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Falling Forward

3 Feb

We can do anything as we navigate through our lives. There will always be chances to try something new, and expand our horizons. The world is huge and the opportunities around us are limitless, but we must decide what we want, and what we’ll do. If we’re comfortable where we are, and are afraid of change or concerned about failure, we may stay in place and do the same things indefinitely. But doing the same things will never bring us anything new that refreshes, moves us forward, or brings new horizons into focus. It’s easy to remain in our routine and keep our lives small, but our dreams can only come true if we step out of our comfort zone and push toward them. There is risk in everything, and if we try something new we might fail. But if we do, we won’t fall back to where we were, but will fall forward. We’ll gain new insight and experiences and take them ahead with us. Falling forward, unafraid of failure, will bring us great enrichment and expand our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. If we allow the fear of failure to control our decisions, we will never be able to reach our most desired goals. There is greatness inside all of us, and we are capable of achieving more than we imagine. By courageously stepping into the unknown, and taking a chance on something new, our lives will be enriched and no matter the outcome, our outlook will be expanded and we’ll have more knowledge and experience. Every blessing is possible, and if we trust ourselves to move toward something new, we may discover unexpected benefits. The whole world is there for us and every destination awaits. We can have the lives we dream of, reach every goal, and realize every dream.

The traditions of our families and cultures are very powerful. If things have been done a certain way for a long time, and we want something different, we may face opposition. There may be pressure to go along and not rock the boat. We can certainly comply with any suggestions, keep our heads down, and simply follow along. But following someone else’s path will never take us where we want to go. Our lives are important, and we can design them any way we like, even if they are different than those around us. Our uniqueness brings great depth and richness to the world, and by honoring what we really want, we’ll find great satisfaction and happiness.

Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. Just because we can’t read the future or see what lies around the next corner, that doesn’t mean we can’t handle it. Stepping into foreign territory may be unsettling, but it will only be foreign at the beginning. As we move forward, we will make the journey ours. We have all the wisdom and courage needed to move toward any goal we desire, and can reach every success.

Today if you want something new but are afraid of reaching for it, remember how capable and strong you are. Nothing is too hard or too complicated for you to figure out. Decide what you want the most, and begin moving forward. Your life is yours to design, and everything is possible. Be confident and start now. There is greatness in you, and you will win.


Distant Shore

22 Mar

Disappointments and heartache are common experiences in life. They happen to everyone and can be devastating when they come to us. It can be hard to look forward and see anything in front of us when our hearts are broken or we have to face a terrible setback. Plans for our next step may elude us as we grapple with what has happened and try to find our footing. When the pain is great it may be hard to see ahead and all we can think about is making the hurt go away. It can feel like being stranded at sea unable to see land anywhere. We know there is a distant shore out there somewhere but we have no idea how to reach it. When all our plans have disintegrated and our lives feel foreign and out of control it’s hard to find the way forward. Life is all about change and even if we can’t see a future when we’re grieving over something that has devastated us, it’s still there. We will never be left without a shore waiting for us. It may be in the distance and we may need time to find our way to it, but it will always be there waiting for us to arrive. Even if we feel completely lost and alone, even if we don’t know how we’re going to get through, we will find a way. Tomorrow will come and what we’re facing today will change. We can take small steps forward until we feel confident again and are able to see the road ahead. We can stand tall in the midst of despair and look forward. There will always be another road waiting to take us where we want to go. We are strong enough and brave enough, and we have enough wisdom and intelligence to figure out anything that comes. We have all the power we need to overcome anything and we will prevail.

When our circumstances turn and we’re suddenly in a foreign and uncomfortable situation, it may be unsettling and difficult. There may be times when everything we counted on changes and suddenly we’re facing new and uncharted territory. It’s hard to feel confident when we’re in a new set of parameters and aren’t sure which way is up. But we can understand new situations and learn our way around anything that happens. We can trust ourselves to unravel even the most complicated issues and figure out what to do next.

Sorrow is an intense emotion that may overwhelm us. We may feel paralyzed by our misery and believe we’ll be stuck forever. But nothing in life is truly permanent. Everything is always changing and when we’re ready we will find our way again. Disappointments will come but we have everything we need to face whatever life brings. There will always be a way forward and we will find the roads that will take us to success.

Today if you’re heartbroken and devastated and feel like you’ll never be whole again, trust yourself. You’ve overcome many difficult complications already and you will prevail. There isn’t anything strong enough or powerful enough to hold you down. You are amazing and can do anything. Be patient and take courage. Everything you need is there for you. The shore is waiting and you will find it. Take a step forward. Happiness is just ahead.


14 Apr

We have a lot of decisions to make as we live our lives.  Every day we must make choices about what we’re doing and where we’re going.  Some of them are inconsequential and once we’ve made them we move on.  But others may be difficult to discern and we may struggle trying to figure out the best way forward.  If the question is difficult or requires us to change something in our lives we may get stuck, unable to move as we try to figure out how we want to handle it.  There are few decisions that must be made immediately and have life or death consequences.  Generally we’ll have some time to look at the situation but if we don’t want to make the decision or are concerned about where it will take us we may hesitate.  Taking time to think is always important in making good choices, but hesitation can freeze us in place.  Going backward is never an option and if we can’t make needed decisions we won’t move forward.  We can take time to think but eventually if we want to move ahead we will have to choose.  We are certainly smart enough and capable of choosing well but if we aren’t sure about what we’re doing we may pause for a time.  A pause may be helpful but it is never a full stop.  We can evaluate what’s before us and decide.  Nothing is permanent in life and if the choice we make doesn’t work out, we may choose again.  There are always many options for our decisions and if we carefully and courageously evaluate them we will make the best choice possible.

Life is fluid and every day brings change.  What looks solid and sure one day may seem different going forward.  We can’t read the future and there is never any way to know everything about every situation.  When we make decisions we can only work with what’s available to us.  If we don’t get all the information our choice will be affected.  If our decisions falter because things are different than they seemed or something changes we can find another way forward.  There are few things that can’t be fixed or re-directed and we can be confident in revising our way if needed.

Fear can be a paralyzing factor if we must make a choice we are unsure of.  If the results of our decision are far reaching or will affect others we may hesitate.  Even if the situation is extreme and we can’t know all the parameters, we can still choose wisely.  We have all the tools we need to look at the situation clearly and objectively and decide on the best way forward.  We can be confident in our ability to choose wisely and move forward with the assurance that we have done our best.  If modifications need to be made later, we can make them.

Today if you’re facing a decision and you are hesitating because you aren’t sure, look at all the options available to you.  Evaluate your way forward and make the best choice you can.  If things change you can navigate a new path and find your way.  You have all the wisdom and insight you need to choose well.  Trust yourself and step forward.