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Along the Way

13 Jul

As we go through our lives there will likely be times when we badly want to accomplish something in particular. If we’re intensely interested in getting to the goal, it may consume our thoughts, and we may try to manipulate every step we take in order to move closer to it. We may become obsessed with getting there, and concentrate solely on what we need to do next to move forward. It’s good to be focused on the goals we want to accomplish but every day is a blessing, and as we push ahead, there will be other things going on. There will rarely be a time when we are only working on one thing. Most often, other areas and aspects of our lives will need our attention, and there will always be unexpected developments that require our consideration. If we only focus on the goal we’re seeking, we may brush other things off that happen along the way, and see them as distractions instead of opportunities. We are learning with each step we take and as we manage each issue, we gain new skills to carry forward. The road ahead is important, but there are other benefits we’re gaining as we move along. No matter what road we’re on, we’ll have lots of experiences along the way that open our vision a little more, and teach us something new. If we rush forward, focused only on our goal, we will miss the richness gained by embracing each step and learning all we can. Every goal is possible, and we already have everything we need to do anything we desire. We can trust ourselves to reach success, and still be involved in the world around us. There are unlimited blessings waiting for us, and we can have the lives we dream about.

Only concentrating on the road ahead might help us move forward a little more quickly, but tunnel vision prevents us from seeing what’s going on around us right now. If we ignore our relationships, thinking we’ll just set them aside until we reach success and then go back to them, we might find that when we go back, there is nothing there. Neglect can ruin connections and we might lose a precious bond pushing ahead. Good, strong relationships embellish our lives and bring us great satisfaction. We can keep our eyes on the goal we desire, and still make our personal connections a priority. If we do, we’ll find great success in all areas of our lives.

Each day we learn something new. We pick up a little more information about where we are and what we’re doing, and learn more about those around us and our place in the world. Being present for today instead of thinking only of tomorrow, will open our minds to every opportunity and help us open new doors ahead. Each day is a blessing, and by paying attention, not just to our personal goals, but to everything happening around us, our lives will be rich and fulfilling.

Today if you’re intent on reaching a goal, and are focused on your next step ahead, look up and see every opportunity around you. Today is the most important day of your life. It’s the only day you can live right now. Move toward the destinations you desire while embracing the world around you now. You are incredible and capable, and every goal is already there for you. Success is yours, and you will have it.

Setting it Down

11 Aug

We have a lot of different experiences as we travel through our lives.  Sometimes they are good and happy, and other times we face trials and challenges.  If we are struggling with something and it’s weighing on us, it may affect many facets of our lives.  We may feel oppressed, worried, sad, or unsure and not as confident as we could be.  Life can be difficult at times and we may feel weary as we try to understand our situation and decide our next step forward.  We can carry anything and are certainly strong enough and wise enough to manage whatever comes to us, but if we need a break we can set our trouble down.  We can stop, take a deep breath and mentally set the trial down beside us.  We can let it go for a while and take a break.  There is comfort in stepping away for a time and whatever we’ve been carrying will be there when we’re ready to pick it back up again.  We don’t have to rush to find answers, we don’t have to face everything at once and we don’t have solve every problem today.  If we are overwhelmed and need respite we can take it.  Setting our troubles down for a time isn’t escaping them, it isn’t running away and it isn’t denying them.  It’s merely a time to take a breath and step away for a moment to clear our thoughts and find rest.  We are in complete control of our lives.  We can do things our way and we have everything we need to be successful at whatever we face.  Taking a break will refresh us and help clear our perceptions to find the way forward.

There may expectations from those around us to push through complications quickly and find correct answers fast.  We may feel pressed to rush through problems and move on to the next task.  Hurrying may well get us through a situation but in our haste we may make choices that fix things temporarily but don’t solve the problem completely.  When that happens the issues may reappear later or become a continual annoyance.  It’s far better to take the time we need to see all our options carefully and choose the solution that solves the problem completely.  Then we can move forward leaving it behind confident we did our best.

When we have several things bothering us at the same time it can feel like we’ll never solve them all.  But we can face each situation on its own and find one answer at a time.  We don’t have to solve everything at once.  We can handle things effectively by seeing each problem clearly and taking the time we need to find the best solution going forward.  Life is all about learning and there really isn’t anything too complex for us to figure out or too difficult for us to manage.  We have everything we need to do anything we choose.  Success is always there for us and with patience and planning we will gain it.

Today if you are beset by problems and complications, and feel unsure about how to proceed, set them down for a moment.  Give yourself a space to breathe and let yourself think.  You will find all the answers you need.  You are amazing and capable.  Nothing is too difficult for you.  Take a breath and then take a step forward.  Success is right there for you.


14 Dec

When problems surround us and we’re overwhelmed, it can feel like we’re tumbling in the surf being rolled over and over again by the pounding waves. The undercurrent captures us and pulls us deeper into the struggle and we tire trying to keep our heads above water. Every moment is an endurance test and there are times when it’s hard to find air to breathe. We fight against the power threatening to crush us and we reach for something, anything to grab onto that will give us sufficient stability to continue on. When our world is in turmoil we may feel we’re careening toward catastrophe and it’s hard to make sense of what’s in front of us. Our vision is clouded by the swirling thoughts of where we are and how we’ll find our way through. Although it’s hard to see an end to the struggle, if we hang on and trust our abilities to navigate whatever has taken hold of us, we will prevail. Even the strongest waves must ebb and in time we will find our way to solid ground again. Life is filled with challenge and trials. They rarely come when we’re ready for them but no matter how deep the water is, we can find our way to the surface and get to the shore.

The old adage of Murphy’s Law that if anything can go wrong it will, sometimes seems to be the rule of the day. There may be times where it seems no matter what we do we can’t win. It’s like we’ve somehow gotten out of sync with the universe. Our friends argue with us, our family is frustrated with us, our jobs are driving us nuts, our cars break down, our faucets leak and we can’t find our keys. One thing at a time is easy to face but sometimes everything seems to go wrong at once. The universe really hasn’t turned against us but we may feel inundated with trouble and exhausted trying to handle it all. When that happens, it may be hard to get through each moment trying to figure out what to do next. But we’ve been through enough trials already to know we’ll survive. We have everything we need to overcome whatever problems arise and if we are patient and take our time we’ll find all the answers we need.

Life is all about change and learning to adapt. It’s a constant process of learning to let go and move forward. When we have a lot of challenges and feel overwhelmed it can be hard to find respite and peace. Every problem that comes brings something we must learn and overcome in order to proceed. Every time we solve a complication we have more information and increased understanding that will help us going forward. Even when we feel we can’t manage, we do. Even we feel we’re overcome, we prevail. There really isn’t anything too difficult for us to manage. Nobody wants to go through heavy problems but we have all the courage we need to do so. Confidence will give us the boost we need to move forward and when we trust in our abilities to cope we will have all the confidence we need.

Today if you’re facing a big problem and feel swallowed up by the tide, grab onto the things you already know and begin forward. You have all the wisdom you need to overcome. You are capable and strong. Press forward and have faith. You will prevail. There isn’t anything you can’t do.