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All is Lost

12 Mar

Life is filled with possibilities and opportunities. There are unlimited things we can do, places to go, people to meet, and endless chances to change our lives. Sometimes what we want to do comes easily and we overcome obstacles quickly. Other times it seems the road ahead constantly blocks us and we can’t move forward. If we’re intent on achieving a goal and something happens that prevents that from happening, we may get discouraged. If nothing we do changes the situation, we may feel like we’ve failed. There may be so much disappointment we withdraw and decide we’re not trying anything new ever again. We may think all is lost and just give up. We can stop pursuing any goal at any time, and change direction but we need not surrender to defeat. Everything is possible. Just because the goal isn’t available now doesn’t mean it won’t be possible later. Sometime success is just about timing. If we give up and abandon the goal, there is no hope of winning. Disappointment can be hard to get through but it’s just a step in the process. It’s just one step among many. The road is long and if we keep our eyes focused on where we want to go, when our situation changes, we can try again and succeed. We are entirely capable of doing anything we desire. There isn’t anything strong enough or complicated enough to hold us in place forever. We know what we want and have all the intelligence and determination to achieve it. Our lives can be exactly the way we want them. We can trust ourselves to find the way through any problem and reach success.

Life is a long journey with many unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes just when we feel sure we’re headed in the right direction a big detour blocks our way and we have to regroup. Few things we want to accomplish will simply arrive without effort. We will have to plan the way forward, and unravel each complication that arises. It doesn’t matter how difficult the road gets, we have everything we need to find our way. We can find the solution to any problem and with patience and focus will reach the goal.

We may go through a period where it seems nothing is working and everything is standing in our way. Every door we try to open is locked, every road is tangled and dark, and we can’t advance. There are unlimited roads to every destination. If the one we’re on isn’t working, we can try another. If that doesn’t work, we can try another again. If nothing we do pushes us forward, we may decide to set the goal aside for a time and start again later. Setting the goal aside doesn’t mean we’re abandoning it. We can revisit it when things change and find success.

Today if you’ve suffered a big disappointment and feel like giving up, remember everything you’ve already accomplished. You are successful and strong, and nothing can keep you from anything you desire. Decide what you want and choose the road that will take you to it. You are powerful and wise. Don’t give up. Every dream is possible and you will prevail.



19 Oct

Confusion is difficult to navigate. If we’re confused about a task we’re doing we could ask for help or look up information that will show us the way. If we’re confused about directions we can consult a map or use a navigation tool. But if we’re confused in a personal relationship, it can be hard to figure out what the problem is, and what to do. Most people are honest and forthright, and in relationships, most of us try to be upfront and not deceptive. But there are some people who have an agenda directed at their own desires, and will do whatever is needed to make it happen. Nobody really wants to be involved with people like that, either in a friendship or something closer.  But unfortunately in the beginning sometimes there is no way to know all the facts. Things may start out okay, and then we realize something is amiss.  Maybe what they say doesn’t match what they do, or they don’t follow through on their promises, and hurting us brings excuses but no changes. There’s a lot of nonsense – meaning it doesn’t make sense. When we get caught up in relationships with people like that it’s very confusing. And that confusion can be hard to untangle.

We often have inspiration, intuition, or a gut feeling when things aren’t quite right. It’s good to trust others. It’s good to believe what they tell us, and trust that they’ll follow through on their word. But if they don’t, and it happens repeatedly, it’s important for us to take a step back and look at the situation objectively. We need to look at the facts without reserve or filters. We need to set our feelings aside and look at what is really happening. If we pay attention to the reality of the situation, and let go of all the excuses and explanations, we can clear our minds and find truth. The truth is always available to us when we’re ready to see it. And the truth is what will bring us peace in the end.

When we get confused and things aren’t making sense, we can lose our footing, get tangled up, and keep going around in circles trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense. If we keep hoping things will improve and they don’t, we may get deeply hurt. And if we let ourselves be hurt again and again, we may forget how valuable we are, and that we deserve every blessing. Every day is precious and spending it on a situation that hurts us isn’t in our best interest. We are valuable and should be treated with care. If we’re in a situation where that isn’t happening, we need to re-evaluate our decisions going forward.

Today if you’re confused over a situation in your life, step back and look at things objectively. Look at what’s happening as an outsider, and be open to seeing the whole picture. You’ll find the truth and then can decide how to go forward. You are a precious gift to the world. There is nobody else like you. You deserve to be treated well, and with care. Remember how important you are. And then make decisions going forward that will bring you happiness.