected happens that prevents us from proceeding. Nobody can read the future and there is no way to know what will happen ahead of time. In an instant all our planning may go up in smoke and we may be left stunned, confused and trying to figure out what just happened. It’s hard to readjust our plans when there’s a sudden roadblock and it’s frustrating when we can’t make the way ahead clear again. But we are flexible and capable of managing change and after we get over the initial shock, will find our way through. There really isn’t anything powerful enough to hold us in place. We can push through any obstacle and continue forward even if the way forward is nowhere near where we thought we were headed. Life is unpredictable but with patience and determination no matter what comes, we will find success.

There are all kinds of people around us who don’t always tell us all their plans. They may impact our progress for any reason they choose. If they have authority over us and decide to change our focus we may have no option but to go along with their decisions. If we believe we are on the best road going forward, it may be hard to let someone else take over. If we must step aside, we can be positive and accept that plans change all the time. A change in direction is only that. We can be patient and still find success.

The only thing we can really count on in life is that whatever we’re going through now will change. It’s nice when things are predictable and we know what to expect but those instances are rare. There are always a lot of variables in every situation, most of which we cannot control. Change is constant and the road ahead may change, our direction may be altered and we may get lost a time or two. With determination and focus we can redirect the way forward and find our way to any goal we desire.

Today if you’ve been working hard on something and suddenly there’s been an unexpected change that has stopped you in your tracks, don’t worry. No matter what road you’re on you’ll find the way forward. You are intelligent and capable and have everything you need to go anywhere you choose. Look at all the options possible and choose the best way forward. The whole world is there for you. Nothing is out of reach and you can achieve anything you desire.

Calm Waters

9 Apr

Sometimes our lives get complicated and things go wrong.  There’s always a lot going on around us, people coming and going in and out of our lives, and endless situations we have no control over.  We may get tangled up and twisted around when situations arise that are intense and complex, and finding the way out may elude us for a time.  When we are beset by problems and issues we may be stressed and worried about how to get through.  It may be hard to concentrate and we may be unable to rest thinking about everything we must face.  Outside issues will always be a factor in our lives.  We can only control what we choose and what we do.  The rest is up for grabs and what comes, comes.  When we’re in acute situations that test our patience and understanding it can be hard to find peace.  But what happens on the outside of our lives need not disrupt our calm within.  We can have faith in every instance that no matter what is going on, and no matter how intense the issue is, we will find the answers we need.  We can trust our wisdom and ability to find the way forward and when we do we will find comfort.  Above every dark storm, the sun is still shining, and no problem lasts forever.  When we’re in the midst of turmoil we can hold fast to calm waters within and find the way.  We are stronger and more capable than we realize.  We can find the answer to any problem and navigate any complication with grace and patience.  We have everything we need to find our way forward.  Success is always there for us and we can trust ourselves to find it.

We all hope for the best in every situation but sometimes the worst scenario we imagined may actually happen.  We may be stunned and stopped in our tracks if everything goes wrong, but we will only be held down for a moment.  There are answers all around us and we are perfectly capable of finding them.  No matter how extreme or dire the situation, we have everything we need to overcome it.  There isn’t anything strong enough to keep us from our dreams and goals.  We can find the answers we need in every instance and continue forward with confidence.

When things go wrong and we find ourselves in foreign territory, if we’ve been trying to get through for a while and still can’t move forward, we may believe we will stuck there forever.  That will never happen.  Life is all about change.  Nothing can stay the same indefinitely, and everything we are experiencing now will be different going forward.  It may take time for the situation to adjust and we may have to be patient as we work through it, but we have everything we need to succeed and will find our way.  There is no road too complex for us to navigate and every door will eventually open.

Today if you’re stressed over something you’re going through and feel upset and worried, remember how strong you are and trust in your ability to overcome.  There isn’t anything you can’t do and do well.  You are amazing and capable of managing anything that comes.  Be confident and step forward.  This is just a complex moment and you will find the way forward.  All your dreams are there for you.  Keep moving ahead and you’ll reach them.


9 Aug

There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong. There will be situations we can’t prevent and events we don’t want to endure. We have little control over what comes to us and no control over the decisions of others. Sometimes things will not be where we want them and there will be nothing we can do to change them. When that happens we have to cope with where we are and what’s going on. We have to deal with the situation as it is. It’s not easy to navigate times like these and we may feel frustrated, angry or sad. But if we really can’t change things we must accept them and walk through them as they are. Disappointments come and when they do we can keep moving forward. We are successful when we cope with difficult times and patiently work through them until they change. We can learn all we can as we go, and effectively navigate our course to the other side.

Learning to deal with disappointment and sorrow takes time. If we are stunned by something that’s happened unexpectedly we may lose our way for a moment. We may need some time to catch our breath and process what’s happened. If our foundation has been rocked, it may be hard to find our footing at first. But no matter what happens if we take our time to think about the situation and look at it objectively we will find our way through it and back to solid ground. We can deal and cope until things change.

Sometimes we think we could never go through certain experiences in life. We don’t feel we could survive extreme disappointments or sorrow, and can’t even think about them. But life continues on and even when we think we can’t go another minute, we do. Even when we think we’ve been overcome, we thrive. We wake up another day and find our way. We are resilient and steady in our ability to cope. If the wind is knocked out of us, we can catch our breath. If we are pushed down, we can get back up. If we are stunned, we can refocus. We can bounce back from anything that shakes us, and we can endure far more than we believe. There is no sorrow or disappointment strong enough or invasive enough to destroy us. We are capable of handling anything that comes and overcome it. We can take whatever time we need to find our way. No matter what happens, we will survive. And we will take the lessons learned and the strength we gained forward with us.

Today if you’re dealing with a difficult situation you cannot change, and you feel angry or upset, keep walking forward. You can handle anything that comes to you. You are strong and resilient and perfectly capable of managing this. You are getting braver and learning more each moment. Keep your eyes on the future. This will pass. Happiness is just around the corner.