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30 Jun

There are endless roads we can travel as we go through our lives.  We can make any decisions we like and choose any way forward.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter which road we choose and other times the choice is critical to where we want to end up.  When we’re facing a lot of options it may be difficult to clarify exactly which way is best and we may seek directions from others.  We may certainly ask for advice at any time and listen to any suggestions we receive.  It’s great to get directions when we need them but we must always remember that in the end, the choice is ours and ours alone.  If we choose a path that was recommended and it takes us somewhere we did not want to go we may be disappointed and have to start again.  If we take someone else’s advice and it turns out badly we may feel they are responsible and blame them for our results.  However, if our choices don’t work out we are the only ones responsible.  Advice is just a suggestion.  If we take it and things go wrong we own not only the decision we made but the results from that decision.  If we end up in the wrong place we can start again and choose another way forward.  We don’t have to stay anywhere we don’t want to be.  We can begin again and turn our course until we reach the destination we desire.  We have unlimited chances to choose and we can find the right road forward.  We have enough confidence and wisdom to make excellent decisions and reach any destination we desire.

Personal inspiration is available to all of us all the time.  We can listen to it, trust ourselves and rely on our ability to choose wisely.  Nobody knows what we want better than we do and even if we get a lot of suggestions about how to achieve it, we can listen to our own inspiration and base our decisions on what we feel is best.  There are unlimited roads we can take, endless turns we can make and countless destinations to reach.  We can define what we want and how we want to achieve it.  We know who we are and have everything we need to design a journey that fits perfectly.

Some people are very strong and determined and may feel they know what we need.  They may tell us which way to go, what to do and how to move forward and we may listen to any suggestion they make.  If they are wise and knowledgeable, their directions may be valuable but we must choose for ourselves.  If we allow others to decide where we’ll go and how we’ll get there we may lose the confidence we need to make good decisions.  We may also end up going places we don’t want to go.  Good advice is a valuable tool we can use when we need it.  There will always be plenty of opinions about how we should live our lives but if we want to find true happiness we must make sure the decisions we make reflect what we want most.  Everything is available to us and we can reach any destination we choose.

Today if you know where you want to go but are confused by directions from others, trust yourself and choose what’s best for you.  You have all the wisdom and inspiration you need to find your way forward.  Be confident and move ahead.  Every destination you desire is there for you.


Mountains Ahead

22 Mar

Every life is filled with challenges and opportunities.  No matter what we accomplish there will always be another mountain ahead waiting for us to climb and as long as we live we will have challenges to overcome.  While we’re busy learning all we can from every experience and trying hard to succeed we may become so focused on the task ahead that our behavior with those around us may suffer.  It’s great to be determined and self-directed but as we travel forward if we cut off those around us and brush them away as we plow ahead we may lose connections we might need in the future.  We may need assistance to overcome an obstacle and if we’ve pushed the person with the answers away in the past they may not be interested in helping us.  Being aware and kind to those around us no matter how focused and busy we are will always be a benefit to us.  Even if we never need their help in the future, the bridges we build by our consideration and respect will be a great support in all our endeavors.  Embracing the friendship of those around us, building relationships and letting others into our lives will be a great benefit and blessing.  We all have so much to offer and even when we’re pushing for success we can share our gifts and allow others to share theirs with us.

In our lives as we travel from one point to the next there will be times when something gets in the way and stops our progress.  Even if what we’re doing is very important if there is a barricade in our path we will not be able to go forward until we find a way around it.  If others have been in the same position they may have valuable information that will help us.  We can be open to asking for help and then listening and taking good advice.  We don’t have to do everything ourselves to be successful and relying on others from time to time is an asset we may draw on.

Sometimes we may believe we are the only ones who know exactly what we need to do and how we need to do it.  It’s good to be confident in our abilities but no matter what we know there will likely be someone else who knows a little more.  If we are receptive to listening when they offer us information and take the time to carefully evaluate their advice we may find an easier way forward than relying solely on our own resources.  Everybody has unique gifts to offer.  Being open to receiving them and allowing new ideas to enter our plans often helps us achieve our goals more efficiently.  We can be confident in our own abilities and still allow the ideas of others to embellish our plans.

Today if you’ve been pushing hard to get to a goal you want to achieve and have brushed past others along the way, remember you can’t know everything.  Others have ideas you haven’t yet considered and allowing them into your life and listening to their advice may give you the boost you’ve been seeking.  You can do anything but you don’t have to do everything alone.  You can listen and see things in new ways and as you do you will build bridges that will help you get to the goal.  Success is always there for you.  Allowing others to join you along the way will help you find it.


1 Mar

There are times in our lives when we may have to do something or face something that seems beyond our ability to manage.  We may be filled with doubt that we can face what’s before us and prevail.  If we let it, doubt may prevent us from believing we can find our way through our difficulties and convince us we will fail.  We may face some very difficult challenges in our lives, and our perseverance and capabilities may be sorely tested.  If we allow doubt to take control before we try to solve the problem the challenge will be even harder.  Nobody is confident about everything and we’ll all face moments we don’t know how to navigate.  There are endless complications that may arise and unexpected developments that may confuse us or completely stop us.  We are always able to face anything that comes to us and we have all the reserves we need to overcome any difficulty.  We may have doubts at the beginning that we will survive, but moment by moment and step by step we’ll find our way.  We learn our most valuable lessons when we are sorely tested.  The opportunities we face that stretch us beyond what we believe we can handle bring us great resilience and power.  Doubts may come but we can overcome them by determining to move forward and working any problem until we find the answers we need.

If what we are facing is something entirely new to us and we don’t have the tools we need to solve it we can seek help from those around us.  Everyone’s life experience is different and the problems we face are unique to each of us. However, there will likely be someone near us who has experienced something like what we’re facing and we may ask them for advice and counsel going forward.  Most people are willing to share their life experiences with us and help us understand situations they have mastered.  We can reach out and ask for help and when we do chances are someone will be there with answers that will help to move us forward.

There really isn’t any problem or complication that will come to us we can’t figure out.  It may take some time to find the answers we need and we may need to reach into places we’ve never been before but we have enough wisdom and courage to do what is needed.  Life teaches us new things every single day.  Sometimes a lesson that seems the most insignificant carries with it the information we need later to solve a complex issue.  If we pay attention to what we’re learning as we move along, when new problems arise we can draw on all the problems we’ve overcome and use the tools we’ve gained to find our way through.  Life is sometimes complicated and unexpected.  We have everything we need to overcome any difficulty and despite doubt we can find our way to the answers we need.

Today if you’re facing a complex issue that seems too difficult and you’re not sure you can overcome it, remember all the times in the past you’ve prevailed.  You can do anything.  The answers are there for you.  Reach beyond the doubt and find them.  You will prevail and move forward.  Success is always there for you and you will reach it.

Big Shoulders

22 Jun

As we go through our lives trouble comes to all of us.  We have the regular aggravations that crop up and there are always some sort of complications as we try to do things.  Sometimes we encounter serious problems that are difficult to navigate and if we have more than one to deal with at once, we can feel beset.  They say that in every life a little rain must fall, but if we’re in a deluge of trouble and struggling to get through, it can be very uncomfortable to navigate.  There is a limitless variety of problems we may encounter.  If we have all the skills we need to solve them we get through them more easily than when we are caught unaware and unprepared.  We can’t read the future and can’t be prepared for everything that comes to us but we can be confident that no matter what it is, no matter how hard it is to overcome, or how complicated it becomes we can find a way through.  Nothing will come to us that we can’t figure out.  It might take some time, and we may feel daunted and confused for a while but we will find our way.  If we are confident and calm there isn’t anything we can’t face.

Sometimes we can sense when problems are going to happen.  Perhaps we notice changes that point to complications coming our way.  Maybe we can try to head them off at the pass and solve the situation before it gets too big.  But sometimes we can’t do anything to stop the issue and have to navigate it when it arrives.  There will almost certainly be other people involved when we face difficult issues and although we may have our ideas about how to go about resolving them, their influence and impact may be significant.  If we can’t agree on how to correct the situation it will take longer to let it go.  But we can be patient and clearly give our opinions and advice.  We may have to compromise our plans but when we find a workable answer everyone can agree on we can move forward.

When we have very difficult personal problems it can be hard to navigate the other arenas of our lives.  If what we’re going through is so painful that we can’t concentrate, finding the solution won’t wait.  Our lives are important and our happiness depends our ability to navigate and resolve whatever is holding us back.  Sometimes we may need to reach out for professional help and we can do that.  Or we might want the advice and counsel of a trusted friend.  We don’t have to face anything alone and if we want help, we can find it.  No matter what comes, there isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t manage.  We are capable of facing even the most difficult of trials, and our shoulders are big enough to carry them.

Today if you’re going through a difficult situation and feel beset by the problem, remember there isn’t anything you can’t do.  You can get help if you need it.  You will find the answers you’re seeking and you will resolve the issue.  You are stronger than you know.  Be confident.  Be brave.  You will prevail.

Falling Up

3 Dec

When we’re busy and in a rush and focused on a goal, if we go too fast we can miss a step, and see nothing but the road ahead. We may ignore those around us, and even push them out of the way.  Maybe in an effort to get our point across in a hurry we interrupt conversations, or leave a situation too quickly. It might work for a while but eventually our negligence may catch up with us. In our rush to get done, or to finish first, we might fall down. There is nothing wrong with trying to accomplish things, or trying to move up in our lives. But if all we see is the destination and fail to notice what’s going on around us, if we don’t see the journey in our rush to get to the end, we’ll miss a lot. We might get done first, and we might beat the clock, but the damage we leave behind may hurt us in the end. Getting to the goal is only one aspect of where we need to concentrate. It’s important to get to the destination effectively, to pay attention, and not leave a trail of destruction behind us.

Nobody knows everything or can foresee the future. When we’re pushing forward, the person blocking our path may be the very one who has the answers we’re looking for. They may know exactly what we need to do and where we should put our best efforts. If we push them aside and rush past, if we don’t listen when they talk to us because we’re sure we already know what to do, the opportunity for their advice will be lost. We don’t really know where our paths will lead us or where we’ll be tomorrow or next week or next year. The very person who could advise us today, may be our leader, or co-worker, or benefactor tomorrow. If we haven’t taken time to notice them, or listen when they speak to us, and if we haven’t heard their advice, it may damage our relationship in the future. It’s hard for people to trust those who dismiss them. We all have something of value to offer. If we diminish advice when it’s offered, or ignore it completely, we may not get a second chance to benefit from it.

When we want to succeed, and really want to shine, we can try to do it alone, or we can include others in our efforts. If we’re overconfident, and determined to get it done by ourselves, we miss the chance to learn from others. There is more experience and knowledge out there than we’ll ever have by ourselves. It’s in our best interest to reach for it, and then patiently listen when it’s being offered. Most people are happy to share what they’ve learned. Since we only have our lives, and can only rely on our personal experiences, it’s wise to listen when others are willing to share theirs with us. They will be different than ours, and may contain the one piece of advice we need to succeed. If we stop rushing for a moment, and listen, we may be surprised by what we’ll learn. Then instead of falling down when we make a wrong turn, we can fall up as we go the right way. Up or down it’s our decision.

Today if you’ve been doing things your way, by yourself, perhaps take a moment to share your focus with someone else and let them share their experiences with you. Ask for advice. You may learn something that will get you to your goal more quickly and efficiently. Asking doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own. It means you’re willing to learn. And learning new things is always a good idea. Be open. You have a lot of answers already. Today if you include someone else, you’ll get even more.

Sunday Drive

18 Nov

We get a lot of advice from others around us. Family members may tell us what they think we should be doing, bosses may tell us how they want us to go forward, friends may tell us what we should change, and it seems everyone in our circle has an opinion about how we’re living our lives. There is nothing wrong with getting advice, but if we did what everyone else thought we should be doing, we might end up doing nothing we want to do. It’s easy to be swayed by someone close to us when they tell us what they think we need to hear. And sometimes we may even believe they know more about us than we do. But we are the experts on ourselves, and we know what we want and need better than anyone else. We can be confident in making our own choices and we can be independent of those around us. We love them, but we control our lives, and we can manage them our way.

Having confidence in the ability to manage our own lives comes easily for some, but is more difficult for others. If we’ve been held tightly and given a lot of supervision and direction, we may come to rely on that support. Over time if we continue to let others make our decisions, or heavily influence us, we might not realize what we really want. Going along is easy. We just do what we’re told and play the game. But the problem with going along is that we may get lost in doing what someone else has decided and over time may forget that we, too, have a voice.  And our voices are valuable. We are just as relevant and important as anyone else. If we continually sit in the back seat and just ride along with other people’s plans, we can’t drive our lives where we want to go.

Speaking up and saying what we want empowers us and gives us confidence. We don’t have to be forceful, or domineering, but we can state our preferences. If others disagree, we can accept that and still be confident in doing whatever is best for us. Our lives are unique, and we get to decide where they go, what we do, and how we’ll go forward. We can think about what we want, and then we can do what it takes to get it. There is nothing that will stop us if we want something badly enough. Other opinions may be valuable and we may listen to them, but when it comes to making the decision, we can determine which way to go. Nobody knows us better than we do. We know what we want, and we certainly have everything we need to achieve it.

Today if you’ve been going along and taking lots of advice, remember that you can choose your own course. You can decide what’s best for you. Your life is yours and you have everything you need to make the best decisions. Be confident. Whatever you choose to do will be right for you. Design your life exactly as you like, and it will be perfect.


10 Aug

There are a lot of signs in our lives.  They inform us, caution us, and give us direction.  There are traffic signs, road signs, sale signs, address signs, and many others.  They are helpful, and we see them everywhere.  Exterior signs are useful, but what about the signs in our personal lives?  They pop up from time to time to help us find our way, or correct our course.  For instance, if we don’t exercise and our health starts to suffer, it may be a sign that we need to start.  If we eat too much and our clothes start to get tight, it may be a sign that we need to stop.  If we argue a lot with those around us, it may be a sign that we aren’t listening effectively.  There are a limitless number of personal signs in our lives that teach us, warn us, or make us more aware.

Paying attention to signs is important.  There is a reason they are there, and they are helpful.  But sometimes we get busy, and ignore our personal signs.  If someone we love keeps trying to reach us but we don’t respond, and later realize they needed us and we weren’t there, we may wish we had listened.  If our car makes a strange noise but we’ve got a lot to do so we push it off, and then suddenly it stops altogether, we may wish we had paid attention.  Perhaps we wake up with a headache but are in such a rush we don’t take a moment to see how we’re really feeling.  Then we head out to a busy day, only to be derailed by illness in a very uncomfortable situation, and wish we had waited before we left.  Signs are important, and paying attention to them is equally important.

We can do anything we want with our lives.  We can ignore good advice, we can eat and drink too much, neglect exercise, work constantly, isolate ourselves or anything else we want to do.  Even when we know some things may hurt us in the long run, we might choose to do them anyway.  And when we fail to notice our personal signs, we can find ourselves in uncomfortable situations.  Life gives us a lot of discomfort we can’t control.  It seems wise to try to control the discomfort we give ourselves.  So it’s important to pay attention when we feel reminded to do something, or when there is a sign that we aren’t going down the best path.  When those promptings come, we need to stop and re-evaluate.  Signs are there to help us, to remind us, and to show us the way.  It’s important to see them, listen to them, and consider their significance.

Today if you feel like you’re getting a little nudge to change something in your life, pay attention to it.  Take a look at the issue and determine if you need to change.  Listen to your feelings and inspiration.  Today decide to not just do what you want, but to listen.  You deserve the best of everything.  Do what you can today to achieve it.