The Way Out

3 Feb

We make millions and millions of decisions as we go through our lives and many times our choices take us exactly where we want to go and everything works out.  But there will inevitably be times when we make a bad decision that brings us disharmony, pain or confusion.  There are limitless reasons why this may happen.  Maybe we didn’t have all the facts beforehand, maybe we chose out of anger, maybe we got lost, or any of a number of other reasons.  No matter what caused the bad decision, once we’re in it and realize we’re headed for trouble we may look for a way out.  We might try to find an escape hatch to let us step away before everything falls in.  The desire to escape when trouble is on the horizon is a normal response to threat and if we know disaster is just ahead we may try to divert our course, hide behind something else, or pretend we aren’t involved.  Even if we’re successful in escaping the first wave of trouble, if we caused it, it will catch up to us eventually.  We can look for a way out but the only real way through our problems is to face them head on, and walk right through them.  It will take determination and it may take courage, but there isn’t anything we can’t manage and no problem we can’t solve.  We can admit to our part in the problem and then begin to do what is needed to correct our way forward.  Happiness comes when we live our lives effectively and purposefully.  We all make mistakes and when they result in additional problems we can do what we must to fix them.

Some people hide when they make choices that bring hardship.  They may pretend they weren’t involved, deny their participation, or ignore the problems that arise.  We can dodge the truth but the truth is what is real and will always surface.  If we deceivingly deny our part in the issue we may lose the respect of those around us and create more complications.  It’s best to step forward and honestly admit what we’ve done, and then work to correct the situation.  Everyone makes mistakes but there are no mistakes so terrible we can’t face them.  We have all the courage and wisdom we need to correct our course and turn onto the right path going forward.

If we’re in situations where the choices we need to make are unclear, we can wait until we get the information we need.  We don’t have to rush into decisions if we aren’t ready.  We can prepare ourselves before we decide.  All the information we need to choose wisely is available and we can take time to find it before we make our choice.  We are in control of our actions and even if there is pressure to hurry, if we are not ready to move forward we can step back until we feel confident.  We know how to make good decisions and we are wise enough to choose well.  Success if often a matter of timing.  We can take our time and make the best decisions possible.

Today if you’ve made a mistake and the results are troublesome and difficult, do what you must to fix the situation and move forward with confidence.  If you have a big decision pending and aren’t sure which way to go, take the time you need to get the information that will help you decide.  You have everything you need to make excellent choices.  You are wise and thoughtful and you will choose well.

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