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Spreading it Around

1 Nov

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan and sometimes we end up in places we never wanted to go.  There may be problems, obstacles, complications, unforeseen situations and a thousand other things that go wrong.  When we’re in a difficult situation and unhappy, as we struggle with what has happened and try to figure out where to go next we may be quite unhappy.  We may share our discomfort and unhappiness with others around us.  We might gripe, complain, find fault or other expressions of our misery.  It may feel good to share our trouble with others but bringing them down because we feel bad will never help us find the way out.  There are no answers to be found in spreading misery around.  They say misery loves company and in some ways that’s true.  It can feel better to know everyone else is suffering right along with us but there is a quicker way to find peace.  If we set our problems aside for a moment and focus on what is going right in our lives we can regroup and see the issues we’re facing more objectively.  There will unlikely be a time in our lives when everything is going wrong.  Most often when we’re navigating difficulty in one area of our lives, we are succeeding at something else at the same time.  If we can step back and see everything clearly, and acknowledge what we are doing well in the midst of duress, our way forward will be clearer.  We are capable of managing anything that comes to us.  We can accept challenges and find solutions.  There isn’t anything we can’t overcome.  Every success will come to us and we can face trouble confidently and peacefully.

Some people aren’t happy and complain constantly.  If the weather is beautiful, they complain because there is no rain.  If they succeed in a project they’ve been working on, they complain because it took longer than they planned.  If they win a race, they complain because they are sore.  If we look for something to complain about we will always find it.  But along with all the things that go wrong, there are many things that go well.  Instead of looking for what failed, we will be happier if we look at what worked.  Lots of things go right for us.  Recognizing them and embracing them will bring us peace and a happier perception of our lives.

If we’ve suffered through several disappointments one after the other, we may begin to believe we are somehow cursed.  We might think no matter what we do we will never win.  Repeated disappointments are difficult and it can be hard to stay positive when things go wrong again and again.  But if we focus on the big picture and look back at how far we’ve come already instead of only looking forward to how far we have yet to go, we will find comfort.  We have the potential for great success but we must continue forward in order to reach it.  We are wise and capable, and can do anything we desire.  We can be confident and strong going forward and we will reach every destination.

Today if you’re facing a big disappointment and you feel unhappy and unsuccessful, stop and look back at the road behind you.  You’ve already accomplished so much.  You can do anything.  Be confident.  You will reach success no matter what stands in the way.  The world belongs to you and you will reach every destination you desire.

Options Options

7 Apr

When we’re facing big decisions there are often options from which to choose.  There is rarely only one way to move forward successfully and we may choose any path we like.  There may be times when the decision we choose will be critical, and other times when it really doesn’t matter which path we choose so long as we get to the destination.  If we struggle with decisions and there are a lot of options it may take us some time to discern what we want to do.  Every decision we make will have a result and we want to ensure the results we get are what we’re seeking.  Even if time is a factor and we feel pressed we can review our options carefully and choose the best plan for our needs.  When we are thoughtful and careful it’s easy to imagine everything will go as planned and often that’s the case.  But sometimes, no matter how much we prepare or how carefully we choose, things will go awry.  Life is unpredictable and nobody can read the future.  If the bottom falls out and we discover we’re somewhere we never wanted to go we can turn our course and choose again.  There will always be choices to make and options available to us.  We have everything we need to make wise decisions and we can face anything that comes.  If complications arise, we will manage them.  If everything goes south, we will look to the north and find our way again.

Decisions come easily for some people. They are able to see things quickly and objectively and simply choose the way forward.  For others, fear of the unknown or risk of making a mistake may cause hesitation.  We can take time if we need to evaluate our choices and determine where they will take us.  We can step back and think about exactly what we’re trying to accomplish and review every possibility.  But we cannot think about the decision indefinitely.  The only way forward is to actually step on the path and move forward.  Indecision will only bring confusion and paralysis.  We can confidently see all our options and make good, wise, strong choices for where we want to go.

If we are heavily influenced by those around us or there are others with strong opinions about what we should do we may feel we must go along even if it’s not what we really want.  If we agree with someone else’s ideas and allow them to choose for us the results of that choice will be our responsibility as well as theirs.  We can’t blame others when we make choices out of pressure or influence.  The choice belongs to us.  If things go wrong, we are responsible.  We can hear other opinions and we can listen to all viewpoints, but in the end the decisions we make belong to us.  We can choose carefully and wisely and when we do we will prevail.

Today if you have a decision you must make and you aren’t sure which way to go, weigh all the options and see all the possibilities.  Listen to those around you and get advice if you need it.  Then make the best decision going forward. You have everything you need to prevail.  You are strong and capable and you will find the best way.

The Way Out

3 Feb

We make millions and millions of decisions as we go through our lives and many times our choices take us exactly where we want to go and everything works out.  But there will inevitably be times when we make a bad decision that brings us disharmony, pain or confusion.  There are limitless reasons why this may happen.  Maybe we didn’t have all the facts beforehand, maybe we chose out of anger, maybe we got lost, or any of a number of other reasons.  No matter what caused the bad decision, once we’re in it and realize we’re headed for trouble we may look for a way out.  We might try to find an escape hatch to let us step away before everything falls in.  The desire to escape when trouble is on the horizon is a normal response to threat and if we know disaster is just ahead we may try to divert our course, hide behind something else, or pretend we aren’t involved.  Even if we’re successful in escaping the first wave of trouble, if we caused it, it will catch up to us eventually.  We can look for a way out but the only real way through our problems is to face them head on, and walk right through them.  It will take determination and it may take courage, but there isn’t anything we can’t manage and no problem we can’t solve.  We can admit to our part in the problem and then begin to do what is needed to correct our way forward.  Happiness comes when we live our lives effectively and purposefully.  We all make mistakes and when they result in additional problems we can do what we must to fix them.

Some people hide when they make choices that bring hardship.  They may pretend they weren’t involved, deny their participation, or ignore the problems that arise.  We can dodge the truth but the truth is what is real and will always surface.  If we deceivingly deny our part in the issue we may lose the respect of those around us and create more complications.  It’s best to step forward and honestly admit what we’ve done, and then work to correct the situation.  Everyone makes mistakes but there are no mistakes so terrible we can’t face them.  We have all the courage and wisdom we need to correct our course and turn onto the right path going forward.

If we’re in situations where the choices we need to make are unclear, we can wait until we get the information we need.  We don’t have to rush into decisions if we aren’t ready.  We can prepare ourselves before we decide.  All the information we need to choose wisely is available and we can take time to find it before we make our choice.  We are in control of our actions and even if there is pressure to hurry, if we are not ready to move forward we can step back until we feel confident.  We know how to make good decisions and we are wise enough to choose well.  Success if often a matter of timing.  We can take our time and make the best decisions possible.

Today if you’ve made a mistake and the results are troublesome and difficult, do what you must to fix the situation and move forward with confidence.  If you have a big decision pending and aren’t sure which way to go, take the time you need to get the information that will help you decide.  You have everything you need to make excellent choices.  You are wise and thoughtful and you will choose well.

Bright Lights

1 Sep

We try to make good decisions most of the time. We weigh the options, think about results, and try to plan for the best outcomes. Most of the time. Sometimes when we’re in a rush and things are pressing on us we may make a decision out of desperation that takes us somewhere we aren’t happy about. Of course we can always change course and correct the situation but the detour may take time and keep us from where we want to go. When we’re in a dark room it’s hard to find anything and we may trip on something we can’t see. When there’s little light we have to rely on our instincts and try to navigate through without getting hurt. Just like being in a dark room if we make decisions without all the facts we may trip and fall. If we can’t see well, we may stumble and choose a path that doesn’t work. To make our best decisions we need to see everything possible and turn on all the lights. It’s amazing how different things look in the light if we’ve been traveling in the dark. Light clarifies our path and shows us everything that may trip us. We have the power to turn the lights on before we decide by stopping and waiting for the situation to clear. Most decisions can withstand the time it takes for us to get the information we need to choose well. Taking a little more time instead of rushing will help us make the best decisions we can and have the best chance of taking us to where we really want to go.

When we’re in the process of making an important decision there are sometimes others involved. They may have their own personal ideas about how things should go and what we should do, and they may try to influence us. Some people have their own agendas and may try to pressure us into choosing what benefits them. We may get all kinds of advice about what we should or shouldn’t do. We can listen to everyone else’s opinion if we like and we can weigh all the possibilities but in the end if the decision is ours we can do what we feel is best. We know where we want to go and how we want things to be. We can listen to other ideas and still choose what is best for us.

Sometimes we may make a decision in a situation that is unclear because we are pressured to move quickly. If we don’t have enough time to see clearly we may choose something that doesn’t work out. Nobody makes bad decisions on purpose thinking they will take them to success. If we’ve made a bad choice in a rush, and can now see clearly where we faltered we can go back and correct our course. Nothing is permanent in life and everything can be changed. There isn’t anything we can’t change if we want to badly enough. Bright lights are needed to make the best decisions. We can turn the light all the way up by taking our time and getting the facts first. We are smart enough and wise enough to make good choices, and we can take the time we need to ensure we do.

Today if you feel pressure to make a decision but aren’t sure, take a step back and see the facts clearly. Take the time you need to ensure your decision takes you exactly where you want to go. Turn the lights all the way up so you can see the road ahead. You will choose well and find your way. You have everything you need to succeed.


4 Sep

When we make decisions and decide we want to do something, there are times when those around us may not agree.  They might not like the decision we’re making or they may think they have a better idea.  We can certainly listen to their opinions, but if we decide the decision is right for us, we are free to hold to it.  Only we know what we want most, and where we want to go.  Others around us, even those who know us well, will never know everything we know about ourselves.  So our decisions are important.  We can make them and stick with them, even if everyone else disagrees.

Our lives are precious and each day we live we choose what we will do, where we will go, and how we will act.  It’s all up to us.  We are influenced by circumstances and those around us, but still we can decide what we’ll do.  Of course, there are some limitations due to the responsibilities we carry.  If we have a job we may not be able to go to the golf course all day.  If we have important commitments, we will have to work around them.  But even with those encumbrances, we still have a lot of freedom to make decisions.  If we are wise, and make our choices based on what’s best for us and what we want most, we will go forward the way we want to.

Everyone has opinions and those close to us sometimes feel they know better than we do what’s best for us.  There is no denying that we make mistakes in judgment from time to time, and if we’re really going the wrong way, we may be cautioned by those who care about us.  We can listen to their warnings and their advice, and if we want something nobody else can see, we can still make the decision.  We are capable of understanding our lives and where our decisions will take us.  If we falter, we’ll correct our course.  Nothing is permanent, and corrections in our direction are always possible.

Today if you’ve made a decision that others don’t agree with, listen to their comments and decide what you want to do most.  If you still believe your decision is the right path for you, stick with it.  You are able to make wise decisions, and if you make a mistake, you will correct it.   You have everything you need to go forward with confidence.  Be bold and be brave.  You can choose anything you want, and you can succeed.