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A Little Longer

14 Apr

Life can be difficult and we may face very trying times. Our plans may fail, things may go wrong, we might be impacted by someone’s else’s bad decisions, or we may be held in place because of a difficult or dangerous situation. It can be exhausting to try to accomplish our goals when we’re stuck. We can try different things in an attempt to move forward, and we may make some headway but it may be very difficult. Getting to our desired destination may take far longer than we’re comfortable with and if we tire of the struggle, we may decide the goal isn’t worth all the effort, and simply give up. We may feel it’s too hard to keep pushing against the blockade and decide to quit. We can always change our plans and stop any journey we’re on, but if the goal is important to us and we still want it, we can hold on a little longer. Nothing in life is permanent, and no matter where we are or what’s going on, it will eventually change. No detour lasts forever, and when the situation modifies, the doors ahead will open again. While we wait, we can prepare for our next steps and be ready to jump forward when the storm passes. The way forward will still be there waiting for us. Lots of things may block us from time to time, and we may not be able to achieve our goals the way we first thought we would, but a different road can still take us to success. We are smart and capable, and can be patient enough to plan for the journey when it becomes available again. Nothing can keep us from our goals indefinitely. We will be able to move ahead and succeed. All our dreams are possible and with determination, and focus, we will make them ours.

We make lots of good decisions, and can often move forward as planned. But nobody is perfect, and if the information we have isn’t accurate, or we don’t have all the facts about the road ahead, we may get tangled up and lose our way. Change is constant, and we never know what will happen. We can’t always see the end of the road from the beginning, and sometimes things won’t go as planned. If we’re flexible and patient, no matter how convoluted or confusing things get, we will find the way ahead. The goal will be possible, and we will reach it.

Some goals take a long time to accomplish. If they are very complex, they may require a lot of planning and preparation. If we miss a step or something unexpected happens, we may find we have to change direction, or move in reverse to get back on track. There is no rush to reach success. We can take things as they come, and wisely choose our next move. Every goal is there for us, and we can trust ourselves to find the way forward. With patience and determination, we will prevail.

Today if the road you’ve been on is blocked, and you’re tired of struggling to reach a particular goal, decide what you want the most. You are strong and capable, and even if things get complicated and difficult, you can hold on a little longer. There isn’t anything out of reach. Choose your next steps carefully. Every dream is there for you, and nothing can keep you from success. Trust yourself. You know what you want, and you will have it.

Bright Lights

1 Sep

We try to make good decisions most of the time. We weigh the options, think about results, and try to plan for the best outcomes. Most of the time. Sometimes when we’re in a rush and things are pressing on us we may make a decision out of desperation that takes us somewhere we aren’t happy about. Of course we can always change course and correct the situation but the detour may take time and keep us from where we want to go. When we’re in a dark room it’s hard to find anything and we may trip on something we can’t see. When there’s little light we have to rely on our instincts and try to navigate through without getting hurt. Just like being in a dark room if we make decisions without all the facts we may trip and fall. If we can’t see well, we may stumble and choose a path that doesn’t work. To make our best decisions we need to see everything possible and turn on all the lights. It’s amazing how different things look in the light if we’ve been traveling in the dark. Light clarifies our path and shows us everything that may trip us. We have the power to turn the lights on before we decide by stopping and waiting for the situation to clear. Most decisions can withstand the time it takes for us to get the information we need to choose well. Taking a little more time instead of rushing will help us make the best decisions we can and have the best chance of taking us to where we really want to go.

When we’re in the process of making an important decision there are sometimes others involved. They may have their own personal ideas about how things should go and what we should do, and they may try to influence us. Some people have their own agendas and may try to pressure us into choosing what benefits them. We may get all kinds of advice about what we should or shouldn’t do. We can listen to everyone else’s opinion if we like and we can weigh all the possibilities but in the end if the decision is ours we can do what we feel is best. We know where we want to go and how we want things to be. We can listen to other ideas and still choose what is best for us.

Sometimes we may make a decision in a situation that is unclear because we are pressured to move quickly. If we don’t have enough time to see clearly we may choose something that doesn’t work out. Nobody makes bad decisions on purpose thinking they will take them to success. If we’ve made a bad choice in a rush, and can now see clearly where we faltered we can go back and correct our course. Nothing is permanent in life and everything can be changed. There isn’t anything we can’t change if we want to badly enough. Bright lights are needed to make the best decisions. We can turn the light all the way up by taking our time and getting the facts first. We are smart enough and wise enough to make good choices, and we can take the time we need to ensure we do.

Today if you feel pressure to make a decision but aren’t sure, take a step back and see the facts clearly. Take the time you need to ensure your decision takes you exactly where you want to go. Turn the lights all the way up so you can see the road ahead. You will choose well and find your way. You have everything you need to succeed.

The Waiting Game

1 Jun

Have you ever had to wait for a long time for something to happen, for something to arrive, or for someone to change? Have you ever waited for a long, long time for something you’ve been hoping for? If you have, you know how hard it can be. It’s hard to be patient for a long time. It’s hard to believe for a long time. It’s hard to wait, and wait, hoping that things will work out, and what you want will come to you. And as you wait, there will be those around you who will offer you advice. Some will support you, and others will tell you to stop. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else says. You’re waiting because it’s important to you. So you continue.

We only have control over what we do. We can’t control what others do, we can’t control what comes to us, and we don’t have the power to change everything. We only have the power to change ourselves. When we are waiting for someone else to do something, or for a situation to change that involves others, it can be very hard.

Waiting is a difficult game. It requires patience, stamina, and faith. We have to believe that what we’re waiting for will actually come to us. Otherwise there is no way to hold on. But if we really believe the change will come, that it will resolve the way we hope it will, we can manage it. If we really believe what we’re waiting for is worth it, we can hold on. We can wait a little longer.

But if the wait is too long, we may lose faith. If there is no way for us to make things happen, to make things work out, and nothing changes, we may give up. We may decide it’s no longer worth the fight. It’s no longer worth the struggle. We may decide to let the dream go. It hurts to let go, but after a time, if we’re sure we’ve done everything we could, and still nothing has changed, it may be time to reconsider. It may be time to change course.

Today if you’ve been waiting for something for a long time, take a moment to think about what you want most. Do you want to continue to hold on? Do you still believe what you’re hoping for is worth the struggle? Or will today be the day you decide to change things? If you decide to continue to wait, be strong. You’ve come this far, and this is just one more day. But if today is the day you let it go, be brave. Take a deep breath, and make a new plan. Whatever you choose, if you believe in what you’re doing, you’ll handle whatever comes. So, in or out, the path is yours to choose. Choose the path you want most. You deserve to be happy. Choose the path that will make you happy.