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All is Lost

12 Mar

Life is filled with possibilities and opportunities. There are unlimited things we can do, places to go, people to meet, and endless chances to change our lives. Sometimes what we want to do comes easily and we overcome obstacles quickly. Other times it seems the road ahead constantly blocks us and we can’t move forward. If we’re intent on achieving a goal and something happens that prevents that from happening, we may get discouraged. If nothing we do changes the situation, we may feel like we’ve failed. There may be so much disappointment we withdraw and decide we’re not trying anything new ever again. We may think all is lost and just give up. We can stop pursuing any goal at any time, and change direction but we need not surrender to defeat. Everything is possible. Just because the goal isn’t available now doesn’t mean it won’t be possible later. Sometime success is just about timing. If we give up and abandon the goal, there is no hope of winning. Disappointment can be hard to get through but it’s just a step in the process. It’s just one step among many. The road is long and if we keep our eyes focused on where we want to go, when our situation changes, we can try again and succeed. We are entirely capable of doing anything we desire. There isn’t anything strong enough or complicated enough to hold us in place forever. We know what we want and have all the intelligence and determination to achieve it. Our lives can be exactly the way we want them. We can trust ourselves to find the way through any problem and reach success.

Life is a long journey with many unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes just when we feel sure we’re headed in the right direction a big detour blocks our way and we have to regroup. Few things we want to accomplish will simply arrive without effort. We will have to plan the way forward, and unravel each complication that arises. It doesn’t matter how difficult the road gets, we have everything we need to find our way. We can find the solution to any problem and with patience and focus will reach the goal.

We may go through a period where it seems nothing is working and everything is standing in our way. Every door we try to open is locked, every road is tangled and dark, and we can’t advance. There are unlimited roads to every destination. If the one we’re on isn’t working, we can try another. If that doesn’t work, we can try another again. If nothing we do pushes us forward, we may decide to set the goal aside for a time and start again later. Setting the goal aside doesn’t mean we’re abandoning it. We can revisit it when things change and find success.

Today if you’ve suffered a big disappointment and feel like giving up, remember everything you’ve already accomplished. You are successful and strong, and nothing can keep you from anything you desire. Decide what you want and choose the road that will take you to it. You are powerful and wise. Don’t give up. Every dream is possible and you will prevail.


18 Jul

Our lives are a compilation of all our experiences, and we become who we are as we learn going through everything that happens.  Sometimes it’s easy and there is sunshine and cake, but other times the clouds roll in and we get caught in a mire of difficulty, confusion and trouble.  There is no predicting what will happen next and what’s in the past is tattooed on our history forever.  There may be times when something painful from before returns and demands our attention.  Lots of things can go wrong and remembering a bad experience can bring all the painful feelings back in an instant.  Doubt, sorrow, grief, and despair may revisit us and remind us of what we thought we’d left behind.  As we remember what happened and how we felt we may review again and again our actions and try to figure out what went wrong.  There is no way to change the past and if we’ve been hurt, the ghosts of the memory may come again and again until we finally let them go.  There is no way to move forward and hold onto the past at the same time.  When we’re ready we can look at everything clearly, accept that our lives have changed, set the heartache down, and walk away.  Letting go doesn’t mean we have to forget what we’ve learned.  We can carry the lessons forward with us to help us navigate the future and deepen our understanding of life.  We deserve complete happiness and allowing ourselves to leave pain behind and move forward will bring it.

Every problem has a solution but there may be times when the only way to end a problem is to change course.  We can leave a bad relationship that brings us pain and suffering, a job that is unfulfilling or demeaning, or a connection with someone that is destructive.  Once we identify what the problem is we can begin to find the answers we need to address it.  If the answer requires a big change in our lives it will take determination and courage to bring it about.  It doesn’t matter how hard it is to resolve any issue.  We have all the courage and strength we need to do whatever is necessary to correct our course and find happiness.

Everything we experience becomes part of who we are and goes forward with us forever.  How we manage the memories is up to us.  There is no need to go back and dissect every action, every word, or every outcome.  We are not perfect and when we look back there will be things we wish we could change.  But the past is behind us and cannot be altered.  There is no need to carry every disappointment forward.  We can learn everything possible from the experience and continue on with confidence.

Today if there are ghosts from the past reminding you of things that went wrong, be confident and let them go.  What’s behind you is gone and will not return.  Take everything you’ve learned going forward and continue toward your dreams.  You are incredible and wise, and nothing will stop you from succeeding.  Everything is possible and you will reach every goal you desire.  Nothing can keep you from success.

The Other Way

12 Oct

As we go through our lives we make countless decisions.  Many of them are of little consequence but some may have far reaching ramifications.  When we’re faced with an important decision we may take our time and consider all our options.  If we are careful and wise we will often come up with a solution that brings us the desired result.  But sometimes, despite everything we’ve done to make the best decision possible, things go the other way.  We may make a wrong turn and end up uncomfortable or worse.  There are risks with every decision and even when we try hard to be proactive and choose well we may be wrong.  It’s impossible to make the right decision every single time.  We are going to miss the mark at some point and when we do it may be hard to figure out how to go forward.

If we want to go on a road trip we often consult maps.  We look at the destination and find the route we most want to travel.  There are many, many roads to get to any destination.  We can take a super highway and cut some time off the journey or we may choose to take the side roads and visit all the towns we pass as we travel.  If there are problems with the road we’re on we can circumvent them by taking another one.  There isn’t just one way to get there.  The same is true of our decisions in life.  Although we may choose which way we want to go, sometimes the choice we make fails and we have to find another way.  And sometimes the destination we’ve chosen isn’t available to us at this time and we have to wait.  But no matter what happens, even if the road is closed for now, things will change.  We can re-route, make a new plan, find another way, and wait if needed.  We can go anywhere we want to go and do anything we want to do even if we have to wait.

When we’ve made a decision that fails and it’s important to us we may feel great disappointment.  We may be angry we didn’t get our way, and if others are involved we may feel it’s their fault.  However, the change in our plans may open a new door for us.  We may see something we missed at the beginning and we might find the new path we’re on is better than the original.  It is true that often when one door closes another opens.  We can always move forward, but we may have to alter our course to get there.  We are capable of being flexible and we can find our way no matter where we are now.  We can set the disappointment aside and see things clearly.  We can take a good look at all our options and find the best road.  There really isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we keep our eyes on the goal ahead.  We can keep walking forward and we will find success.

Today if your plans have failed and you’re stopped at a road block, look around.  Consider all your options going forward.  You can re-route your course and find your way again.  You have everything you need to succeed.  Keep your eyes focused on the goal ahead and you’ll reach it.

Fault Lines

20 Jul

As we go through our lives and make decisions, sometimes we take a wrong turn and make choices that don’t work out.  We might make decisions that take us somewhere we don’t want to go or bring us hardship.  If we are heavily influenced to make a decision and we agree to it and it doesn’t work out we may blame the person who pressured us to comply.  We may say it’s their fault we are miserable.  While it’s true others may strongly influence us and their pressure may be great, if we decide to go along with their request the decision is ultimately ours.  The choice belongs to us and the results of that choice are also ours.  We own them.  We may say we were forced to do something we really didn’t want to do and there may have been great pressure to comply but the choice we make is ours.  There is no way to push the consequences of our decisions onto others.  We may be angry we complied and we may be unhappy with what has happened, but we own the decision.  Of course, those who pressured us have their part to answer for but we direct our own lives and what we choose is our responsibility.

Blaming can be a dangerous game.  If we make it a habit of blaming others or situations for our decisions we may successfully push the attention onto them but it will never change the truth.  If we don’t accept our role in our decisions and say it’s someone or something else’s fault, we can’t learn from the experience.  If we don’t learn from what has happened, we may repeat the whole process again.  The old adage that those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it is true.  If we can’t accept our responsibility for a bad decision we can’t learn the lessons that may keep us from making the same choice again.  Nobody wants a life going from one disaster to the next but if we don’t learn from our choices that may be our experience.

Making mistakes is a natural part of life.  We don’t know everything and we don’t know what we don’t know.  We sometimes blunder through with half the information we need to make a good decision and sometimes we are blinded by promises that are half true.  If we falter and choose something that brings hardship or disappointment and take the time to see where we made the wrong turn it can help us prevent doing it again in the future.  There is great benefit in going through hard lessons and if we are wise we will take the time to learn as much as we can as we navigate them.  Many times we make excellent decisions that take us where we want to go.  We often choose well and are happy with our choices.  We can be confident that if we make a wrong turn we will be able to right our course and go forward with courage.

Today if you’ve made a wrong turn and chosen something that has brought you disappointment or hardship, accept your decision and move forward.  Learn all you can from the experience and be confident.  You are wise and able to choose well.  A setback will not stop you.  Turn your course and continue again.  You will find great success.

Finding Peace

4 Aug

There are a lot of ups and downs in life. Sometimes it goes easily, and sometimes not. When we’re disappointed about the way things are going, we can find ourselves unsettled, and upset. If we’re unhappy with where we are, or what’s happening, and we desperately want something to change, it’s hard to find peace. Although we may want a change, there are times when we have no control over the issue. Nothing we can do will move it along or transform it. At times like those, it’s hard to be comfortable. We may feel impatient, and frustrated. But sometimes we have to endure things as they are, even if they aren’t the way we want, or need them to be. Eventually things may improve but until then we’re stuck. And we aren’t happy.

There is a lot we can change about our lives if we want to. We have control over what we do, and how we react. But we don’t have any control over the decisions of others. Unfortunately when someone in our circle makes a bad decision, or a decision we don’t like, and it affects us negatively, it’s hard to accept. We may fight against it. We may argue and disagree. But in the end, the only decisions we can control are our own. And sometimes that means we have to take what comes, even if it’s not what we want.

It’s helpful to remember that acceptance can bring peace. We don’t have to like a decision that’s hurting us or making us uncomfortable, but we can understand that it’s been made and we can’t change it. If we can’t change things, we have to accept them as they are. It may take time to get to acceptance, and we may have to overcome anger and disappointment, but once we decide to let it happen, we can relax, and let the stress go. We can find a way around the problem, and we can move forward. Acceptance will bring us peace – not always happiness, but peace. And peace is important in our lives.

Today if you’re struggling with something that is making you uncomfortable and you don’t have the power to change it, work on accepting the situation as it is.  Let it go, let yourself relax, and find peace. You deserve a happy and peaceful life. Acceptance will help you find it. Take a breath. Let go. And then move forward.