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Building Up

26 Apr

Life is filled with experiences both good and bad. Nobody gets a life that’s a continual picnic of fun and laughter. The good times will certainly come but there will also be hard times to get through and sad times to face. Happy moments give us the patience and faith we need to endure difficult passages. When we’re pushing through sadness, disappointment, anger or other issues it can be hard to see the road ahead. But each moment we cope and each lesson we learn as we struggle along builds us up and makes us stronger. The key to strength is opposition. We know if we want to build muscle we must lift heavier and heavier weights. The opposing force as we lift strengthens us and builds us up. The same is true in our personal lives. Every time we navigate through hard times we become stronger and our resilience is increased. We build ourselves up emotionally with each trial we face. Nobody wants to deal with problems. They are annoying, clog up our way forward and complicate our lives. But problems bring great blessings with them and each time we overcome a difficult issue we gain something positive to take away with us. Sitting in an easy chair is comfortable and we can fall asleep as we sit tucked into the cushions. We can stay there for as long as we like but sitting comfortably will not move us toward our goals. A life of ease and comfort teaches us very little about who we are and the world we live in. If we want to achieve anything we must be willing to get up and courageously face whatever lies ahead. The road may have complicated detours and we may get lost a time or two but if we remain focused on our goals we will succeed. We know how to solve problems and find the answers we need to move forward. We can face hard times and gain the strength that comes as we push through them to the other side. Life is an incredible blessing. There isn’t anything we can’t manage and every dream is possible.

Sometimes it seems as soon as we work one problem out another appears. Our stamina may be tested and our desire to continue may be questioned. We can look at problems objectively, remove any emotion that is holding us down, and find resolution. We have all the tools we need to solve any problem we face. We are wise and intelligent, and capable of doing amazing things.

We may reach an impasse when there are no viable options available to solve our situation. When that happens, we can set the issue aside. As we move forward our lives will change and with new tools and increased knowledge we can return and resolve the issue. There is nothing we can’t figure out and no situation we can’t navigate. We can trust ourselves to find the answers and be confident we will succeed.

Today if you’re facing a difficult situation and are struggling to find the way through, remember how wise you are. The weight may be heavy but you are strong enough to lift it. Take your time, see everything clearly and decide on the way forward. All the answers you need are there for you. Be patient and trust your instincts. You can do amazing things and nothing is too hard for you to manage. Have faith and you will succeed.



14 Apr

We have a lot of decisions to make as we live our lives.  Every day we must make choices about what we’re doing and where we’re going.  Some of them are inconsequential and once we’ve made them we move on.  But others may be difficult to discern and we may struggle trying to figure out the best way forward.  If the question is difficult or requires us to change something in our lives we may get stuck, unable to move as we try to figure out how we want to handle it.  There are few decisions that must be made immediately and have life or death consequences.  Generally we’ll have some time to look at the situation but if we don’t want to make the decision or are concerned about where it will take us we may hesitate.  Taking time to think is always important in making good choices, but hesitation can freeze us in place.  Going backward is never an option and if we can’t make needed decisions we won’t move forward.  We can take time to think but eventually if we want to move ahead we will have to choose.  We are certainly smart enough and capable of choosing well but if we aren’t sure about what we’re doing we may pause for a time.  A pause may be helpful but it is never a full stop.  We can evaluate what’s before us and decide.  Nothing is permanent in life and if the choice we make doesn’t work out, we may choose again.  There are always many options for our decisions and if we carefully and courageously evaluate them we will make the best choice possible.

Life is fluid and every day brings change.  What looks solid and sure one day may seem different going forward.  We can’t read the future and there is never any way to know everything about every situation.  When we make decisions we can only work with what’s available to us.  If we don’t get all the information our choice will be affected.  If our decisions falter because things are different than they seemed or something changes we can find another way forward.  There are few things that can’t be fixed or re-directed and we can be confident in revising our way if needed.

Fear can be a paralyzing factor if we must make a choice we are unsure of.  If the results of our decision are far reaching or will affect others we may hesitate.  Even if the situation is extreme and we can’t know all the parameters, we can still choose wisely.  We have all the tools we need to look at the situation clearly and objectively and decide on the best way forward.  We can be confident in our ability to choose wisely and move forward with the assurance that we have done our best.  If modifications need to be made later, we can make them.

Today if you’re facing a decision and you are hesitating because you aren’t sure, look at all the options available to you.  Evaluate your way forward and make the best choice you can.  If things change you can navigate a new path and find your way.  You have all the wisdom and insight you need to choose well.  Trust yourself and step forward.

On the Lookout

17 Mar

“Never to suffer is never to have been blessed.”   Edgar Allan Poe

We all have ups and downs in our lives.  Some days are wonderful, some days are merely okay, and some days try us with difficulty and trouble.  When we’re struggling with complications and problems and our lives are twisted up in confusion we may feel overcome with stress and anxiety as we try to find a way through.  When terrible times come upon us we may feel beset, completely surrounded by trouble, and uncertain we can manage.  But no matter what we’re going through there is always something beneficial for us.   No matter how hard the trial, or how difficult the problem, as we navigate it there will be something positive waiting for us.  We may not see it at first but if we are on the lookout for the one good thing, the one piece that works, or the one bit of information that is helpful, we will find it.  It’s always there and is the blessing to help us through.  It may not be evident at first, and it may not be easy to see but it is there and will lift us and help us through.  We find our true courage when we face difficult trials.  We learn how to solve problems by solving problems.  No life is without difficulty but with each challenge comes a blessing.  Looking for it, finding it and embracing it, will give us added fortitude and power.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t solve.  Every trial we face makes us stronger and more powerful.  We are invincible and unwavering in courage.

When we are children and things go wrong we may lose our temper, cry, scream or run from the situation.  As we grow and face disappointments along the way we have the opportunity to gain tools that will help us mature and process problems effectively.  If we choose not to face our problems and instead try to hide or push them off onto someone else, or make excuses instead of addressing them, the opportunity for growth is lost.  We can embrace every difficulty that comes to us, take it apart piece by piece and with each step forward find resolution. As we solve each problem our understanding of how life works will deepen and we’ll become stronger and more capable.

Learning to face life bravely takes experience.  If we never have problems we cannot understand how to manage them or overcome them.  Every experience – good and bad – teaches us something and everything we learn works for our benefit.  Even in our darkest hours when we aren’t sure we will survive there is a blessing that will help us.  We can keep our eyes open and actively look for the good in every situation.  When we do, our experience will be embellished and we will have added courage and confidence that we will prevail.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well.

Today if you’re facing a big problem and you feel beset and overwhelmed, look for the one thing that is going right.  It’s there for you.  Embrace it and let it lift you and help you along.  You can solve anything and you are strong enough and brave enough to prevail.  Success is always there for you.  You will find the answers and you will win.


1 Mar

There are times in our lives when we may have to do something or face something that seems beyond our ability to manage.  We may be filled with doubt that we can face what’s before us and prevail.  If we let it, doubt may prevent us from believing we can find our way through our difficulties and convince us we will fail.  We may face some very difficult challenges in our lives, and our perseverance and capabilities may be sorely tested.  If we allow doubt to take control before we try to solve the problem the challenge will be even harder.  Nobody is confident about everything and we’ll all face moments we don’t know how to navigate.  There are endless complications that may arise and unexpected developments that may confuse us or completely stop us.  We are always able to face anything that comes to us and we have all the reserves we need to overcome any difficulty.  We may have doubts at the beginning that we will survive, but moment by moment and step by step we’ll find our way.  We learn our most valuable lessons when we are sorely tested.  The opportunities we face that stretch us beyond what we believe we can handle bring us great resilience and power.  Doubts may come but we can overcome them by determining to move forward and working any problem until we find the answers we need.

If what we are facing is something entirely new to us and we don’t have the tools we need to solve it we can seek help from those around us.  Everyone’s life experience is different and the problems we face are unique to each of us. However, there will likely be someone near us who has experienced something like what we’re facing and we may ask them for advice and counsel going forward.  Most people are willing to share their life experiences with us and help us understand situations they have mastered.  We can reach out and ask for help and when we do chances are someone will be there with answers that will help to move us forward.

There really isn’t any problem or complication that will come to us we can’t figure out.  It may take some time to find the answers we need and we may need to reach into places we’ve never been before but we have enough wisdom and courage to do what is needed.  Life teaches us new things every single day.  Sometimes a lesson that seems the most insignificant carries with it the information we need later to solve a complex issue.  If we pay attention to what we’re learning as we move along, when new problems arise we can draw on all the problems we’ve overcome and use the tools we’ve gained to find our way through.  Life is sometimes complicated and unexpected.  We have everything we need to overcome any difficulty and despite doubt we can find our way to the answers we need.

Today if you’re facing a complex issue that seems too difficult and you’re not sure you can overcome it, remember all the times in the past you’ve prevailed.  You can do anything.  The answers are there for you.  Reach beyond the doubt and find them.  You will prevail and move forward.  Success is always there for you and you will reach it.

Getting the Hammer

5 Dec

There are times in our lives when we have almost everything we need to get something done. We may have most of what’s required for success but not everything. Despite the missing pieces, we may try to force things to work anyway but without all the tools needed we may get stuck. It’s like being given some boards and nails and told to go construct something without a hammer. There is no way to nail the boards together without a hammer so even though we have most of what we need, we don’t have everything. We must get the hammer before we can complete the project. When we’re trying to accomplish something it’s important to understand what we’ll need to get it done. Then we can plan to acquire the necessary tools to move forward and be successful. If we don’t have all the required tools, whatever they are, we may spend a lot of time spinning our wheels trying to patch things through. That may work for a time but in the end without everything needed we won’t prevail. We need the boards, the nails, and the hammer. Taking the time to get everything together and understand the requirements before we begin will help us get to the goal.

Learning to prepare before we begin may prevent complications. If we decide we want to do something and jump in before understanding all that will be required, we may get lost before we get to the goal. There may be details we didn’t consider, requirements of which we were unaware, and a thousand developments we couldn’t anticipate. Learning all we can about the process we want to undertake and understanding what will be needed to accomplish it before we start will help us get to the goal more effectively and easily. The old saying of “look before you leap” is wise advice. If we don’t know where the road is leading, we won’t get to our destination. We can prepare carefully by learning all we can about what we want to do before we begin and ensure we have all the tools we’ll need to accomplish the goal.

Sometimes we have to grow before we can get to a desired destination. Maybe we need to get more education to get there, or we need professional help to assist us in the journey. Sometimes we must rely on others to complete their roles in the process before we can proceed. If we are prepared and understand what must be done, and we have gathered all the tools we need, we will move forward with confidence and clarity. We will understand the process as we progress and have everything we need to address whatever complications arise. If we take the time to be sure we have the hammer, we will be ready. There isn’t anything we can’t do if we prepare well. We can be confident in moving forward, sure of success.

Today if you’re trying to accomplish something but don’t have all the tools needed, go back and get them. Get everything you need to move forward and prepare your way to success. You can go anywhere and do anything if you prepare well. Do what is needed to ensure the road ahead and you’ll get to your goal. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Get the hammer and everything else you need. You will succeed and achieve greatness.