Full Stop

29 Sep

Recently there was a story in the news about a young fast food worker who did something extraordinary.  During the dinner rush, a man came into the restaurant that was paralyzed and in a wheelchair.  After placing his order, he told the worker he needed help cutting his food up and eating it.  The worker got the man’s food, immediately closed out his register, and walked him to a table where he sat with him, cut his food for him, and helped him eat his meal.  Despite being busy, he saw a need and instead of brushing it off, he stopped everything to help.  It was a stunning example of compassion and generosity, and it was humbling for those around them to see the worker’s example.

Sometimes in order to help out, we have to bring our personal lives to a full stop.  We have to take our eyes off ourselves and our personal goals, and look another way.  We have to see those around us, notice what’s happening, and assist when we can.  Unlike the patron at the restaurant, the person in need may not ask us for help.  They may independently try to struggle through on their own.  But that shouldn’t stop us from offering.  If we see someone trying hard, struggling to do something, we can jump in, smile and offer a helping hand.  Everyone appreciates the kindness that comes when someone offers to help.  We all have a lot to get done, and some things are hard for all of us.  If we can extend ourselves in some small way to help someone else, we will be greatly blessed.  We will have a better understanding of compassion, feel humble for the opportunity to serve, and happy we extended ourselves.

Every day we have an opportunity to serve those around us.  Of course, if we choose to we can ignore the needs of others, and continue on our course.  Nobody would blame us for getting our jobs done and being focused on our personal goals.  But if we stopped to help and offered our time when the opportunity arose, and tried to assist and accommodate someone else, our experiences in this life would be enhanced and benefitted.  There is nothing that will teach us more about ourselves than when we are in the service of others.  We learn to be more patient, more kind, more gracious, and we become more noble.  It’s great to be successful in our goals, but it’s even better to be successful as people.  And we achieve no greater success than when we help someone else.

Today if you see someone in need, someone struggling alone, stop for a moment and offer your help.  Lift them by giving your assistance and showing you care.  You have great generosity inside you.  Share it with those around you.  Offer your hand, offer your time, and enjoy the gratitude you feel for the opportunity to help.  Make someone’s day easier and your day will be brighter and happier.

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