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Behind It All

10 Oct

We all want a life filled with happiness and great experiences.  It would be wonderful if we never had to suffer, go through heartbreak or loss, and each day was clear and bright and filled with joy.  But we live in the real world and things will inevitably go wrong.  Sometimes we struggle because of decisions we’ve made or those made by others, sometimes because of events out of our control, and sometimes we have no idea why everything went wrong.  When we’re under water with stress and despair, if the trial is long lasting and difficult we may begin to believe it will never end.  The dark clouds over us may seem stationary and we don’t see any changes ahead.  Storms can be treacherous and frightening, and if there’s a lot of noise and disharmony they may cause us to shiver for a moment.  When the sky over us is dark and looming, and the clouds are dense and threatening, we may forget that behind it all the sun is brightly beaming, waiting for a clearing to shine down on us.  The sun is always there, no matter how dark it is overhead.  When we’re going through difficult challenges we can remember that behind any anxiety and duress, it is shining over us.  It’s always there and we can count on our ability to find the answers we need and the sun breaking through.  Hard times come to us all and we may feel overwhelmed and pushed to our limits, but no matter what is happening now, there is always the chance for happiness ahead.  Life will try us and there may be times when we’re sure we can never prevail.  But step by step we will find our way and every single issue will be resolved.  We are more powerful and capable than we may believe.  We can manage any problem we face and find success.  The sun is always there no matter how dark the sky is overhead.  We can trust in it and in ourselves to get through.

There are unlimited roads possible to every destination we seek.  There is no one right way to live life.  When we’re trying to find our way through a puzzling and difficult challenge, we don’t have to take the same path that everyone else has tried.  We can revise our thinking and do something different.  If we are open to new possibilities and ways of thinking, no matter how confounding the issues are before us, we will find the way through.  There is no limit to what we can do and nothing we can’t overcome.

Unresolved problems don’t simply go away and stay away forever.  They will return again and again until we determine to finally settle them once and for all.  If we’re facing a problem we did not resolve in the past that is weighing us down, we can commit to taking it apart until we close it completely, and move forward undeterred and confident.  We deserve complete and total happiness and facing the issues that block our path and deciding to solve them before moving on will help us achieve it.

Today if you’re in the midst of serious trials and trouble, if the way ahead is dark and you feel unsure, remember the sun is shining brightly behind it all.  You can find every answer you need to settle any issues you’re facing.  You are stronger and wiser than you imagine.  Do what is needed to clear the road ahead and continue forward.  Nothing is too difficult for you and every dream is possible.


Making It Happen

15 Sep

There are times in our lives when we really want something to happen. It consumes our thoughts, and we try our best to make things work so it’ll come to pass. Oftentimes the things we want to occur involve others. Sometimes they agree with our plans, but sometimes they don’t, and when they don’t we may try hard to convince them to change their minds. We might try pleading with them, cajoling them, and at our worst, even threatening them in an effort to sell our idea. When things work out the way we want them to, we feel satisfied. We’ve accomplished what we wanted most of all. But when they don’t, when whatever it is doesn’t happen, we may feel angry, defeated, and disappointed.

Everyone gets to make their own choices. We all understand that but when we want those choices to agree with ours and they don’t, accepting it is a little harder. Sometimes our choices are going to be different than what others want. It’s frustrating to be told “no” when we want something very much. It’s hard to accept that our dream isn’t going to happen, especially if it’s a good thing that would benefit others. But if we can’t bring others on board, even if it’s the best idea ever dreamed up, we either have to change it, or we have to let it go.

Sometimes when we fail to get the support we need, we can revise the plan in a way that will bring the results we’re seeking. Maybe we have to wait a little longer until things fall into place. Maybe we need to involve a different group of people, or change the plan to suit the needs of those we need support from. There are no guarantees in this life. We can only try to do our best, and sometimes our best can’t make it happen. Sometimes nothing we do can make it happen. When that occurs, we have to redirect our course. There is nothing wrong with changing our plans. It doesn’t mean we’ve failed. It means we are capable of understanding the situation, and modifying our direction. And those are two very commendable attributes.

Today if you’re up against a brick wall, if things just aren’t working out the way you want them to, or the way you think they should, it might be time to revise the plan. If there is nothing you can do to make things go your way, change lanes. Turn a little to the right or the left, and redirect your course. Modify your plans so you can succeed. Be flexible. Don’t let a setback hold you up. You know what you want, and you’re creative enough to figure this out.