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Tough Up

8 Nov

There are lot of things to learn in life. Some of them come easily and we enjoy the journey as we progress along. Others are more difficult and we struggle as we try to move forward. It’s true that often anything worth learning will get more difficult before it gets easier. There may be more details than we anticipated, and sometimes we may get stumped trying to figure out the way forward. But if we want to learn and are motivated to accomplish any task we can find our way. It may take longer than we thought when we started, it may be more complicated than we anticipated, and at some point, it might even feel like it’s impossible. But there really isn’t anything we can’t do if we want to badly enough. We can figure out what needs to be done, we can work any problems that arise until we solve them, and we can succeed. The question will be how much we really want the goal. When things go awry and we get lost we’ll have to decide if going forward is worth the cost. If it is, nothing can stop us but if we’re unsure we may give up. It’s impossible to learn anything by giving up. If we want to grow and develop new skills, we must press forward.

Everyone has a different level of tolerance when it comes to complications. Some people are tenacious and never let go until they reach their goals. Others persevere until things get very difficult or confusing and will then decide to opt out. And there are some who will choose a goal and the very first complication will change their minds. There are complications in everything. If we quit the first time they arise we will never learn anything new or accomplish much. We will stay as we are until we tough up enough to be willing to face difficulty and find our way through it. We have enough courage to face whatever comes to us and we can dedicate as much effort as we choose to any goal we want. We can learn anything, do anything, and gain all the experiences we want if we are determined to get them.

We all have more determination and courage than we think we do. When our lives get suddenly complicated or difficult they rise and we draw on them to navigate our way through. We may forget how much we are capable of if we only go through the motions in our lives. There is so much we can learn and do that is outside our regular scope. We can have lives filled with new experiences and if we are determined to achieve them we will be enriched and strengthened. Everything we overcome and conquer gives us more confidence making the next challenge easier. Our lives belong to us and we can design them any way we wish. They can be filled with new experiences, challenges and opportunities for growth. We can do anything. We are capable of being tough enough to face any situation that comes and we can succeed.

Today if you want to try something new or stretch your life in a new direction but are concerned about the challenge, be strong. There isn’t anything you can’t overcome. You have all the wisdom and courage you need to conquer anything. Press forward. Live your dreams. Everything is waiting for you.


11 Mar

As we go through our lives we make millions of decisions. If those decisions don’t take us where we want to go, we may be unhappy. We may complain about our lot in life and think it’s unfair. We might say we should have gotten this or that, and we’re unhappy with our relationships, or family, or jobs.  We may say we never got the chance to do the things we wanted. However, we choose the direction of our lives and each choice we make takes us somewhere. If we aren’t going where we want to go we’re the only ones who can change it. We have the option to change anything at any time. If we’re unhappy we can change to find happiness. If we’re in a difficult relationship and feel uncomfortable, we can leave. If we’re unfulfilled in our jobs, we can find better ones. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, if we aren’t happy, we can chart a new course. There are a lot of reasons why we continue in situations that aren’t beneficial to us. If we’re unhappy and do nothing, we will continue to be unhappy.  But if we want to change, we can.  The choice is always ours. In the end, the choices we make give us the life we want most because it’s the life we’ve chosen.

Life can be complicated.  There’s a lot going on all the time.  Our relationships are important and we can get caught up in situations other people choose for us even if we don’t want them ourselves. We may feel we need to go along to keep the peace, or maybe it’s just easier. If we do that, we may end up living a life that isn’t genuinely ours but a reflection of what someone else thinks it should be. Our lives belong to us and every day is precious. What we do with our days is important. If we go along and make choices because we feel pressure or want to please someone else, we give away the chance to be ourselves. We are all unique and possess specific gifts for the world. If we keep those inside and only share what we’re told we should, or what’s expected, the world will miss the great blessings we have to offer. Nobody can give the world our gifts but us. We will always be at our best when we are uniquely and perfectly ourselves.

When movies are made, directors tell the actors what to do and how to do it in order for the desired message to be communicated. If we allow others to director our lives, we communicate the message they have to tell, not our own. But our messages are important and they are valuable. The way we see the world is different than anyone else. We don’t need a director to tell us what to do. We already know what we want to do. If we allow ourselves to make the choices we really want to make, we’ll be happy. We have all the courage we need to take control or our lives, and all the wisdom we need to find our way. In the end, we will surely end up with the lives we choose, good or bad. We make our own destiny. We can determine to make it happy, and uniquely ours. If we do, every day will bring us new promise, and our futures will bring us joy.

Today if you haven’t been living the life you really want, or if you dream of things being different, you can change. You can live your life any way you want to. You can do anything. You have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled. You know what you want. Point your eyes in the direction that will take you there. Choose your own path and determine your destiny. You have everything you need to get


5 Nov

Every day we live is a chance to experience joy and do something to move us closer to where we want to be. We are in control of our days and the choices we make. When we choose well, we are content, but sometimes things don’t go exactly the way we want them to. Imagine you are holding one chopstick that represents your day today. As long as you hold onto it you’re in control and you can do anything you want. But if you give it away to someone else, they will be in charge for the day. We all want to be in control of our days, so it seems foolish to hand them over to anyone else. But if we let the hurt or pain caused by someone else control us, that is exactly what we do. We give our day away. While it’s true that some wounds don’t heal right away, each day we let the disappointment, pain, fear, or anger control our lives, we give that day to the person or situation that caused it. And the irony is that those who have hurt us usually have no idea they have control.

Pain is a part of life. We can’t prevent it, we can’t escape it, we can only process it and move through it. If we lived alone on an isolated, deserted island, everything would be in our control. But we live with others, and their decisions, for better or worse, affect our lives. We bump into each other, we annoy each other, and we sometimes hurt each other. Of course, we also love each other, we share joy, and we embellish each others’ lives. It’s a mixed bag. When we get hurt, and don’t heal right away, we grieve until we’re able to move on. That’s normal. But if we let the hurt define our lives, if we let it keep us from moving forward, and are unable to let it go, we give our lives away to it. Our lives are important. They count. We have a lot to offer. Losing even one day is a great loss.

Getting over serious pain or disappointment isn’t easy. It takes work, and it takes time. How much time it takes depends on a lot of factors. Only we can decide when to let it go and begin to move forward. We can hold onto it for as long as we like but each day we do, we have to symbolically give up our chopstick, and the control over our lives. In some situations it takes considerable time to process everything, and not having control isn’t an issue. But in time, if we want to be happy again, if we want to move forward, we will have to heal and take control again. Life can be complicated. It can extremely joyful, or desperately sad. Nobody knows what each day will bring, but we can face whatever comes. We can overcome any disappointment, any disaster, and any loss. And when we’re ready, we can recover and guide our lives to where we most want to be.

Today if you’ve been struggling with something that has been so difficult you’ve been stopped in your tracks, think about the way forward. You have so much to offer. Take the first step in regaining your control. Own your day today. Hang on tight. Lift your head and look forward. There is a road waiting for you. You have everything you need to get to it, and by taking the very first step you’ll find your way back to happiness again.

In For A Penny

22 Jul

Throughout our lives things come up, and we are asked to help out or assist in some way.  When possible we may agree, and offer our service.  Sometimes the tasks are easy and quick, and we are happy to help.  But other times, complications come up that make it harder for us to stick with our commitment.  For instance, say you have a friend who needs help moving furniture.  You agree to assist but when the day set apart for the move arrives, a huge storm rolls in, and it’s pouring rain.  Your friend tells you the move must happen that day, and you dread the chore.  It’s going to be much harder to do in the storm, and you would rather let someone else do it.  These situations come up routinely.  What at first can seem like a simple task sometimes turns into something more.  And when that happens, we have to decide if we’re in, or we’re out.  Even if we gave our word that we’d be there, we may be tempted to back out.

There is an old saying, “In for a penny, in for a pound.”  If we commit to something, we need to be committed all the way.  If we’ve said we would help when the task was easy, we need to stay if the task gets hard.  Commitment is easy for some of us, and harder for others.  But when we say we’ll be there, we need to be there.  We’re either in all the way, or we’re out.  There really is no middle ground.  So before we commit to anything, it would be wise to weigh all the possibilities to ensure we can follow through no matter what.

We’ve all had experiences with people letting us down.  Sometimes they say they’ll be there, but then don’t show up.  It’s disappointing when it happens, and definitely affects the relationship in a negative way.  There is great value in being dependable, and sticking with our decisions.  Of course, there will certainly be times when we say we’ll help thinking it’ll be easy, and then things happen making it more difficult.  What we do then defines our commitment.  Are we in no matter what?  Or do we back out when things go wrong?  It is noble, and right to stay the course.  Remember, who we are, isn’t what we say.  Who we are is what we do.

Today if you’ve made a commitment, and the situation has gotten difficult and complicated, stick with it.  Stay the course.  Be there.  Your friends and family will learn to rely on you, and trust you to follow through.  They’ll know that no matter what you’ll keep your word.  The trust of those we care about is invaluable.  It’s priceless.  Earn it.  Follow through.  Staying true will bring you satisfaction and confidence.  You will never regret making that choice.

Forest and the Trees

5 Jul

When we are working on complex issues, and there are a lot of details, it’s easy to get caught up in them. We try to figure out some tiny aspect that’s eluding us, and if we focus so hard on it we can lose sight of the big picture. When that happens all we can see is a small part of what we’re trying to solve. In some situations we have to take the problem apart, piece by piece, but other times it’s important to see the whole picture to get to the solution. There is a saying, “We can’t see the forest for the trees.” There can be literally thousands of trees in a forest, but if we are focused only on the bark of one tree, only see the patterns in that small section of bark and don’t look up, we can forget where we are. We can lose sight of the entire forest.

Complicated issues, by their very nature, tend to have a lot of moving parts, and a lot of things to consider. There are the other people involved, the timing, the costs if they must be considered, the method for solving the issue, and perhaps a dozen other factors to think about. If we get too tied up in one segment, if we expend all our energies in figuring out that small piece, we may never figure out how to put all the pieces together. We need to step back, and see the entire picture. What does everything need to look like when it’s done? Where do we need to be? How can everything work together?

Stepping back when we have a lot at stake takes practice. If the issue is intense, and we are emotionally invested, it’s even harder. But if we can stop analyzing for a moment, step back two paces, and look at the entire situation, the answers are likely to come. If we want to put together a jigsaw puzzle, we can’t just look at the corner pieces, and try to figure out what it will look like completed. We have to dump all the pieces out, and then look at the whole picture on the box to get an idea of where things will go. Without that, we would be lost, and the puzzle would never be done.

Today if you’re stumped working on a complicated situation, stop and step back. Look at the whole problem again, and remember where you’re trying to go. Imagine it completed, imagine it solved, and think about what it would look like. See the entire thing. Your focus will broaden, and those answers you are looking for will rise. They say the devil is in the details, and if we get caught up in the details, that can certainly be true. You will complete this project, you will solve this problem, and you will figure out all the pieces. You can see it all when you step back. So step back, and then go forward. You’ll get there. You’re closer now than you’ve ever been.