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22 Feb

Everyone has their own opinions and ideas about how things should go. We’re all entitled to our viewpoints and can live our lives any way we choose, but if we must cooperate with others and we disagree, we may get stuck. If agreement is necessary before we can move forward and we can’t find common ground, we will remain in place until something changes. It’s not always easy to find compromise when we are diametrically opposed to the other party’s viewpoint. If we’re on opposing ends of the spectrum, it can be difficult to form an alliance in an effort to move forward. Everyone’s opinion is important, even if we disagree. If we want cooperation, all voices must be heard. We’re all unique and our perceptions are specific to each of us. We can do anything we like individually, but if we’re part of a group, we may need to bend in order to find agreement. There will be few moments when everything goes our way and we get everything we want. Other viewpoints may seem intolerable at first, but by listening carefully and patiently we can find common ground on which to agree. Each side can hold onto what’s most important and relinquish areas of contention in order to move ahead. If we want success, we must learn to compromise effectively. A deadlock situation will hold us in place and keep us from our goals. We are intelligent and have the wisdom we need to find the best arrangement where everyone feels heard and the impasse ends. We can reach any goal we desire by being open to suggestion and allowing others to engage and participate.

If we believe in something strongly and someone questions that belief, we may feel personally assaulted. Our defenses may rise and we may go on the offensive regarding our position. We’re all entitled to our own beliefs and ideas, and it doesn’t matter if others disagree with us. We can listen to opposing viewpoints without being threatened, and if we choose, can modify our stand. But our lives are ours to design and we can make our own choices even if they are in opposition to those around us.

When there are disagreements, it’s up to us how we respond. We can get angry and try to muscle the conversation in our direction. Trying to make others adopt our choice with force rarely works. Instead, if we respond patiently and politely, we may open the conversation effectively and allow everyone to express their own opinions. Respectful discussion can open the door to compromise and help us move closer to our goals. We are smart enough to know how to proceed and with confidence and understanding will reach any destination we desire.

Today if someone else’s ideas are keeping you from moving forward, be receptive to their point of view and express your own ideas confidently and patiently. Find a compromise that lets you step ahead and allows them to hold onto what they need. You are amazing and wise, and will find every answer you need. There isn’t anything that can hold you back from the goals you desire. Speak up and step forward, and you’ll reach success.

Stepping Out

27 Mar

There are billions of people on earth and unless we live on a deserted island or on top of a remote mountain, some of them will be right next to us. It’s great to have company as we go through our lives but we’re all individuals and sometimes we bump into each other as we move along. Conflict is a normal part of life and we all experience it from time to time. When it erupts and escalates, even if we aren’t the key players, we may find ourselves swept up in the melee. When ideas clash and tempers rise, we may be caught up in the struggle and carried along simply because we are there. We can remain in the fight and try to help resolve the conflict, or we can step out and allow those involved to find the answers without us. We all want to be there for those we care about but it’s important to understand where the lines of responsibility lie. We can be supportive and still stay out of the fight. We all have enough personal battles of our own and we can step out of those that belong to others. It doesn’t mean we don’t care. It’s simply a way to respect the right of others to disagree and work out their problem themselves. Learning to resolve conflict and find answers in the midst of struggle are valuable tools to carry forward. We can be supportive and kind, and still allow those around us to find answers on their own. We are all responsible for our own lives. We can stand on our own, face our personal struggles, and find the way forward. There isn’t any problem too complex for us to understand and even in difficulty and duress, we can find the way ahead.

Everyone deals with conflict their own way. Some people can step back from their feelings and easily see things objectively and openly. It’s easier to find answers when our emotions aren’t involved, but sometimes if our feelings have been hurt or we are being influenced by others around us, looking at the situation impartially may be more difficult. It’s hard to find the right road ahead when we’re looking in another direction. We can take our time and evaluate what we really want moving forward. The best answers will always be there for us. When we’re ready we will find them.

We all want to make the best decisions going forward but life is complicated and there are often many factors to be considered. When there are many options going in different directions it can be hard to find the right answer. Weighing all the possibilities and seeing where each will take us will clarify our choices and help us choose the best road ahead. There isn’t any puzzle too complex for us figure out. We have all the wisdom and insight we need to resolve any issue and continue toward success.

Today if you’re involved in a struggle that belongs to others, step out and allow them to resolve the conflict together. You need not adopt any issue that isn’t yours. Be supportive and kind and let those involved find the answers they need. You are wise and helpful and can be an example of strength and understanding. Show us your confidence and courage, and continue to move forward toward success.


Fire Sale

24 Oct

We each have our own standards and who we are is defined by our personal values and how we manifest them in our lives. The true definition of who we are is marked not by what we say we believe, but by what we actually do. We can hold fast to our standards, or sell out whenever we choose. Selling out is easy to do and we may simply go along with whatever is happening and ignore the beliefs we talk about. Our lives are fluid and ever changing, and every decision we make takes us somewhere. We are always free to choose but not free to choose the results of those choices. Being true to what we value and holding fast to nobility and honesty will always take us to places that enrich and encourage us. Decisions to keep achieving the goals we most want aren’t always easy to make, and there will always be those around us suggesting other options. If we want real happiness and success the only way to reach it is to determine what is most important and who we want to be. Setting our course ahead following what we value most will bring us happiness. There are endless diversions and distractions all around us. If we look we will always find other places to go. But if we stay true on the course we desire most we will reach our destination and find peace and contentment. We can go anywhere, do anything, and be anyone. Deciding how best to navigate our way forward will make us the people we want to become.

Although many things in life are flexible, some things are absolute. There is no sliding scale for honesty. We may believe if we’re honest most of the time we’re fine, and we probably are. But being anything most of the time will never make us genuine. If we really want to be honest, caring and kind, we must commit to adopting those behaviors all the time. Of course, nobody is perfect and there will be times we may slip but if we are constant in our desire to hold true, over time, we will succeed.

Actors work at playing roles. They pretend to be something they are not and can be quite convincing. If we want to seem different than we really are in order to fit in or to go along, we may act in ways that take us away from where we want to be. There can be a lot of pressure to assimilate and instead of standing firm we may bend in order to blend. The problem with bending away from what we want most is that it takes us further from our goal. We know what we need to do and where we want to go. We don’t have to fit into anyone else’s model or blend into any situation. Our lives are ours and we may direct them according to what is most important to us. We can find every success and reach any destination we desire. True happiness is there for us and we will find it.

Today if you’ve been modifying your actions away from what you most want for yourself, turn back and be true to what is most important to you. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Step forward on your own path and hold fast to your values. The world is blessed because you are here. We need your good influence. Be confident and step ahead.