The Other Way

12 Oct

As we go through our lives we make countless decisions.  Many of them are of little consequence but some may have far reaching ramifications.  When we’re faced with an important decision we may take our time and consider all our options.  If we are careful and wise we will often come up with a solution that brings us the desired result.  But sometimes, despite everything we’ve done to make the best decision possible, things go the other way.  We may make a wrong turn and end up uncomfortable or worse.  There are risks with every decision and even when we try hard to be proactive and choose well we may be wrong.  It’s impossible to make the right decision every single time.  We are going to miss the mark at some point and when we do it may be hard to figure out how to go forward.

If we want to go on a road trip we often consult maps.  We look at the destination and find the route we most want to travel.  There are many, many roads to get to any destination.  We can take a super highway and cut some time off the journey or we may choose to take the side roads and visit all the towns we pass as we travel.  If there are problems with the road we’re on we can circumvent them by taking another one.  There isn’t just one way to get there.  The same is true of our decisions in life.  Although we may choose which way we want to go, sometimes the choice we make fails and we have to find another way.  And sometimes the destination we’ve chosen isn’t available to us at this time and we have to wait.  But no matter what happens, even if the road is closed for now, things will change.  We can re-route, make a new plan, find another way, and wait if needed.  We can go anywhere we want to go and do anything we want to do even if we have to wait.

When we’ve made a decision that fails and it’s important to us we may feel great disappointment.  We may be angry we didn’t get our way, and if others are involved we may feel it’s their fault.  However, the change in our plans may open a new door for us.  We may see something we missed at the beginning and we might find the new path we’re on is better than the original.  It is true that often when one door closes another opens.  We can always move forward, but we may have to alter our course to get there.  We are capable of being flexible and we can find our way no matter where we are now.  We can set the disappointment aside and see things clearly.  We can take a good look at all our options and find the best road.  There really isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we keep our eyes on the goal ahead.  We can keep walking forward and we will find success.

Today if your plans have failed and you’re stopped at a road block, look around.  Consider all your options going forward.  You can re-route your course and find your way again.  You have everything you need to succeed.  Keep your eyes focused on the goal ahead and you’ll reach it.

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