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Setting it Down

11 Aug

We have a lot of different experiences as we travel through our lives.  Sometimes they are good and happy, and other times we face trials and challenges.  If we are struggling with something and it’s weighing on us, it may affect many facets of our lives.  We may feel oppressed, worried, sad, or unsure and not as confident as we could be.  Life can be difficult at times and we may feel weary as we try to understand our situation and decide our next step forward.  We can carry anything and are certainly strong enough and wise enough to manage whatever comes to us, but if we need a break we can set our trouble down.  We can stop, take a deep breath and mentally set the trial down beside us.  We can let it go for a while and take a break.  There is comfort in stepping away for a time and whatever we’ve been carrying will be there when we’re ready to pick it back up again.  We don’t have to rush to find answers, we don’t have to face everything at once and we don’t have solve every problem today.  If we are overwhelmed and need respite we can take it.  Setting our troubles down for a time isn’t escaping them, it isn’t running away and it isn’t denying them.  It’s merely a time to take a breath and step away for a moment to clear our thoughts and find rest.  We are in complete control of our lives.  We can do things our way and we have everything we need to be successful at whatever we face.  Taking a break will refresh us and help clear our perceptions to find the way forward.

There may expectations from those around us to push through complications quickly and find correct answers fast.  We may feel pressed to rush through problems and move on to the next task.  Hurrying may well get us through a situation but in our haste we may make choices that fix things temporarily but don’t solve the problem completely.  When that happens the issues may reappear later or become a continual annoyance.  It’s far better to take the time we need to see all our options carefully and choose the solution that solves the problem completely.  Then we can move forward leaving it behind confident we did our best.

When we have several things bothering us at the same time it can feel like we’ll never solve them all.  But we can face each situation on its own and find one answer at a time.  We don’t have to solve everything at once.  We can handle things effectively by seeing each problem clearly and taking the time we need to find the best solution going forward.  Life is all about learning and there really isn’t anything too complex for us to figure out or too difficult for us to manage.  We have everything we need to do anything we choose.  Success is always there for us and with patience and planning we will gain it.

Today if you are beset by problems and complications, and feel unsure about how to proceed, set them down for a moment.  Give yourself a space to breathe and let yourself think.  You will find all the answers you need.  You are amazing and capable.  Nothing is too difficult for you.  Take a breath and then take a step forward.  Success is right there for you.


17 May

When there are many wires and cords in the same location they sometimes get tangled.  They may get moved or bumped and fall under one another, pulled against each other, twist and turn around and create a big knot we eventually have to patiently pull apart strand by strand.  It’s frustrating and can be time consuming to get everything separated again and lined up the way we want it.  The decisions we make in our lives move us in different directions and if we ignore boundaries, include others in private matters, share information we’ve been asked to keep to ourselves or made other decisions without thinking, we may find our lives as tangled and convoluted as a mess of cords.  It takes effort to live a clean self-directed life filled with careful decisions and thoughtful choices.  If we make continual decisions based on what’s easy at the moment without considering where they will take us in the end we may complicate our lives in ways that bring us discomfort and frustration.  Like untangling a knot of wires it will take time to unravel the problems and correct our course.  We can take the time we need to make wise choices and choose the path forward that is clear and open.  We are wise enough to see problems in our path and navigate around them so we can continue to move forward with confidence and clarity.  We can move forward without the tangle of bad decisions and find success.

Trust is something we earn by the choices we make.  When others trust us they feel confident working and sharing personal information with us.  If someone tells us something in confidence and we share it with others we may lose the trust they have in us.  When that happens we create a small twist in our lives.  If we do it again the small twist may become a knot and we may find ourselves in a tangle.  Everything we do takes us somewhere.  If we break confidences and ignore the trust placed in us we may lose connections to those around us. We may tangle our lives up and it may be hard to get things back on track.

It’s difficult to make decisions freely when we are constricted by prior choices that bind us up and prevent us from moving forward.  If we’ve chosen the wrong path and have made poor choices in the past our freedom to progress may be stalled.  Nothing is unchangeable and we can correct our course and begin to unravel any situation that is holding us in place.  We can choose wisely to repair any problem we’ve created and re-align our way forward.  Nobody is perfect and we all stumble from time to time.  With patience we can do what is needed to fix any problem before us and continue forward with renewed confidence and wisdom.

Today if you’ve tangled your life up with decisions that have complicated the way forward you can take the time you need to correct your course.  Nothing is forever and you can change anything you need to be successful.  Today choose wisely and determine to go forward with confidence.  Make choices that will bring you the success you are seeking.  You have everything you need to accomplish anything and nothing will hold you back.

Never Too Late

5 Apr

There may be times in our lives when there is something we really want or need to do but feel it’s too late.  Perhaps an opportunity presented itself to us when we were in a different place and because of circumstances at the time we ignored it but now want to pursue it.  Or maybe time has gone by and we realize we want to do something but because we are older or our circumstances aren’t ideal don’t think we can manage it.  Nothing is permanent and no decision is set in stone.  We can return and reroute our course at any time but we may believe the chance to do what we really want to do is lost and cannot be re-captured.  Every day brings something new and we move continually from one place to another but no matter where we are or what we’re doing it is never too late to make a change.  We can return and restart in a new direction and we can restore what has been lost.  Even if we think it’s hopeless, it isn’t.  Even if we’re sure we can’t succeed, we can.  Our lives belong to us and we can do anything we want to do at any time.  It’s never too late to turn our course.  We can make any adjustments needed to accommodate our present circumstances and move forward.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and no matter where we are or what has passed we will succeed.

Regret is a normal experience for most of us.  We can’t read the future and we must make the best decisions we can where we are.  When those decisions don’t work out and there are problems and complications that arise we must do our best to navigate and find our find through.  We learn as we go and the next time we’re in a similar position we’ll know more and be able see things more clearly.  When we have regrets we may believe it’s too late to fix what has happened.  Although we can’t go back in time, there are few things that cannot be changed.  We can address our concerns proactively and do what is needed to turn things around.

If we’ve made decisions that have damaged a valuable relationship and we want to restore what has been lost we may begin to reach out and reconnect.  It’s never too late to let others know how we feel and if we’ve made a mistake we can do what is needed to repair the situation.  Time is fluid and forgiving.  If we are committed to finding a way back to a personal connection we can start today to reach out.  Nothing is forever in life and we can change anything at any time.  All is never lost.  We may lose our way and get stuck in the mire from time to time, but we can find our way forward again.  There is nothing too difficult for us to overcome and we can restore anything we desire.

Today if you feel like it’s too late to take advantage of an opportunity you let pass by or restore a relationship you’ve lost, you can do what is needed to reach out and move forward.  There is nothing out of reach and you can do anything you want to do.  Never give up.  You have everything you need to succeed and find the treasure you’re seeking.  Reach out.  It’s still there waiting for you.


16 Aug

There may come a time in our lives when we realize we’ve made a horrible mistake. We’ve chosen something that took us far away from where we want to be and the decision has impacted us greatly. We may feel devastated, and shocked at what has happened and where we are. And if the disaster is great enough and far reaching enough we may even believe we’ve ruined our lives. We might think it’s over – we’ll never recover from what’s happened and we’ll never be right again. Moments like that come to most of us at some point. We don’t know everything, we aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes. If those mistakes are disastrous and put us in terrible situations we may feel destroyed. Ruined. But no matter what has happened, no matter how far we are from fixing it, or how much we are impacted by the situation, we are never ruined. Being ruined implies utter destruction – complete annihilation. We are never completely destroyed until we die. If we’re still alive we can find our way through anything no matter how bad it seems.

It can be hard to forgive ourselves when we’ve lost our way and done things that bring us hardship and heartache. Looking back on the situation we understand where we went wrong because we can see all the facts. We may feel foolish and frustrated that we made decisions that brought us failure, and think we should have known better or could have predicted the ending more effectively. But we would never have chosen to fail purposely and we can’t know everything at the beginning. Although we can’t change what has happened we can correct our course and move forward from where we are. It can be humiliating and certainly humbling to falter. We learn as we go and the lessons learned when things go wrong can teach us a lot about how to be successful going forward.

The influence of others around us can be great. If we value them or love them we may listen to their advice even when we aren’t sure it’s what’s best for us. If we follow their suggestions and falter we may blame them for our situation. But we are in control of our lives and responsible for everything we do, influence or not. If we follow along and find failure, we are accountable. Others may be responsible for their part in our demise but our decisions belong to us. Saying it’s someone else’s fault prevents us from owning our part and learning from the situation. We can stand firm and accept a bad decision no matter what it brings. And then we can focus forward to correct our course and find success. There isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t fix. We are strong and capable and we can modify going forward. We have everything we need to be successful and happy. No problem or detour can keep us from success.

Today if you’re in a terrible situation because of decisions you’ve made face the problem openly and honestly. See where you went wrong and correct your course. You are smart and capable of managing anything that comes to you. This is just a detour and you will find your way around it. You have everything you need and you know what to do. Keep your eyes focused ahead. You will find success and happiness. You will prevail.

Backing Up

27 Jun

Within our wide circle of acquaintances, friends, family, significant others, co-workers, and others we meet all kinds of people, and personalities. Some are easier for us to relate to than others, but each brings different types of behaviors to interact with. Sometimes we have interactions with people who struggle with various issues. Perhaps they have an anger problem, maybe they are shy, there may be substance abuse issues, or aggressive tendencies. Whatever we run into, when we are with them, we find ways to navigate whatever they’re going through. Because we care for one another, if someone has a particular problem that complicates things, we might feel we can help. It seems like the right thing to do to try to help.

Helping others is always noble. It’s generally a good decision, but some problems cannot be helped by others. We may find ourselves constantly working with someone over an issue, giving advice, trying hard to show them ways to work things out, but nothing changes. When they complain about the situation, we may offer suggestions, or try directing them to sources that may help. Because of our concern, over time we may find that we feel some ownership for their problem. We may get too involved in it, and try again, and again to make them see what we think will work.

True change never happens because someone tells us we need to change. It only happens when we decide we want to change. Nobody can do it for us, and the best advice in the world will go unheeded if we are not ready to receive it. When we are trying to help someone else, we must remember that. We cannot change anyone but ourselves. Despite our best intentions, we cannot make anyone see the light, and turn their lives. Even if the answer is plainly obvious to us, we cannot make anyone else see it. It has to come from them. The best thing we can do is to let them do it their way. If they come to us for advice, we may offer it, and then we need to let it go. Since it’s not our issue, we can’t solve it. We can be supportive, we can be caring and kind, but we cannot make anyone change anything in their lives. When they are ready, they will do it themselves.

Today if there is someone close to you that you’ve been trying so hard to help with an issue, remember all you can do is offer your support, your best advice, and your care. The problem is theirs to solve. You cannot fix it for them. They must work things out themselves. Be there for them. Be a true friend. When they reach for you, offer your hand, but let them make their own choices. You are valiant, and kind, to want to help. Continue to be there, but remember the problem is theirs to solve. They know you’re there. And being there for them is the best you can do.