On the Lookout

17 Mar

“Never to suffer is never to have been blessed.”   Edgar Allan Poe

We all have ups and downs in our lives.  Some days are wonderful, some days are merely okay, and some days try us with difficulty and trouble.  When we’re struggling with complications and problems and our lives are twisted up in confusion we may feel overcome with stress and anxiety as we try to find a way through.  When terrible times come upon us we may feel beset, completely surrounded by trouble, and uncertain we can manage.  But no matter what we’re going through there is always something beneficial for us.   No matter how hard the trial, or how difficult the problem, as we navigate it there will be something positive waiting for us.  We may not see it at first but if we are on the lookout for the one good thing, the one piece that works, or the one bit of information that is helpful, we will find it.  It’s always there and is the blessing to help us through.  It may not be evident at first, and it may not be easy to see but it is there and will lift us and help us through.  We find our true courage when we face difficult trials.  We learn how to solve problems by solving problems.  No life is without difficulty but with each challenge comes a blessing.  Looking for it, finding it and embracing it, will give us added fortitude and power.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t solve.  Every trial we face makes us stronger and more powerful.  We are invincible and unwavering in courage.

When we are children and things go wrong we may lose our temper, cry, scream or run from the situation.  As we grow and face disappointments along the way we have the opportunity to gain tools that will help us mature and process problems effectively.  If we choose not to face our problems and instead try to hide or push them off onto someone else, or make excuses instead of addressing them, the opportunity for growth is lost.  We can embrace every difficulty that comes to us, take it apart piece by piece and with each step forward find resolution. As we solve each problem our understanding of how life works will deepen and we’ll become stronger and more capable.

Learning to face life bravely takes experience.  If we never have problems we cannot understand how to manage them or overcome them.  Every experience – good and bad – teaches us something and everything we learn works for our benefit.  Even in our darkest hours when we aren’t sure we will survive there is a blessing that will help us.  We can keep our eyes open and actively look for the good in every situation.  When we do, our experience will be embellished and we will have added courage and confidence that we will prevail.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well.

Today if you’re facing a big problem and you feel beset and overwhelmed, look for the one thing that is going right.  It’s there for you.  Embrace it and let it lift you and help you along.  You can solve anything and you are strong enough and brave enough to prevail.  Success is always there for you.  You will find the answers and you will win.

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