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New Beginning

11 Jun

Our lives change a little every day.  When we’re on the roads we want to travel and pushing forward to complete goals we want to accomplish we feel confident and happy with the direction we’re moving.  Our lives are always in our control and no matter where we are or what we’re doing we can change them any time we want to.  Sometimes we see our lives with new perspective and what has been working fine no longer feels right.  We feel differently about the road we’ve been on and decide it’s time to adjust the way forward to a new destination.  Maybe we want a new location where we can start again in a fresh environment with new people and new places to explore.  Maybe the goals we’ve been working toward aren’t as important anymore and we want to do something else.  Life is all about change.  Everything around us changes constantly and we change right along with it.  Sometimes the changes are subtle and we don’t notice them at first but then what used to fit feels off somehow and we know it’s time to move on to something new.  There are unlimited possibilities everywhere and nothing is out of reach.  We can redirect the way forward, make any changes we desire and create a new situation that is more satisfying and fulfilling.  The whole world is there for us.  We can take the first step onto a new road and bravely chart a new course.  There isn’t anything we can’t do.  Our lives are ours to design and we can change anything at any time.

Familiarity is comfortable and it can be intimidating to leave it behind.  When we know the road well and those who are traveling with us, it’s easy to continue on and keep things the same.  Transitions bring with them all kinds of new challenges and experiences and we never know what lies ahead.  But we are strong enough and courageous enough to step into the unknown and move onto a path that takes us somewhere new.  There are endless new experiences waiting for us.  We have everything we need to change things up and find success.  All options are possible and we can make them ours.

Foreign territory is only foreign until we make it ours.  There’s a first time for everything and once we take the first steps into something new we open the doors to endless possibilities and chances for success we may never have seen before.  We can try new things, go to new places, and make the unknown ours.  When we expand our sphere of exposure, we expand our thinking and begin to see the world more completely.  We have great potential and are capable of accomplishing incredible things.  We have everything we need to go anywhere and reach any goal we choose.

Today if you feel like it’s time for a change but aren’t sure about leaving what you know, remember how strong and capable you are.  You can move into uncharted territory and make it yours.  Every possibility is there for you and nothing is out of reach.  Move forward, open all the doors, take a chance and see everything possible.  There is greatness in you and nothing is out of reach.  The whole world is there for you.  Every success is possible and you can reach it.


Moving On

11 Jul

There are all kinds of people in the world. Some embellish our lives and bring us fun and happiness. Others may bring complication and drama. There are limitless experiences and we might face times when we get hurt because of our association with someone. The human race is a mixed bag and from day to day we never know what we’re going to see. When we have painful experiences with others and are hurt deeply we may want to get as far from them as possible, and sometimes we can do that. But if we must continue to interact with them because of professional alliances or personal connections we can’t break such as family relationships, it may be hard when they are near us. If the pain is raw it may be difficult to breathe when they appear and very hard to navigate the situation. Even if we’ve been successful in staying away from them for a time, if they unexpectedly re-enter our circle it may be hard to get through. The memory of the pain from our previous experience may come flooding back and we may feel we’re suffering through it all again. Even if it feels we’re right back where we were it’s only an illusion triggered by memory. We can take a breath and remember how far we’ve come. We need not re-live anything that is painful and if old feelings wash over us we can see them objectively and let them go. Old wounds always heal if we let them and memories only have the power we give them. We have so much to offer and can keep moving forward no matter what has passed. Each day brings a new promise and we can create happy and successful lives going forward.

Deception is a destructive tool. It can be used to create convincing mirages that mislead us. If others use deception to pull us in we may find ourselves walking foreign territory, unsure of what is real and where to go. Often there is much confusion and misdirection but we may miss the cues if we value those leading us along. When the deception is revealed, as it inevitably will be, we may feel lost or shame that we fell for the lie. But there is no fault when we have faith and believe in others. The blame and responsibility belong to those who deceive and not those who are taken in.

Honesty is an all or nothing position. We’re either honest or we aren’t. There is no sliding scale or gray area. When we are honest in all our dealings our lives are easier to manage and clearly understood by those around us. If we manipulate the truth to suit our needs, or pretend to be something we aren’t, in time our deception will be uncovered. Hurting others through deception will never bring us lasting happiness. It’s far better to live cleanly and openly, even when the truth is difficult. Using dishonest plans, following those who deceive or reshaping what is real to fit our personal desires will only bring us hardship. We can live noble and honest lives and choose what is best at every turn and when we do we’ll find lasting happiness.

Today if you must face a situation that carries with it bad memories from the past, remember who you are and how far you’ve come. You are strong and resilient and capable of living an excellent and successful life. The past is behind you and has no power over your future. Go forward with confidence. There isn’t anything you can’t do.

Into the Unknown

24 Jul

What if someone offered you anything you wanted if you would do something for them?  The catch was they wouldn’t tell you what you had to do until after you agreed to doing it.  Would you take that leap?  Would you risk it to get to the prize?  It’s impossible to know what lies ahead in our lives.  We try to set things up so we feel safe, but sometimes we’re faced with a situation where we have to go forward into the unknown.  It’s disconcerting not to know where a journey is taking us, or what will happen when we get there.  It might be a great surprise that will bring us joy, or it might go the other way.   The routines of our lives give us the illusion of security, but really nothing is guaranteed.  Although it may be unsettling to do something completely new and strange, it can enhance our experiences.  If we only do the same things every day we don’t get the chance to stretch.  And stretching teaches us about life.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to take on dramatic changes in our lives.  Perhaps we are offered a new job that’s a step up, but is in a new location far different from where we’ve ever been before.  Maybe it’s an opportunity to travel to a strange and distant place where customs are vastly different from our personal experiences.  Or perhaps it’s the chance to be involved with others whose beliefs and lifestyles are extraordinarily different than our own.  Experiences like these may be foreign to us, and may cause us some discomfort as we go through them.  But if we allow ourselves the opportunity to venture into the unknown, we may learn things about ourselves and others that will be valuable.

One time I was asked to volunteer for an event at the local arena.  I didn’t know what was scheduled for that night, but I agreed to help out.  When I showed up, I discovered the event was extremely foreign to me, and the attendees were unlike anyone I was accustomed to interacting with.  I was assigned to work the concession stand for the evening with several others.  It was  interesting, and unusual to work with people who were so different than me.  Afterward I reflected on the experience.  I was way out of my comfort zone, and yet it had been rewarding.  I learned a lot about myself and those I interacted with.

Today if you’re offered the opportunity to do something you’ve never done before, something that may be somewhat unsettling, think about it before you say no.  There is a lot to be gained by stretching our experiences into areas that are unusual for us.  Try something new.  It will enhance your understanding of life, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn about yourself.  This life is an adventure.  Today, stretch it a little.   Step into the unknown and take a look from the other side.  Your perspective will be enriched in ways you cannot imagine.