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What’s Next

11 Oct

Every decision and choice we make carries with it a result.  We don’t live in a vacuum and it’s impossible to do anything without affecting something else.  Sometimes the results of our choices are exactly what we planned and hoped for, but other times due to forces outside our control, information we don’t have, or the influence of others, things go another way.  We can’t always see what’s coming next even if we plan effectively.  The world is filled with people and each one is making constant decisions.  We may be aware of some of them but many times we don’t know what those around us are doing.  If we reach a point where our choices and theirs collide we may end up with a result we didn’t plan on.  We can only control our own actions and have no dominion over the choices of other.  However, if we take the time we need to consider all the possibilities we can see, often our decisions will take us where we want to go.  We can’t read the future but with careful planning we have the best chance of success.  Rushing and jumping to decisions will definitely take us somewhere but it may not be where we want to go and the results of a hasty choice may not bring us the benefits we seek.  There is no decision we can’t make well.  We are wise enough to choose the way forward that will take us to any destination we desire.  Every choice is ours to make and we can make them well.

There may be times when we’re faced with a situation where we cannot see a good option going forward.  We may be in a place where there are seemingly no positive choices available.  If there are no good answers we can still choose wisely.  We can evaluate all the possibilities and outcomes for each scenario, and then choose the one that best agrees with our desires moving forward.  Once that decision is made we can plan the way ahead step by step until we are on better footing and the road to the goal we seek is clear.

If we must face a difficult decision and are unsure of the outcome we may be tempted to set it aside and ignore it for a time.  We may hope the situation will simply change on its own and we won’t have to face it.  Unfortunately it’s unlikely anything will change unless we do what is needed to change it.  We can take the time we need to think about the decision but avoiding it altogether will not help us move forward.  We can face any decision we must, look at all our options and choose wisely.  There isn’t any puzzle too hard for us to solve and with patience and careful consideration we can make the best choice possible.  We are strong and capable, and there isn’t anything we can’t manage.  We can do our best to ensure the outcomes of our decisions are positive and move us forward toward our destination.

Today if you’re facing a difficult decision and you don’t know what lies ahead, review all the possibilities and weigh them carefully.  You know where you want to go and you have everything you need to succeed.  Plan well, choose wisely and you will reach your destination.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  You are strong and powerful.  Be confident.  You know what to do.

Holding On

15 Sep

Lots of things happen as we go through our lives.  We have many good experiences and also many hard times to navigate.  We may go through very difficult situations that don’t go well and end up leaving us with bad feelings moving forward and we may hold onto the pain for a time.  If something terrible unexpectedly happens, it may scar us and prevent us from moving forward.  Life is unpredictable and things will go wrong from time to time.  Generally we’ll be able to navigate them and move on but sometimes the pain is so great, or the grief so intense that we get stuck and hold onto it indefinitely.  Our lives belong to us and we can manage them any way we like.  If we allow something painful to take over we may lose the opportunity to be successful.  We will all face hard times in our lives.  We may suffer greatly but no matter what we must face we will always have enough courage and strength to get through it.  There will never be anything so severe and devastating that we cannot recover.  Our reserves for healing are immense.  We can hold onto pain for as long as we like but as we hold onto it we will be unable to progress.  If we set the pain and sorrow down, and leave the disappointment behind we can continue on.  We can reach any destination we desire.  Recognizing the power we possess and allowing ourselves to heal will move us forward to wherever we want to go.  There isn’t anything we can’t overcome.  We are powerful and strong, and we will prevail.

When we go through hard times we may feel great disappointment.  If we choose to, we can hold onto that and all the pain it brings with it.   But if we hold onto trouble we are doing just that – holding onto trouble.  Holding onto difficult situations will not bring us happiness.  It can only weigh us down and may prevent us from finding success.  There isn’t anything too difficult for us to face and we are wise enough and brave enough to walk through any problem we’re carrying.  We have all the confidence and wisdom we need to move ahead and be happy.

Learning to let go allows us to be free of pain and trial.  We cannot prevent what comes to us, and we cannot stop trouble from darkening our door from time to time but we can determine that no matter what comes we will walk through it to the other side.  Life can be difficult and challenging, and we may face some dark days, but no storm lasts forever and in time, no matter what the issue is, things will change.  We can trust in our ability to navigate anything we must and find happiness.  Every day will bring something new.  Letting go of heartache and sorrow and allowing ourselves to openly face what lies ahead will give us greater confidence going forward and help us reach every destination we desire.

Today if you’re facing a very difficult situation and you feel hurt and overwhelmed, remember how powerful you are.  There isn’t anything too strong or difficult for you.  You have everything you need to prevail.  Let go of the pain and take another step.  Be strong and confident.  There is joy just ahead and it’s waiting for you.


Doing it Right

11 Jul

When we’re trying to get something done and we encounter a complication that takes time and effort to navigate we have lots of choices we can make.  If we’re in a hurry to complete the task and don’t care how we get it done, we can push through whatever problems arise, focus only on our goal and rush forward.  If the goal is something we’ve worked toward for a long time and are tired of dealing with it we might ignore problems and go around them instead of solving them.  We can get to any goal any way we want to.  We can work problems and find the best solutions as we go or we can shove our way through in order to finish the task and move on.  If all we see is the finish line and pay no attention to how we get there we might take shortcuts to get there sooner but in the end neglecting details may cause us more headaches.  Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing.  But if we do our best to completely address each situation and solve whatever problems arise as go our path will often be less complicated later.  It may take a little more time to tie up all the loose ends but left dangling and unsolved, problems have a way of circling back and tangling up our future plans.  They say a job worth doing is worth doing well, and that’s true.  If we effectively try to do our best as we go, the road will be easier and less complicated in the future.

Quick fixes are great.  We get in, do what absolutely has to be done now, and get out.  But the quick fix isn’t always the best option.  In the material world if we have something that’s broken and needs repair but we don’t have time, we might do something to hold it for now.  We know the fix won’t last forever and it’s just a patch until we can return and take care of the problem permanently.  In our personal lives we sometimes use quick fixes as well.  The problem with using quick fixes is our lives continue on and more things happen.  We have other situations to address and before we know it time has gone by and we haven’t returned to finish the situation we set aside.  If we do this continually our lives will be cluttered up with all kinds of problems that are half finished and half solved.  They’ll be in the back of our minds niggling at us to return and may chip away at our confidence because we haven’t completed them.

Most problems have a beginning when they arise, a middle as we process them and figure them out, and an end when we solve them.  Solving a problem is the only way to get rid of it.  It’s the only way to leave it behind and move ahead.  If we get stuck in the middle, and set it aside, the problem sits and waits for us to return.  Most problems don’t go away on their own.  They hang around until we decide to look at them and solve them.  While they wait, we carry them with us.  They weigh on us and may impact our ability to move forward.  It’s like dragging something heavy behind us as we try to step ahead.  We can keep our lives clear if we address our problems and do our best to resolve them when they appear so we can let them go and move on.

Today if you have unresolved issues that are weighing on you, choose to solve them and let them go.  You don’t need to drag them along with you.  You deserve to feel free and confident, and taking care of things now will give that to you.