9 May

Our days come with lots of unexpected surprises. We never know what will happen to mix everything up. Other people have influence over our plans, and lots of things can change without notice. We can’t help the things that come to us that are out of our control, but sometimes we unnecessarily complicate our lives by the decisions we make. If we engage in gossip, are dishonest, manipulate others or situations, or play head games things can get complicated.  They can get even more complicated when the situation starts to unravel. If we make a habit of making bad choices, and doing things that create drama and confusion, our lives will be more difficult than they need to be.  And the complications that come from those actions may confound us for a long time, impeding our progress, and preventing us from moving forward. It isn’t hard to live a clean, straightforward existence but it takes continued diligence. If we tangle ourselves up in situations where we have to navigate unnecessary problems we may end up spending most of our time trying to clean up messes instead of focusing on where we want to go. We are capable of making excellent decisions. If we want to live our lives the best way possible we have to be careful before we choose. If we are, even though we can’t prevent things we can’t control, we will be able to do our best to make our lives as easy as possible.

Some people seem to need drama in their lives. They are constantly in difficult situations and continually make decisions that bring confusion and trouble. We’re all in charge of our own lives and can live them any way we want to. If we want to add complications we can. But our actions almost always impact those around us. If we make bad choices, often we aren’t the only ones who suffer because of them. Everything we do has the possibility of hurting someone else. Hurting others hurts us in the end and generally makes it hard to move forward. If we rethink our plans and choose the best answers at every turn, our lives will be easier and more fulfilling.

Drama is great for the stage. It’s terrific in movies and plays. But in our personal lives, there is enough regular drama without adding more by making poor decisions. It’s exhausting to constantly be trying to unravel problems and it’s difficult to get close to others when we’re all tangled up in ourselves. If we want to be happy, we need to find the paths that work best for us and take us where we want to go without adding unnecessary roadblocks that prevent us from moving forward. We all know what we want. We can do anything we like and we can be successful. But we must make decisions that move us closer to our goals. We can do that if we’re honest in all our dealings, and choose to do our best.  We can all be successful and happy. We just have to decide to do what is needed to get there.

Today if you’ve been tangled up in complications because of decisions you’ve made, clear the path and start again. Think carefully before you act and make sure you know where your decisions will take you. You can do anything and do it well. Decide to do your best and move forward. You have everything you need to succeed. Choose well and all the doors will naturally open for you.

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