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Distant Shore

22 Mar

Disappointments and heartache are common experiences in life. They happen to everyone and can be devastating when they come to us. It can be hard to look forward and see anything in front of us when our hearts are broken or we have to face a terrible setback. Plans for our next step may elude us as we grapple with what has happened and try to find our footing. When the pain is great it may be hard to see ahead and all we can think about is making the hurt go away. It can feel like being stranded at sea unable to see land anywhere. We know there is a distant shore out there somewhere but we have no idea how to reach it. When all our plans have disintegrated and our lives feel foreign and out of control it’s hard to find the way forward. Life is all about change and even if we can’t see a future when we’re grieving over something that has devastated us, it’s still there. We will never be left without a shore waiting for us. It may be in the distance and we may need time to find our way to it, but it will always be there waiting for us to arrive. Even if we feel completely lost and alone, even if we don’t know how we’re going to get through, we will find a way. Tomorrow will come and what we’re facing today will change. We can take small steps forward until we feel confident again and are able to see the road ahead. We can stand tall in the midst of despair and look forward. There will always be another road waiting to take us where we want to go. We are strong enough and brave enough, and we have enough wisdom and intelligence to figure out anything that comes. We have all the power we need to overcome anything and we will prevail.

When our circumstances turn and we’re suddenly in a foreign and uncomfortable situation, it may be unsettling and difficult. There may be times when everything we counted on changes and suddenly we’re facing new and uncharted territory. It’s hard to feel confident when we’re in a new set of parameters and aren’t sure which way is up. But we can understand new situations and learn our way around anything that happens. We can trust ourselves to unravel even the most complicated issues and figure out what to do next.

Sorrow is an intense emotion that may overwhelm us. We may feel paralyzed by our misery and believe we’ll be stuck forever. But nothing in life is truly permanent. Everything is always changing and when we’re ready we will find our way again. Disappointments will come but we have everything we need to face whatever life brings. There will always be a way forward and we will find the roads that will take us to success.

Today if you’re heartbroken and devastated and feel like you’ll never be whole again, trust yourself. You’ve overcome many difficult complications already and you will prevail. There isn’t anything strong enough or powerful enough to hold you down. You are amazing and can do anything. Be patient and take courage. Everything you need is there for you. The shore is waiting and you will find it. Take a step forward. Happiness is just ahead.


Bright Lights

1 Sep

We try to make good decisions most of the time. We weigh the options, think about results, and try to plan for the best outcomes. Most of the time. Sometimes when we’re in a rush and things are pressing on us we may make a decision out of desperation that takes us somewhere we aren’t happy about. Of course we can always change course and correct the situation but the detour may take time and keep us from where we want to go. When we’re in a dark room it’s hard to find anything and we may trip on something we can’t see. When there’s little light we have to rely on our instincts and try to navigate through without getting hurt. Just like being in a dark room if we make decisions without all the facts we may trip and fall. If we can’t see well, we may stumble and choose a path that doesn’t work. To make our best decisions we need to see everything possible and turn on all the lights. It’s amazing how different things look in the light if we’ve been traveling in the dark. Light clarifies our path and shows us everything that may trip us. We have the power to turn the lights on before we decide by stopping and waiting for the situation to clear. Most decisions can withstand the time it takes for us to get the information we need to choose well. Taking a little more time instead of rushing will help us make the best decisions we can and have the best chance of taking us to where we really want to go.

When we’re in the process of making an important decision there are sometimes others involved. They may have their own personal ideas about how things should go and what we should do, and they may try to influence us. Some people have their own agendas and may try to pressure us into choosing what benefits them. We may get all kinds of advice about what we should or shouldn’t do. We can listen to everyone else’s opinion if we like and we can weigh all the possibilities but in the end if the decision is ours we can do what we feel is best. We know where we want to go and how we want things to be. We can listen to other ideas and still choose what is best for us.

Sometimes we may make a decision in a situation that is unclear because we are pressured to move quickly. If we don’t have enough time to see clearly we may choose something that doesn’t work out. Nobody makes bad decisions on purpose thinking they will take them to success. If we’ve made a bad choice in a rush, and can now see clearly where we faltered we can go back and correct our course. Nothing is permanent in life and everything can be changed. There isn’t anything we can’t change if we want to badly enough. Bright lights are needed to make the best decisions. We can turn the light all the way up by taking our time and getting the facts first. We are smart enough and wise enough to make good choices, and we can take the time we need to ensure we do.

Today if you feel pressure to make a decision but aren’t sure, take a step back and see the facts clearly. Take the time you need to ensure your decision takes you exactly where you want to go. Turn the lights all the way up so you can see the road ahead. You will choose well and find your way. You have everything you need to succeed.

Stop Signs

22 Apr

When we’re out driving around we sometimes we come upon stop signs.  When we reach one, no matter how much of a hurry we’re in or how empty the road ahead appears, we need to stop.  We don’t have to stop for long but we have to stop completely.  If we don’t think anyone is looking and we don’t see other cars around, if we’re in a rush we might just drive through.  Unfortunately we can’t see everything and if a police officer sees us disregard the sign, or an unexpected car is suddenly in front of us, our delay working out the complications may take a lot longer than if we had only stopped to begin with.  Stop signs are important and although we need to stop when we come upon them, we don’t have to stop forever.  It’s for just a moment and then we can proceed forward.  Sometimes in our lives we reach situations that cause us to stop.  They might be unexpected developments or disappointments, changes in our plans, or events that stop us in our tracks.  If they are far reaching, when we stop for them we might feel we can’t go forward again.  But no matter what stops us, even if it’s extreme, it’s not permanent.  We can take time to adjust to the situation, review our options, and find the way forward.

When we’re going through our days and getting things done, we don’t want anything to prevent our progress.  We know what we need to do and want to complete it with the least resistance possible.  But we don’t live on the earth alone and are subject to all kinds of outside forces all the time.  Other people’s decisions may impact us, unforeseen developments may arise, and even the weather can stop us in our tracks.  We can’t predict anything and when complications arise that prevent us from going forward we have no choice but to stop.  But just like stop signs, it’s not a permanent stop.  We can come up with a new plan, find a new path, and continue on.

If we’re stopped by a situation that is completely unexpected and disappointing, after we stop we might feel stuck.  We may be hurt, or confused by something that’s happened, or our plans may have gone up in smoke.  If those plans were very important to us, it can be hard to overcome the disappointment when they are no longer viable.  If we think the original plan is absolutely the only way forward, we might come to a full stop and have no idea what to do.  But there is no one way to do anything.  There are always options and if we allow ourselves to explore all possibilities, we will find an alternate way forward.  Nothing in this life is permanent.  Everything changes every day.  Even if what we really want is no longer possible, we can adjust and find another way forward.  Our lives are important and we can manage anything that comes to us, even stop signs.  There is nothing strong enough to hold us in place forever.  We have the power to keep moving and choose another road.

Today if something has caused you to stop moving forward as planned, take a moment to think about your options.  There are lots of other roads right in front of you and you can make them yours.  You already know where you want to go.  Choose another path and start again.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  You will find success on any road you choose.