19 Aug

As we go through our days we have limitless choices to make.  Every day brings a new challenge or question to answer.  If we want to be our best we try to make each decision well.  We try to keep our feet on the road we want to travel and get closer to the person we want to become.  Sometimes people notice our good works but often they just get lost in the shuffle of everyday living.  If we make a good decision that requires us to sacrifice something we may feel others should acknowledge it.  Perhaps we feel we should receive some kind of praise because we chose well.  But we don’t make good choices for the acclaim they bring.  We make them because they are the best decisions we can make going forward.  We will find great satisfaction by choosing well and oftentimes prevent complications and problems doing so.  We don’t need the praise or adoration of others because we were wise.  Being wise will bring us enough reward.  We will be content in our lives by choosing the best roads possible and feel good knowing we are doing our best.  Although the praise of others feels good it is not required or needed.

Some decisions we face may have attractive options that won’t take us where we want to go.  It can be hard to turn away from a quick fix or a poor choice that will bring us benefits we desire.  But temporary solutions generally bring only momentary happiness and often result in endless complications.  If we’re tired or frustrated and want to move forward quickly we may opt for them, but in the end may find the harder more effective decision was wiser.  We don’t need immediate gratification to find happiness.  We can carefully plan for all possible outcomes and choose the very best option even if it takes more time and is more difficult.  We are what we do.  If we want to be the very best we can be we must make the very best choices.

Some people need a lot of attention.  They want praise every time they do something right, and recognition when they accomplish a difficult task.  Oftentimes that need for attention comes from a lack of confidence.  We can be confident by choosing well.  The need for approval and acknowledgement may influence us into making decisions that aren’t the best choice going forward.  If what we’re seeking isn’t long term success but immediate praise, we may choose options that are quick and flashy but have no lasting success.  We don’t need the agreement of others to choose well.  We can make the best choices even if we stand alone.  We are smart enough, capable enough and wise enough to find the best answers and we are strong enough to choose them.  There isn’t anything we can’t understand and master if we want to badly enough.  We don’t need adoration to choose well.  We can make the best choices and succeed because it’s what we want most to do.

Today if you’re facing a decision choose the path that takes you closer to the person you want to be.  There is greatness in you.  Show the world who you really are by choosing well.  You have so much to offer and we all need your influence.  Choose wisely and success will follow.

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