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Tough Up

8 Nov

There are lot of things to learn in life. Some of them come easily and we enjoy the journey as we progress along. Others are more difficult and we struggle as we try to move forward. It’s true that often anything worth learning will get more difficult before it gets easier. There may be more details than we anticipated, and sometimes we may get stumped trying to figure out the way forward. But if we want to learn and are motivated to accomplish any task we can find our way. It may take longer than we thought when we started, it may be more complicated than we anticipated, and at some point, it might even feel like it’s impossible. But there really isn’t anything we can’t do if we want to badly enough. We can figure out what needs to be done, we can work any problems that arise until we solve them, and we can succeed. The question will be how much we really want the goal. When things go awry and we get lost we’ll have to decide if going forward is worth the cost. If it is, nothing can stop us but if we’re unsure we may give up. It’s impossible to learn anything by giving up. If we want to grow and develop new skills, we must press forward.

Everyone has a different level of tolerance when it comes to complications. Some people are tenacious and never let go until they reach their goals. Others persevere until things get very difficult or confusing and will then decide to opt out. And there are some who will choose a goal and the very first complication will change their minds. There are complications in everything. If we quit the first time they arise we will never learn anything new or accomplish much. We will stay as we are until we tough up enough to be willing to face difficulty and find our way through it. We have enough courage to face whatever comes to us and we can dedicate as much effort as we choose to any goal we want. We can learn anything, do anything, and gain all the experiences we want if we are determined to get them.

We all have more determination and courage than we think we do. When our lives get suddenly complicated or difficult they rise and we draw on them to navigate our way through. We may forget how much we are capable of if we only go through the motions in our lives. There is so much we can learn and do that is outside our regular scope. We can have lives filled with new experiences and if we are determined to achieve them we will be enriched and strengthened. Everything we overcome and conquer gives us more confidence making the next challenge easier. Our lives belong to us and we can design them any way we wish. They can be filled with new experiences, challenges and opportunities for growth. We can do anything. We are capable of being tough enough to face any situation that comes and we can succeed.

Today if you want to try something new or stretch your life in a new direction but are concerned about the challenge, be strong. There isn’t anything you can’t overcome. You have all the wisdom and courage you need to conquer anything. Press forward. Live your dreams. Everything is waiting for you.