Never Too Late

5 Apr

There may be times in our lives when there is something we really want or need to do but feel it’s too late.  Perhaps an opportunity presented itself to us when we were in a different place and because of circumstances at the time we ignored it but now want to pursue it.  Or maybe time has gone by and we realize we want to do something but because we are older or our circumstances aren’t ideal don’t think we can manage it.  Nothing is permanent and no decision is set in stone.  We can return and reroute our course at any time but we may believe the chance to do what we really want to do is lost and cannot be re-captured.  Every day brings something new and we move continually from one place to another but no matter where we are or what we’re doing it is never too late to make a change.  We can return and restart in a new direction and we can restore what has been lost.  Even if we think it’s hopeless, it isn’t.  Even if we’re sure we can’t succeed, we can.  Our lives belong to us and we can do anything we want to do at any time.  It’s never too late to turn our course.  We can make any adjustments needed to accommodate our present circumstances and move forward.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and no matter where we are or what has passed we will succeed.

Regret is a normal experience for most of us.  We can’t read the future and we must make the best decisions we can where we are.  When those decisions don’t work out and there are problems and complications that arise we must do our best to navigate and find our find through.  We learn as we go and the next time we’re in a similar position we’ll know more and be able see things more clearly.  When we have regrets we may believe it’s too late to fix what has happened.  Although we can’t go back in time, there are few things that cannot be changed.  We can address our concerns proactively and do what is needed to turn things around.

If we’ve made decisions that have damaged a valuable relationship and we want to restore what has been lost we may begin to reach out and reconnect.  It’s never too late to let others know how we feel and if we’ve made a mistake we can do what is needed to repair the situation.  Time is fluid and forgiving.  If we are committed to finding a way back to a personal connection we can start today to reach out.  Nothing is forever in life and we can change anything at any time.  All is never lost.  We may lose our way and get stuck in the mire from time to time, but we can find our way forward again.  There is nothing too difficult for us to overcome and we can restore anything we desire.

Today if you feel like it’s too late to take advantage of an opportunity you let pass by or restore a relationship you’ve lost, you can do what is needed to reach out and move forward.  There is nothing out of reach and you can do anything you want to do.  Never give up.  You have everything you need to succeed and find the treasure you’re seeking.  Reach out.  It’s still there waiting for you.

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