One Thing More

10 May

We can all live our lives any way we choose. We can be ambitious or lazy, motivated or complacent, and we can do our best or just get by. But if we really want to get the most out of our experiences, we need to strive for excellence in all we do. That requires considering more than what is obvious. It means taking a moment before moving on to be sure we’ve done things the way we really want to. If we’re rushing around and checking things off a list, sometimes we don’t do everything as well as we might like. When we’re busy it can be hard to do everything with excellence. Sometimes we just want to accomplish the task and finish. But if we take just a moment to think before leaving what we’re doing, we can consider if there is more that could be done. If there is, we can accomplish it and be confident that we did our best moving forward. Great accomplishments and achievements don’t always mean excellence. Sometimes excellence is achieved merely by doing one more small thing. If we stop and think before moving on we may see something that could change a good outcome to a great one. If we want to do our best, taking a quick look before finishing anything and making sure we’ve done all we can, will allow us to do that.

If we want to achieve excellence, we must do our best in all our endeavors and be the best people we can be. But we’re also busy people and generally have a lot on our minds. There is a lot to accomplish in our lives and though we want to do it all well, sometimes the time crunch pushes us to move along even if we haven’t done everything exactly as we’d like. If we rush from task to task and fail to really look at what we’re doing, we may accomplish a lot but it may not be at the standard we are seeking. If there is one more thing we can do to complete the task with excellence, and we stop for a moment to see it, we can address it and then move on.

Most things we want to accomplish have many layers. If people are involved there will be lots of individual opinions and advice and it’s important to hear them. If the task is complex and takes many steps, and we skip something in an effort to move along more quickly, the job will get done, but may not be done as well. We’re all capable achieving excellence in our activities. But glossing over details, rushing and skipping what we feel is insignificant doesn’t always allow us to get there. No matter what we’ve done there may be one thing more we could do to improve the outcome. It might be a phone call, or maybe a re-check of something, or perhaps a conversation to gain another perspective. It doesn’t have to be time consuming but taking a moment to consider what we could do before we finish can mean the difference between doing a job well, and doing it excellently.

Today as you go about your routine and all the things you need to accomplish, take the time to see if there is one thing more you could do to bring the best outcomes. You have everything you need to accomplish anything you like. Do your best to be your best. Excellence is within your reach. Grab it and make it yours.

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