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Happiness 101

2 Mar

Everyone wants a happy life. We want things to go our way, the road ahead to be easy and paved, and everything we work for to come through for us. It’s natural to want things to go well, and oftentimes they do. If we want our lives to be happy, we can try to do what is needed to make that happen, but we aren’t alone here. Our plans can be complicated and interrupted by others around us who may do things that hold us in place or influence us in ways that keep us from moving forward. We may have a relationship with someone who exercises a lot of control over what we do. They may have specific ideas of how our lives should go that conflict with what we really want. If they are important to us, or are very strong and powerful, we may allow them to decide what we’ll do and where we’ll go. We can certainly do anything we like, but if we let someone else drive the train, the chances of ending up where we really want to go are unlikely. Living a life based on someone else’s plans will not bring us true happiness. Our personal happiness is our responsibility. Others cannot provide it for us. Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves and we know what we want, and despite any situation or relationship connection, are always in control of our lives. Others may try to dominate our decisions, and if we let them, decide our next steps. But we are the only ones who know exactly what we want, and can step forward on our own road at any time. The only person who can truly keep us from achieving our personal goals, is us. When we’re ready, we can step forward and move toward the destinations we desire most. We deserve complete and fulfilling happiness, and it’s always there for us when we’re ready to claim it. Every dream is possible, and we can make them ours.

There are a lot of very smart, highly educated people in the world. They know a lot about many things and may be very confident in their advice and personal suggestions. While they may know many things about the world and how it works, nobody can possibly know more about us than we know about ourselves. We already know what we want to do and where we want to go. If we are uncertain, we can ask for advice but in the end the decisions we make are up to us. We can decide how we’ll proceed and what we’ll accomplish and reach any goal we desire.

We may face a time when everything goes wrong, and nothing is working for us. The situation we’re in may make us miserable, and we may struggle to find the way forward. Hard times will certainly come to us all, but nothing stays the same forever. Happiness will never be unattainable indefinitely. We can manage any difficult situation, and when things change, step forward toward the goals we’re seeking. Every possibility will still be there for us and we can achieve any success we desire.

Today if you’re not happy with where you are and want a change, look at all the options available. You know what you want. Decide on the road that will take you to the destinations you desire most, and step forward. Nothing can keep you from success, and all your dreams are possible. Be confident. There is great happiness ahead and you will reach it.


16 Jan

There are a lot of things we may wish for – to win the lottery, to be taller, more attractive, more successful, and dozens of others. We can buy a ticket and try to win the lottery but the odds are heavily stacked against us. We can go to bed at night and hope we’ll wake up taller, more attractive, richer, happier, and anything else we’re wishing for, but the odds of those things happening overnight are even worse. We can wish for anything we want, but wishes are just hopes and desires for things to happen. They have nothing to do with what is needed to actually make them a reality. If we really want something in our lives, the first thing we must do is determine if it’s possible to achieve. Unless we’re still growing, it’s unlikely we’ll get any taller. But most things are achievable. We can stop wishing and turn our wishes into goals. Then we can set up steps to achieve those goals and if we really want to, we can change our lives.

Sometimes we say we want to change something, but when it comes to doing what is needed to facilitate the change, we might decide it’s not worth it. Change always brings with it the need to adjust. The level of adjustment is often directly related to the level of change. If we change our hair color, the adjustment is relatively easy. If we move to another city, the adjustment is more difficult. But if we want change in our lives, we can make it happen. We have the power to change almost anything we’re currently experiencing. If we want to be thinner, we can change our eating habits and get more exercise. If we want to make more money, we can expand our education or look for better job opportunities. If we want to be happier, we can change the things in our lives that are preventing us from feeling better. We can become more successful, and we can be happier. We can move forward by objectively determining what is needed to make the desired change a reality. We are in control of our lives and can make them any way we want.

Sometimes there are things we can’t change right now and must work around. For instance, if we have a responsibility or a job we don’t like but haven’t yet been able to modify the situation or find something new. When that happens, we can be patient and understand our current situation, and work our lives around it so that we can be comfortable until it changes. Nothing is permanent in this life and whatever we’re going through today will eventually change. If we keep our focus looking forward and do our best to find joy even when we aren’t exactly where we want to be, we can navigate our time more easily. Every day is a gift and no matter what we’re doing there are opportunities for growth and happiness. Identifying those opportunities and making the most of them will help us gain as much as possible until we are able to move forward.

Today if you’re wishing your life was different, if you want something more, make a plan to achieve it. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Work around your current situation and prepare for the future you want. You can go anywhere you want to go taking one step at a time. Take the first step today. You’ll be there before you know it.