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1 Jun

The world is huge and there are unlimited opportunities to do something new. We may think about something we want to accomplish, consider all the possibilities, and ponder how it will be when we reach the goal. We can think about what we want indefinitely and wait for the right time to arrive before we begin. While there are times in everyone’s life when there are complications and we can’t manage anything new, waiting for the perfect time to start on something we really want is a fool’s game. There are few, if any, times when everything lines up and we can see a paved road ahead to the destinations we desire. It’s like waiting on a shooting star. Yes, they happen, but standing in the dark night after night looking up at the sky and hoping one will appear before we begin forward is wasted time. We don’t need a perfect opening to start a new journey. We can begin at any time, no matter where we are or what’s going on, and figure out how to proceed. Life is complex and there is no way to predict what will happen next. Waiting around for the perfect, easy moment to move ahead will only hold us in place. If we want the goal, and are ready to proceed, we can take the first steps forward. We may need to re-organize our responsibilities, and plan carefully, but we have everything necessary to begin. Once we start moving toward the goal, we will find all the answers we need to reach success. Every single destination is there for us. The lives we dream of are possible. We need only decide what we want, and then step forward to make it ours. Every dream is waiting, and with determination and focus, we can make them ours.

There are endless reasons why we shouldn’t move toward our personal goals. They may take a lot of planning, they might require a lot of time, we may have to change our routine, and a million other possible complications. We can put our dreams on hold for now, and plan to get to them later, and that might work. But if we don’t control where we’re headed, chances are the details of our lives will take over. If we want to reach our personal goals, we must drive our own train toward them. There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we really want it.

Work has a way of expanding to fill the time we give it. If our to-do list is long, and we don’t set aside time for our own personal growth, we may spend all our time checking off boxes and going nowhere. Our lives belong to us and we are responsible for our own happiness. It isn’t selfish to focus on what we want the most. By making our personal goals a priority, and setting aside time and attention to achieve them, we’ll find great satisfaction and happiness in reaching success.

Today if you’ve been putting off your personal goals and waiting until the time is right to begin, look at all the options before you. The road to every goal is there for you. Decide what you want the most and take the first step forward. Keep your eyes focused ahead and begin your journey. Every destination is waiting, and nothing can keep you from success.

Listening and Hearing

31 Jan

In our personal conversations, sometimes what we’re listening to isn’t the full meaning of what is being said. We can listen and listen and still miss the message. There are a lot of distractions, sometimes our personal opinions color what we’re hearing and sometimes we only hear part of the information being communicated. There is a big difference between listening to someone and really hearing what they are saying. Although we may hear the words it may take a while to fully understand what they mean. People are complex and if the message is difficult or painful they may color it with words that muddle the situation. If we want to understand anything and make good decisions, we need all the information. If the message is confusing we can take it apart, ponder it, and get to the truth. Even in complicated situations if we are careful we can hear what’s really being said and then take the time we need to understand the full message. Knowing the complete truth of any situation helps us navigate it more successfully. We can be clear on the message by not only listening but really taking the time to hear it.

Some people talk in circles. They struggle to speak clearly and may go around and around an issue. Perhaps they have an unclear understanding of the message or are intimidated by it and afraid of speaking too plainly. When we encounter these situations, we may get lost as they go here and there, speaking around the information they are trying to relay. We may ask for details but often we must rely on our ability to discern the true message and extrapolate the real meaning behind the conversation. No matter how confusing the story may seem at first, if we take time to think about what’s being said we can find the answers. Once we decide we know what the real message is we may ask for clarification and verify our conclusions.

There may be times when someone speaks to us in ways that are confusing because they are trying to accomplish something and don’t want others to know. Maybe they feel they need to share part of the story but don’t want to give all the details. If they have an agenda that is dishonest or in some way will impact us negatively their words may be convoluted and confounding. If they will not clarify the message we need to find the answers on our own. We don’t have to blindly follow something we are unsure of and we can do what is needed to fully understand any situation before proceeding. We can listen and then discern truth to fully hear what is being said. We are capable of understanding many things and if we are careful we can move forward confident we know the full story.

Today if you’re confused by something that is being said and are struggling to understand, take the time to really hear the message. You are an excellent listener. You will find the truth and the way forward with confidence. There isn’t anything you can’t comprehend. Be confident and be wise. The answers are there for you and you will find them.

Getting the Hammer

5 Dec

There are times in our lives when we have almost everything we need to get something done. We may have most of what’s required for success but not everything. Despite the missing pieces, we may try to force things to work anyway but without all the tools needed we may get stuck. It’s like being given some boards and nails and told to go construct something without a hammer. There is no way to nail the boards together without a hammer so even though we have most of what we need, we don’t have everything. We must get the hammer before we can complete the project. When we’re trying to accomplish something it’s important to understand what we’ll need to get it done. Then we can plan to acquire the necessary tools to move forward and be successful. If we don’t have all the required tools, whatever they are, we may spend a lot of time spinning our wheels trying to patch things through. That may work for a time but in the end without everything needed we won’t prevail. We need the boards, the nails, and the hammer. Taking the time to get everything together and understand the requirements before we begin will help us get to the goal.

Learning to prepare before we begin may prevent complications. If we decide we want to do something and jump in before understanding all that will be required, we may get lost before we get to the goal. There may be details we didn’t consider, requirements of which we were unaware, and a thousand developments we couldn’t anticipate. Learning all we can about the process we want to undertake and understanding what will be needed to accomplish it before we start will help us get to the goal more effectively and easily. The old saying of “look before you leap” is wise advice. If we don’t know where the road is leading, we won’t get to our destination. We can prepare carefully by learning all we can about what we want to do before we begin and ensure we have all the tools we’ll need to accomplish the goal.

Sometimes we have to grow before we can get to a desired destination. Maybe we need to get more education to get there, or we need professional help to assist us in the journey. Sometimes we must rely on others to complete their roles in the process before we can proceed. If we are prepared and understand what must be done, and we have gathered all the tools we need, we will move forward with confidence and clarity. We will understand the process as we progress and have everything we need to address whatever complications arise. If we take the time to be sure we have the hammer, we will be ready. There isn’t anything we can’t do if we prepare well. We can be confident in moving forward, sure of success.

Today if you’re trying to accomplish something but don’t have all the tools needed, go back and get them. Get everything you need to move forward and prepare your way to success. You can go anywhere and do anything if you prepare well. Do what is needed to ensure the road ahead and you’ll get to your goal. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Get the hammer and everything else you need. You will succeed and achieve greatness.

One Thing More

10 May

We can all live our lives any way we choose. We can be ambitious or lazy, motivated or complacent, and we can do our best or just get by. But if we really want to get the most out of our experiences, we need to strive for excellence in all we do. That requires considering more than what is obvious. It means taking a moment before moving on to be sure we’ve done things the way we really want to. If we’re rushing around and checking things off a list, sometimes we don’t do everything as well as we might like. When we’re busy it can be hard to do everything with excellence. Sometimes we just want to accomplish the task and finish. But if we take just a moment to think before leaving what we’re doing, we can consider if there is more that could be done. If there is, we can accomplish it and be confident that we did our best moving forward. Great accomplishments and achievements don’t always mean excellence. Sometimes excellence is achieved merely by doing one more small thing. If we stop and think before moving on we may see something that could change a good outcome to a great one. If we want to do our best, taking a quick look before finishing anything and making sure we’ve done all we can, will allow us to do that.

If we want to achieve excellence, we must do our best in all our endeavors and be the best people we can be. But we’re also busy people and generally have a lot on our minds. There is a lot to accomplish in our lives and though we want to do it all well, sometimes the time crunch pushes us to move along even if we haven’t done everything exactly as we’d like. If we rush from task to task and fail to really look at what we’re doing, we may accomplish a lot but it may not be at the standard we are seeking. If there is one more thing we can do to complete the task with excellence, and we stop for a moment to see it, we can address it and then move on.

Most things we want to accomplish have many layers. If people are involved there will be lots of individual opinions and advice and it’s important to hear them. If the task is complex and takes many steps, and we skip something in an effort to move along more quickly, the job will get done, but may not be done as well. We’re all capable achieving excellence in our activities. But glossing over details, rushing and skipping what we feel is insignificant doesn’t always allow us to get there. No matter what we’ve done there may be one thing more we could do to improve the outcome. It might be a phone call, or maybe a re-check of something, or perhaps a conversation to gain another perspective. It doesn’t have to be time consuming but taking a moment to consider what we could do before we finish can mean the difference between doing a job well, and doing it excellently.

Today as you go about your routine and all the things you need to accomplish, take the time to see if there is one thing more you could do to bring the best outcomes. You have everything you need to accomplish anything you like. Do your best to be your best. Excellence is within your reach. Grab it and make it yours.

Forest and the Trees

5 Jul

When we are working on complex issues, and there are a lot of details, it’s easy to get caught up in them. We try to figure out some tiny aspect that’s eluding us, and if we focus so hard on it we can lose sight of the big picture. When that happens all we can see is a small part of what we’re trying to solve. In some situations we have to take the problem apart, piece by piece, but other times it’s important to see the whole picture to get to the solution. There is a saying, “We can’t see the forest for the trees.” There can be literally thousands of trees in a forest, but if we are focused only on the bark of one tree, only see the patterns in that small section of bark and don’t look up, we can forget where we are. We can lose sight of the entire forest.

Complicated issues, by their very nature, tend to have a lot of moving parts, and a lot of things to consider. There are the other people involved, the timing, the costs if they must be considered, the method for solving the issue, and perhaps a dozen other factors to think about. If we get too tied up in one segment, if we expend all our energies in figuring out that small piece, we may never figure out how to put all the pieces together. We need to step back, and see the entire picture. What does everything need to look like when it’s done? Where do we need to be? How can everything work together?

Stepping back when we have a lot at stake takes practice. If the issue is intense, and we are emotionally invested, it’s even harder. But if we can stop analyzing for a moment, step back two paces, and look at the entire situation, the answers are likely to come. If we want to put together a jigsaw puzzle, we can’t just look at the corner pieces, and try to figure out what it will look like completed. We have to dump all the pieces out, and then look at the whole picture on the box to get an idea of where things will go. Without that, we would be lost, and the puzzle would never be done.

Today if you’re stumped working on a complicated situation, stop and step back. Look at the whole problem again, and remember where you’re trying to go. Imagine it completed, imagine it solved, and think about what it would look like. See the entire thing. Your focus will broaden, and those answers you are looking for will rise. They say the devil is in the details, and if we get caught up in the details, that can certainly be true. You will complete this project, you will solve this problem, and you will figure out all the pieces. You can see it all when you step back. So step back, and then go forward. You’ll get there. You’re closer now than you’ve ever been.