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Learning to Fly

30 Sep

There is so much we can experience in this life.  We try different things and learn a lot as we go along.  Sometimes there are things we dream of doing, things we want to do but aren’t sure we can manage.  We may be afraid we won’t succeed, or it’s frightening to begin.  We may dream about doing those things for a long time and because we’re unsure we may not try.  But we can accomplish far more than we believe we can.  We are capable of managing great changes, and we can master new things if we want to.  While some things may elude us, we can accomplish just about anything.  But it takes courage to begin.  The first step is the hardest when we’re hesitant.  We have to venture into uncharted territory, take action seemingly in the dark, and proceed with confidence even when we’re unsure.

Baby birds are very tiny and extremely fragile.  They begin their lives safely tucked in a nest that keeps them secure and they have a mother who protects them, feeds them, and watches over them.  But eventually they must stand on the precipice of the nest and make their first attempt at flight.  They can’t stay in the safety of the nest forever, and they must jump.  They have to push off the sturdy edge of the nest, and leap into the air with nothing to support them but their wings – wings they have never used.  Although it’s instinctual, and they are compelled to move forward, it must be with some trepidation that they jump.  It’s the same with us.  We get comfortable in our lives and our routines, and if we want to try something new we have to take the first step.  We have to take the leap of faith and believe we can do it, and we have to jump.

It’s easy to go through life doing the same, comfortable things.  It’s easy to make our lives predictable and simple.  It’s reassuring when are days are constant, and we can, if we choose, keep things in the same order all the time.  But if we really want to experience all this life has to offer, we need to take some risks, and try new things.  We don’t have to put ourselves in danger, but we can stretch to learn something new, something that takes us out of our comfort zone and gives us a new and refreshing perspective.  Often when we chance it and push ourselves into situations and experiences that are new and exciting, we start out tremulous and unsure.  But soon we find we are capable of managing the experience and when we’re on the other side having succeeded, we’ll be amazed and thrilled at what we’ve done.  We overcame the fear and accomplished something we didn’t think we could.  It’s extremely rewarding and helps us understand that just like those baby birds, we can jump, and we can learn to fly.

Today if you’re thinking about trying something new, something you want to do but aren’t sure of, go ahead and jump.  Take the first step.  Be brave.  You can do anything you want.  You can accomplish all your dreams.  There isn’t anything that’s too scary or too difficult for you.  Today is the day to open that door, and push into something new.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish.  You’re a rock star.  Go for the gold!