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1 Mar

There are many things to do in our lives and when we want to accomplish something, we try to do it well. We may strive to get everything right, every time. Perfection may be the goal, but we’re only human and it’s unlikely we’ll reach it very often. There are a lot of loud, outside influences that don’t always reflect reality. Pictures are photo-shopped to make them look more ideal and we’re bombarded with the idea that we should look like them and our lives should be exceptional and exemplary in every way. We may feel pressured to perform without error and look unblemished to fit into the world’s expectation. Perfection may be our goal but probably won’t be our reality. There isn’t now, nor has there ever been, one flawless individual. We will be successful in many arenas but if we expect to do everything absolutely perfectly each time, we may suffer great disappointment. It’s good to set high goals but if we aim beyond what is possible, we will fail. Allowing others to determine where we should be and how far we should go will not bring us happiness. Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. We know what we want and can define our own personal success. We can decide our destination, and chart our own course going forward. We can be confident we have enough persistence and determination to reach our goals. Worldly ideas of perfection need not impact us. Our lives belong to us and we can choose our own path. Each decision we make takes us closer to where we want to be. Nothing is beyond our reach and we can have the lives we want the most.

The world’s definition of perfection isn’t absolute. Our interpretation of what it means is up to us. One person’s ideal may include a high-powered career, where another’s might be a simple job that allows them more time at home. We can define the perfect scenario for our lives, and then do what is needed to achieve it. We’re all individuals and there is no one best way to live. There are countless variables and interpretations and they’re all worthwhile and possible.

When we’re striving to do our best and things go wrong, when we make mistakes and falter, it’s easy to berate ourselves and criticize our actions. We are often harder on ourselves than we would ever be on anyone else. Mistakes will happen and there will be times when we’ll go the wrong way, but each misstep teaches us something we can carry forward. We learn as we go. Learning to accept errors and make the most of them will increase our confidence and open the way ahead. Life is filled with all kinds of experiences and we gain knowledge each day. We have everything we need to do anything and nothing can keep us from success.

Today if you feel you should be perfect at something, remember how capable you are. Each step you take teaches you something new. If something goes wrong, alter your course. You know what you want and nothing will keep you from it. You are amazing and can do anything you desire. Be confident. Every blessing is possible and you will reach it.


Fire Sale

24 Oct

We each have our own standards and who we are is defined by our personal values and how we manifest them in our lives. The true definition of who we are is marked not by what we say we believe, but by what we actually do. We can hold fast to our standards, or sell out whenever we choose. Selling out is easy to do and we may simply go along with whatever is happening and ignore the beliefs we talk about. Our lives are fluid and ever changing, and every decision we make takes us somewhere. We are always free to choose but not free to choose the results of those choices. Being true to what we value and holding fast to nobility and honesty will always take us to places that enrich and encourage us. Decisions to keep achieving the goals we most want aren’t always easy to make, and there will always be those around us suggesting other options. If we want real happiness and success the only way to reach it is to determine what is most important and who we want to be. Setting our course ahead following what we value most will bring us happiness. There are endless diversions and distractions all around us. If we look we will always find other places to go. But if we stay true on the course we desire most we will reach our destination and find peace and contentment. We can go anywhere, do anything, and be anyone. Deciding how best to navigate our way forward will make us the people we want to become.

Although many things in life are flexible, some things are absolute. There is no sliding scale for honesty. We may believe if we’re honest most of the time we’re fine, and we probably are. But being anything most of the time will never make us genuine. If we really want to be honest, caring and kind, we must commit to adopting those behaviors all the time. Of course, nobody is perfect and there will be times we may slip but if we are constant in our desire to hold true, over time, we will succeed.

Actors work at playing roles. They pretend to be something they are not and can be quite convincing. If we want to seem different than we really are in order to fit in or to go along, we may act in ways that take us away from where we want to be. There can be a lot of pressure to assimilate and instead of standing firm we may bend in order to blend. The problem with bending away from what we want most is that it takes us further from our goal. We know what we need to do and where we want to go. We don’t have to fit into anyone else’s model or blend into any situation. Our lives are ours and we may direct them according to what is most important to us. We can find every success and reach any destination we desire. True happiness is there for us and we will find it.

Today if you’ve been modifying your actions away from what you most want for yourself, turn back and be true to what is most important to you. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Step forward on your own path and hold fast to your values. The world is blessed because you are here. We need your good influence. Be confident and step ahead.