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Inch by Inch

25 Jul

Most of us strive to do the best we can every day. We try to make good choices and think before we act but sometimes we may get tangled up and due to confusion or frustration don’t make the best decisions. Life is complicated and there are a lot of things going on all the time. Others around us may be making a lot of noise and impacting us in difficult ways that make it hard to think. We may feel pressed for time or pressured to make a decision before we’re ready or we might be tired of trying to figure things out and simply choose the easiest path going forward. It isn’t always easy to do what’s best and sometimes we may take a turn that doesn’t quite go the way we wanted. One bad decision doesn’t determine our future and we can always correct our course. However, if we allow one bad decision to lead to another and then another the road we end up on may be far from where we want to be. If we embellish the truth one time to make things go more smoothly and then embellish again to support our position, one thing may lead to another and after a time our little adjustments to the truth may create a situation that is complicated and difficult. Inch by inch if we manipulate one small thing here and exaggerate one small thing there we may discover we’re going in the opposite direction we wanted to go. It’s not hard for things to get out of control if we aren’t mindful of the road ahead. We are certainly capable of making excellent decisions and can always choose the course we want the most. It’s far easier to make difficult decisions that keep us on track than it is to clean up a convoluted mess. We can decide not to waver when it’s hard to stay true and to take the time we need to make the best choices going forward.

Some people think honesty is fluid and flexible. When difficult situations arise, they may simply make up stories to explain them in an effort to pave the way forward. If they are caught in a lie, they may say they misunderstood and try to smooth things over. We can lie about what’s happening and manipulate every situation we choose but truth cannot be held down indefinitely and will always rise. There is no sliding scale for honesty. Every action we take will reveal the person we truly are. If we want to be noble and true we must hold fast to what is real and live our lives honestly no matter how difficult that may be.

If we find we’ve manipulated a situation out of duress or frustration and don’t want to continue to be dishonest, we can go back and correct our decision. If we see we’ve chosen poorly we can begin again. Others will respect us when we admit our mistake and redirect the way forward. There isn’t anything too complicated for us to figure out and no matter what road we’re on now, if adjustments are needed we can make them.

Today if you realize you’re headed down the wrong road because of decisions you’ve made, correct your way going forward. You know where you want to go and what you want to do. Choose the best path ahead and begin again. Be completely honest and choose wisely. Every goal is there for you and you will be successful. Be wise and you will reach any destination you choose.


14 Apr

We have a lot of decisions to make as we live our lives.  Every day we must make choices about what we’re doing and where we’re going.  Some of them are inconsequential and once we’ve made them we move on.  But others may be difficult to discern and we may struggle trying to figure out the best way forward.  If the question is difficult or requires us to change something in our lives we may get stuck, unable to move as we try to figure out how we want to handle it.  There are few decisions that must be made immediately and have life or death consequences.  Generally we’ll have some time to look at the situation but if we don’t want to make the decision or are concerned about where it will take us we may hesitate.  Taking time to think is always important in making good choices, but hesitation can freeze us in place.  Going backward is never an option and if we can’t make needed decisions we won’t move forward.  We can take time to think but eventually if we want to move ahead we will have to choose.  We are certainly smart enough and capable of choosing well but if we aren’t sure about what we’re doing we may pause for a time.  A pause may be helpful but it is never a full stop.  We can evaluate what’s before us and decide.  Nothing is permanent in life and if the choice we make doesn’t work out, we may choose again.  There are always many options for our decisions and if we carefully and courageously evaluate them we will make the best choice possible.

Life is fluid and every day brings change.  What looks solid and sure one day may seem different going forward.  We can’t read the future and there is never any way to know everything about every situation.  When we make decisions we can only work with what’s available to us.  If we don’t get all the information our choice will be affected.  If our decisions falter because things are different than they seemed or something changes we can find another way forward.  There are few things that can’t be fixed or re-directed and we can be confident in revising our way if needed.

Fear can be a paralyzing factor if we must make a choice we are unsure of.  If the results of our decision are far reaching or will affect others we may hesitate.  Even if the situation is extreme and we can’t know all the parameters, we can still choose wisely.  We have all the tools we need to look at the situation clearly and objectively and decide on the best way forward.  We can be confident in our ability to choose wisely and move forward with the assurance that we have done our best.  If modifications need to be made later, we can make them.

Today if you’re facing a decision and you are hesitating because you aren’t sure, look at all the options available to you.  Evaluate your way forward and make the best choice you can.  If things change you can navigate a new path and find your way.  You have all the wisdom and insight you need to choose well.  Trust yourself and step forward.