16 Aug

There may come a time in our lives when we realize we’ve made a horrible mistake. We’ve chosen something that took us far away from where we want to be and the decision has impacted us greatly. We may feel devastated, and shocked at what has happened and where we are. And if the disaster is great enough and far reaching enough we may even believe we’ve ruined our lives. We might think it’s over – we’ll never recover from what’s happened and we’ll never be right again. Moments like that come to most of us at some point. We don’t know everything, we aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes. If those mistakes are disastrous and put us in terrible situations we may feel destroyed. Ruined. But no matter what has happened, no matter how far we are from fixing it, or how much we are impacted by the situation, we are never ruined. Being ruined implies utter destruction – complete annihilation. We are never completely destroyed until we die. If we’re still alive we can find our way through anything no matter how bad it seems.

It can be hard to forgive ourselves when we’ve lost our way and done things that bring us hardship and heartache. Looking back on the situation we understand where we went wrong because we can see all the facts. We may feel foolish and frustrated that we made decisions that brought us failure, and think we should have known better or could have predicted the ending more effectively. But we would never have chosen to fail purposely and we can’t know everything at the beginning. Although we can’t change what has happened we can correct our course and move forward from where we are. It can be humiliating and certainly humbling to falter. We learn as we go and the lessons learned when things go wrong can teach us a lot about how to be successful going forward.

The influence of others around us can be great. If we value them or love them we may listen to their advice even when we aren’t sure it’s what’s best for us. If we follow their suggestions and falter we may blame them for our situation. But we are in control of our lives and responsible for everything we do, influence or not. If we follow along and find failure, we are accountable. Others may be responsible for their part in our demise but our decisions belong to us. Saying it’s someone else’s fault prevents us from owning our part and learning from the situation. We can stand firm and accept a bad decision no matter what it brings. And then we can focus forward to correct our course and find success. There isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t fix. We are strong and capable and we can modify going forward. We have everything we need to be successful and happy. No problem or detour can keep us from success.

Today if you’re in a terrible situation because of decisions you’ve made face the problem openly and honestly. See where you went wrong and correct your course. You are smart and capable of managing anything that comes to you. This is just a detour and you will find your way around it. You have everything you need and you know what to do. Keep your eyes focused ahead. You will find success and happiness. You will prevail.

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