Coming Back

1 Feb

When we think about a perfect life, we may imagine an existence filled with ease and pleasure where nothing goes wrong, and we are continually happy. It’s a nice dream and there are times when we all wish things were easier and we didn’t have to struggle. Life is our testing ground and teacher, and it isn’t always easy. It’s filled with experiences and challenges that may be very difficult and sometimes feel like they’ll break us. People make decisions that hurt us, our plans fall through, our hearts get broken, and we fall down. When we’re going through an extremely difficult time, and feel overwhelmed and broken, it’s can be hard to see how we’ll get through, much less prevail. We may feel beset by trouble and wonder why it’s happening to us. Although we may feel singled out, everyone suffers at some point. Nobody always gets a paved road ahead. There are obstacles and trials for us all. How we get through them defines where we go and what happens next. We don’t need to hide or run for cover. We already have everything we need inside us to get through anything we must. If we’re facing serious difficulty and grief and despair overcome us, we may believe we are ruined and will not recover, but that will never be true. All the answers will always be there for us and we will find them. If we need to, we can take our time and sit for a while until we know how we want to proceed. Every experience teaches us something new and changes us in some way, and even if we’re devastated, we have all the courage and wisdom necessary to get through. We may have to go far from our comfort zones, but there will always be a way back. Life is complex and we never know what will happen next, but whatever comes, we will prevail. Nothing is powerful enough to hold us down forever. We are strong and wise, and will find our way.

When we’ve been on a long, exhausting trip, it’s wonderful to get back home. We can unpack all the luggage, put everything away, and finally relax. It can feel the same after a serious challenge or trial. After the storm, the air will clear, the tension will release, and we will be renewed. The things we’ve learned will move forward with us and help us with whatever comes next, and we’ll be stronger and wiser for the struggle.

Life will take us to places we don’t dream we will go. We are not stagnant and everything we experience changes us in some way. Once we’ve stepped onto foreign ground and faced unexpected challenges, everything will be different. We will still be who we are but will grow in new ways that move us forward. Where we go from there is up to us. We can embrace what’s happened, understand what we’ve learned, and take the best lessons forward. Every dream will still be possible, and with focus and clarity, we can have the lives we want the most.

Today if you’re facing a very difficult challenge and feel crushed and overwhelmed, trust yourself. You’ve already overcome serious problems and prevailed. Stand strong and look ahead. All the answers are there for you, and you will find them. You are amazing and nothing can keep you from success. Be confident. Every dream is still possible and you will make them yours.


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