Options Options

7 Apr

When we’re facing big decisions there are often options from which to choose.  There is rarely only one way to move forward successfully and we may choose any path we like.  There may be times when the decision we choose will be critical, and other times when it really doesn’t matter which path we choose so long as we get to the destination.  If we struggle with decisions and there are a lot of options it may take us some time to discern what we want to do.  Every decision we make will have a result and we want to ensure the results we get are what we’re seeking.  Even if time is a factor and we feel pressed we can review our options carefully and choose the best plan for our needs.  When we are thoughtful and careful it’s easy to imagine everything will go as planned and often that’s the case.  But sometimes, no matter how much we prepare or how carefully we choose, things will go awry.  Life is unpredictable and nobody can read the future.  If the bottom falls out and we discover we’re somewhere we never wanted to go we can turn our course and choose again.  There will always be choices to make and options available to us.  We have everything we need to make wise decisions and we can face anything that comes.  If complications arise, we will manage them.  If everything goes south, we will look to the north and find our way again.

Decisions come easily for some people. They are able to see things quickly and objectively and simply choose the way forward.  For others, fear of the unknown or risk of making a mistake may cause hesitation.  We can take time if we need to evaluate our choices and determine where they will take us.  We can step back and think about exactly what we’re trying to accomplish and review every possibility.  But we cannot think about the decision indefinitely.  The only way forward is to actually step on the path and move forward.  Indecision will only bring confusion and paralysis.  We can confidently see all our options and make good, wise, strong choices for where we want to go.

If we are heavily influenced by those around us or there are others with strong opinions about what we should do we may feel we must go along even if it’s not what we really want.  If we agree with someone else’s ideas and allow them to choose for us the results of that choice will be our responsibility as well as theirs.  We can’t blame others when we make choices out of pressure or influence.  The choice belongs to us.  If things go wrong, we are responsible.  We can hear other opinions and we can listen to all viewpoints, but in the end the decisions we make belong to us.  We can choose carefully and wisely and when we do we will prevail.

Today if you have a decision you must make and you aren’t sure which way to go, weigh all the options and see all the possibilities.  Listen to those around you and get advice if you need it.  Then make the best decision going forward. You have everything you need to prevail.  You are strong and capable and you will find the best way.

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