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What’s Next

11 Oct

Every decision and choice we make carries with it a result.  We don’t live in a vacuum and it’s impossible to do anything without affecting something else.  Sometimes the results of our choices are exactly what we planned and hoped for, but other times due to forces outside our control, information we don’t have, or the influence of others, things go another way.  We can’t always see what’s coming next even if we plan effectively.  The world is filled with people and each one is making constant decisions.  We may be aware of some of them but many times we don’t know what those around us are doing.  If we reach a point where our choices and theirs collide we may end up with a result we didn’t plan on.  We can only control our own actions and have no dominion over the choices of other.  However, if we take the time we need to consider all the possibilities we can see, often our decisions will take us where we want to go.  We can’t read the future but with careful planning we have the best chance of success.  Rushing and jumping to decisions will definitely take us somewhere but it may not be where we want to go and the results of a hasty choice may not bring us the benefits we seek.  There is no decision we can’t make well.  We are wise enough to choose the way forward that will take us to any destination we desire.  Every choice is ours to make and we can make them well.

There may be times when we’re faced with a situation where we cannot see a good option going forward.  We may be in a place where there are seemingly no positive choices available.  If there are no good answers we can still choose wisely.  We can evaluate all the possibilities and outcomes for each scenario, and then choose the one that best agrees with our desires moving forward.  Once that decision is made we can plan the way ahead step by step until we are on better footing and the road to the goal we seek is clear.

If we must face a difficult decision and are unsure of the outcome we may be tempted to set it aside and ignore it for a time.  We may hope the situation will simply change on its own and we won’t have to face it.  Unfortunately it’s unlikely anything will change unless we do what is needed to change it.  We can take the time we need to think about the decision but avoiding it altogether will not help us move forward.  We can face any decision we must, look at all our options and choose wisely.  There isn’t any puzzle too hard for us to solve and with patience and careful consideration we can make the best choice possible.  We are strong and capable, and there isn’t anything we can’t manage.  We can do our best to ensure the outcomes of our decisions are positive and move us forward toward our destination.

Today if you’re facing a difficult decision and you don’t know what lies ahead, review all the possibilities and weigh them carefully.  You know where you want to go and you have everything you need to succeed.  Plan well, choose wisely and you will reach your destination.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  You are strong and powerful.  Be confident.  You know what to do.


Forest and the Trees

5 Jul

When we are working on complex issues, and there are a lot of details, it’s easy to get caught up in them. We try to figure out some tiny aspect that’s eluding us, and if we focus so hard on it we can lose sight of the big picture. When that happens all we can see is a small part of what we’re trying to solve. In some situations we have to take the problem apart, piece by piece, but other times it’s important to see the whole picture to get to the solution. There is a saying, “We can’t see the forest for the trees.” There can be literally thousands of trees in a forest, but if we are focused only on the bark of one tree, only see the patterns in that small section of bark and don’t look up, we can forget where we are. We can lose sight of the entire forest.

Complicated issues, by their very nature, tend to have a lot of moving parts, and a lot of things to consider. There are the other people involved, the timing, the costs if they must be considered, the method for solving the issue, and perhaps a dozen other factors to think about. If we get too tied up in one segment, if we expend all our energies in figuring out that small piece, we may never figure out how to put all the pieces together. We need to step back, and see the entire picture. What does everything need to look like when it’s done? Where do we need to be? How can everything work together?

Stepping back when we have a lot at stake takes practice. If the issue is intense, and we are emotionally invested, it’s even harder. But if we can stop analyzing for a moment, step back two paces, and look at the entire situation, the answers are likely to come. If we want to put together a jigsaw puzzle, we can’t just look at the corner pieces, and try to figure out what it will look like completed. We have to dump all the pieces out, and then look at the whole picture on the box to get an idea of where things will go. Without that, we would be lost, and the puzzle would never be done.

Today if you’re stumped working on a complicated situation, stop and step back. Look at the whole problem again, and remember where you’re trying to go. Imagine it completed, imagine it solved, and think about what it would look like. See the entire thing. Your focus will broaden, and those answers you are looking for will rise. They say the devil is in the details, and if we get caught up in the details, that can certainly be true. You will complete this project, you will solve this problem, and you will figure out all the pieces. You can see it all when you step back. So step back, and then go forward. You’ll get there. You’re closer now than you’ve ever been.

Wide Load

9 Jun

Have you ever seen a truck on the road carrying something very large with a sign on it saying, “Wide Load”? There are generally some red flags attached to alert other drivers, warning them that whatever is being transported is wider than general allowances, and to beware. Maybe you’ve seen houses being moved like this. Once I saw an airplane being transported this way. It’s not a common occurrence, but it comes up from time to time. The vehicles carrying these large objects must drive more slowly to ensure that nothing falls apart, and they reach their destination securely. It’s a wide load, and it requires careful attention.

In our lives, sometimes big things come up that require our careful attention. There may be a lot to address, and we may become overwhelmed. We have a “wide load” of concern and it’s beyond our normal circumstance. When that happens we may feel the burden is too heavy, it’s too much to face, or we’re not strong enough to get through it. We may feel surrounded by worry, and the stress of processing the problem, whatever it is, can seem extraordinarily daunting. It’s a hard place. We all go there from time to time, but experiences in hard places don’t always make the return to another one an easy trip. Sometimes it’s a real struggle.

No matter what comes to us, we can handle it if we take it step by step. There is no problem so vast that we can’t solve it, but in complicated situations, we probably aren’t going to solve it all at once. We have to face it one step at a time. Big issues simply cannot be resolved in one stroke. It may take a while to unravel things, and figure out how to go forward. But it’s not a contest to see how quickly we can solve the issue. It’s not a speed race. We can peel it back, one layer at a time, and work the problem inch by inch. We have to be patient, put out the red flags, and proceed slowly to keep everything together. If we take our time, process it one piece at a time, there is nothing we can’t manage.

Today if you have a big issue you’re dealing with, a complex problem you need to work out, take just one step toward the resolution. Figure out one piece of the puzzle and work that out. Then, take another step, and figure out the next piece. Before you know it, you will have your answers, and solve the problem. It may take time, but you’re carrying a wide load, and nobody can do that at full speed. You will succeed if you go slowly. You will reach the destination. It’s just a matter of time.