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Look Over There

19 Jul

We share the world with billions of other people and we all have our own ideas about how things should go, and what we should do. Our personal goals are important and we may work hard on trying to achieve them. There is always a lot going on around us and not everyone will understand or agree with our plans. Although we don’t need agreement to proceed in any direction we desire, if someone doesn’t like our idea or feels it will impact them in some negative way, they may try to derail and distract us from the road ahead. By insinuating themselves into our lives they may continually point at other things encouraging us to look in different directions. Their hope may be that if we stay distracted long enough, we might forget about the original goal and move on to something else. When other options are continually being offered, it can be hard to focus on the goal we want, but we never have to forsake anything that’s important to us. If we step off course, we can stop and start again. Our lives are ours to design, and we never have to follow anyone else’s suggestions. Nothing is out of reach and there will always be a way to accomplish the things we most desire. We are strong and powerful, and with determination and clarity, can always reach success.  

Some people think they know us better than we know ourselves. They may believe they know what’s best for us and try to steer us toward the goals they think we should achieve. Nobody can possibly know what we want more clearly than we know ourselves. We know where we want to go and what we want to accomplish. We can listen to any advice or suggestions we like, but we are in control of the choices we make. There are a lot of possibilities and every option is there for us. We can choose the way forward and the destinations we want to reach, and then begin the journey toward success. 

Life is filled with all kinds of shiny things that may pull us away from what we’re doing. Everything may look good, and we may jump from one thing to another intrigued by all the possibilities. It’s good to explore lots of options but until we make a decision on what we want to do, and then start the journey, nothing will change. Once we determine where we want to go, we can make a plan to move toward the goal and then begin. We are wiser and more powerful than we think we are, and if we stay focused on the goal, nothing can keep us from success. 

Today pay attention to the goal you’re seeking. Be open to suggestions but remember you are in control of your destiny and can choose anything you desire. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and step forward with confidence. You know what you want and have everything you need to achieve it. You are amazing and wise, and nothing is out of reach. Stand strong and be sure of success.  Every blessing awaits and you will claim them.


Come What May

7 Apr

Our lives belong solely to us and we’re in control of everything we do.  There are endless roads to travel and unlimited destinations to reach.  Every goal is possible, but life is uncertain and unpredictable, and we never know what will happen next.  We don’t have any control over what others do, or what happens, but we are in charge of how we handle whatever comes and what we do.  We know what we want, and our decisions are ours to make.  There isn’t anything we can’t achieve if we’re willing to do what is necessary to make it ours.  As we plan the way forward, we can choose the best roads ahead to reach the goals we most desire.  Those close to us may want us to be happy but they might not agree with the choices we’re making.  When we decide on the path that’s right for us, others may be disappointed or unhappy with what we’ve chosen.  We are responsible for our own happiness, and nobody else’s.  Some may say it’s important that we get agreement from family, friends, or associates before we proceed, but that isn’t necessary.  Every choice we make belongs to us and there is no need to get approval or permission to do the things we most want to do.  If our choices make others uncomfortable, that will be their issue to manage.  Life is filled with opportunity and every dream is possible.  Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves or knows what we want most to accomplish.  We can be confident in our choices and step forward toward the destinations we desire.  Some things will come easily, and others will try us, but come what may, we can succeed.  Each day is a blessing and as we move closer to our goals, we will feel great satisfaction and happiness.  Nothing can keep us from the destinations we want, and with focus and determination, we will reach them all.

Everyone has their own ideas about how life should go and what we should do.  We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but the opinions of others do not determine our actions.  We don’t have to swim downstream with everyone else if the goal we’re seeking is in the other direction.  We are certainly strong enough, and powerful enough, to do anything we like.  By trusting ourselves and setting our course for the goals we want the most, we can find great success and gratification.

Our families and those close to us may know us very well.  They may have ideas about what we want to do and how we should do it, and give us lots of suggestions and advice.  We can listen to everything they offer, and then do what’s best for us.  The destinations ahead are ours to choose, and we can accomplish any goal we desire.  Nothing can keep us from success and every dream is possible.

Today if someone is disagreeing with your plans, listen respectfully, and then step forward toward your goal.  You know what you want and where you want to go.  Trust yourself and be confident.  The whole world is there for you.  Move ahead and claim success.  You are amazing and capable, and nothing can keep you from it. 

Listen to Me

25 Jul

We know what’s best for us and what we want to do with our lives.  We know where we want to go and what we want to achieve.  Because we are effective in managing our own lives, sometimes we may think we can help others manage theirs.  Maybe we see them making the same mistake over and over again, and decide to give them advice we think will help.  Sometimes we may really have the answers for someone else’s problems, but that doesn’t mean we can tell them what to do.  If we care for them we can certainly offer our help and give them advice that may assist them.  But once we’ve done that it’s up to them to follow it or not.  They might listen to us or they may ignore the advice.  Their decisions belong to them and even if the counsel we’ve offered is helpful, they may choose their own way.  It can be frustrating to see someone we care about stumble when we’re trying to help them but their decisions are theirs to make.  We can’t make them listen to us.  They have the right to choose.  The best we can do is offer our sincerest advice and then let it go.

We can’t possibly know everything about anyone but ourselves and have only an external view of other people’s lives. We can see what they are doing and if they share confidences with us we may have some insight into how they’re feeling.  But we will never know the entire story.  We can’t know their private desires or intentions.  All we can see is what’s on the outside and we can only give advice based on that.  If they want to listen to us they may, but their lives belong to them and every decision they make is their responsibility.  They will make them based on their personal choices and not someone else’s.  Although we may want to help, in the end the choice is theirs.  We are all certainly smart enough to figure out what’s best for us and even if we falter and make a mistake, we can find our way again.

When we put pressure on others to comply with a suggestion we’ve made and it’s something they don’t want to do, they may feel worried and concerned about telling us they don’t want to do what we’re asking.  If we’re very close to them they may be concerned about how a refusal will affect the relationship and how we will respond.  But if they have other ideas about their life and feel confident about them they can clearly decline any suggestion.  We may not appreciate their refusal to go along but we can respect them for standing up for their decisions.  We own our own lives and can manage them and design them any way we want to.  We can do things our way with confidence and grace, and face whatever comes.  If we falter, we will correct our course.  We can give advice and when we get it we may take it or decline it.  The choice is ours.

Today if you feel compelled to tell someone else how they should move forward or how they should do something, you may offer your advice.  You may give sound reasons for why you believe this is the right way for them to go.  Give your suggestions and then let them choose.  They will hear you and appreciate your concern but they must choose for themselves.  Honor that and support them as you move forward.