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8 Feb

There are all kinds of people in the world. Many are good, honest individuals who are helpful and kind, but there are some who are differently inclined. They may be hurtful and mean, and cause problems for those around them. When someone who is disruptive and hateful enters our lives, we may feel like we’ve fallen into a den of snakes, unable to escape. As we struggle through the conflict, we may try to avoid them as much as possible. We can’t control what anyone else does and if someone is determined to wreak havoc on us, we may not be able to stop them, and have no choice but to deal with it as it happens. They may say nasty things about us, make up stories that demean or disparage us, or try to alienate our friends and family. It’s upsetting to go through and even if we try to extricate ourselves from their focus, until they are ready to let us go, we may suffer. There is no way to know their motivations for causing others pain. Some people are unhappy and angry, and because misery loves company, instead of facing their problems and finding solutions to move forward, they may exercise their control by making those around them miserable. It’s a very uncomfortable situation to be in. We’re all accountable for the choices we make. Although we can’t stop anyone from hurting us, we can choose well ourselves. We can set the bar high by focusing on what is good and right, and continuing forward with honesty and integrity. Truth always rises and whatever negative things are said about us, or what is done to us, it will be offset by the excellent example we set.

When someone is hateful, it’s tempting to return back to them the same treatment. Fair is fair, right? Unfortunately, bowing down to their level to get back at them only proves we can be as low as they are. It’s easy to do and say nasty things, and it’s easy to be vengeful and mean. But choosing the better path and staying true to our high personal standards expresses our authenticity and gives us power. We can continue forward with confidence that truth will prevail and we will overcome.

It’s hard to fight a liar. If we try to expose their deception, they will simply lie again. One lie leads to another and we may be swept away as they create their own reality. We can remain still and stand strong despite the whirlwind of fiction surrounding us. We don’t need to defend ourselves when truth is on our side. We can be polite and firm, and confident and resilient, as we navigate our way through. Nothing can keep us from the values we set for ourselves, and we can be sure when we choose the right, in the end we will prevail.

Today if you’ve gotten tangled up with someone who is determined to undermine you through dishonesty and bad behavior, remember who you are. You have enough power to stand firm even in conflict. Hold fast to your excellent standards and set the bar high. Your virtue will overcome any falsehood or treachery. You are amazing and valiant, and nothing can hold you down.


High Expectations

4 Oct

Everyone has their own ideas about the best way to do things and how we should accomplish our tasks. Sometimes we may be asked to do things for those around us. If we work for them or they have some authority over us we may be compelled to agree. If not, we may decide if we want to do what’s asked, and if we do, how we will go about accomplishing it. If those who ask us have high expectations about how quickly we’ll get the task completed or specific ideas about how we’ll take care of it and we aren’t in agreement, we may feel uncomfortable. If we’re pressed get through faster than we think we can, and are sure we can’t meet the deadline they’ve set, we may feel stressed and worried about the outcome. It’s possible to be asked to get something done in an impossible time frame. If we’re not the ones completing the task and going through all the details and complications to manage it, we won’t have a complete understanding of everything required. It’s easy to make decisions about how things should be done looking in from the outside, but there is no way to know what’s really happening unless we’re involved in the process. If we’re in a situation where the expectations given don’t match the reality we’re facing we may feel great pressure to do something that may not be possible. Expectations can always be set but reality will never bend to meet them. We can be confident in our progress despite what others think we should be doing.  If we do our best to accomplish the task we can be happy even if we don’t meet the time parameters given. We can set our own expectations about what can be done and logically and wisely continue forward.

When someone says we should be able to do something, they are basing their ideas on their own experiences and personal judgement. Our personal interpretations and understanding are unique to our own experiences. What works for one person is not feasible for another. When others tell us how they think we should do something, we can listen and take from their comments anything that will help us, but how we proceed is our decision. We are smart enough to figure anything out. We can move forward using the skills we’ve learned and do what works best for us.

Everyone sees the world through their own prism of understanding. Our life experiences color our perceptions and everyone has their own ideas about what is best. We know ourselves perfectly and we know what we want in our lives. We can make decisions that will take us where we want to go, in a time frame that works for us. Our lives are ours to design and every decision is ours to make. We know who we are. Trusting our instincts and choosing the roads we want will bring us fulfillment and happiness.

Today if you’ve been trying to do the impossible because someone has asked you to, step back and look at the situation openly and objectively. You are competent and intelligent enough to discern if you need to change your plans to reach the goal. Trust yourself to find the best way forward. You are amazing and capable, and can accomplish anything you desire. Be wise and move forward with confidence.


26 Apr

Made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive.  Bing

When we want or need to purchase something, we seek out the best options available.  We don’t want something that looks like what we need but turns out to be something else entirely.  If it looks like the genuine article but when we try it we discover it’s a counterfeit version we will have to try again.  We may be deceived by appearance but true authenticity will show itself over time.  Although we may not intentionally deceive others, sometimes we may deceive ourselves into believing things are different than they really are.  We may create counterfeit emotions or pretend our lives are one way when actually they are another way entirely.  If we’re in a relationship that isn’t making us happy but we’ve been involved for a long time or there are outside pressures to keep it going we may convince ourselves we are fine.  If we’re in a job that is unsatisfying but others think it’s perfect for us we may choose to go along and pretend we are content.  True happiness can only come if we are completely honest with ourselves.  If we play the counterfeit game we may get by for a time, but real happiness will elude us.  We deserve to be completely happy and we can change our lives any time we’re ready and start a new path.  We can face reality as it is and decide to do what is needed to be happy.  Our happiness is our responsibility and we have everything we need to achieve it.

When hard decisions are upon us we may refuse to acknowledge them and brush them off quickly, hoping they will work out on their own.  If we must face difficult problems we may only glance at them and then look the other way pretending they are something different than they really are.  We can live our lives in a dream state that keeps us from facing reality.  But reality is where we live and it remains whether we face it or not.  We have enough courage to face anything that comes to us and there is nothing too difficult for us to resolve.

Sometimes when other people are involved and our decisions will impact them, we may choose to go along instead of doing what is best for us.  We may be able to keep that going for a while but eventually our true desires will demand attention.  What we really want and who we really are will need to be addressed.  When we’re ready we can honestly and courageously do what is needed to move forward.  Our lives belong to us and we may design them any way we choose.  We don’t have to be counterfeit.  We are perfect being exactly who we are and we deserve every happiness.  Trusting ourselves and being honest will help us find it.

Today if you’ve been pretending you are happier than you are and going along with something you don’t want to do, be honest and take the first step toward what you really want.  Be yourself and choose what is best for you.  You deserve the very best of everything and there is complete happiness waiting for you.  Go get it.

Too Much

7 Jun

There are times in everyone’s life when we want something new. Maybe we want to learn a new skill, get more education, move up in our careers, or try something completely different. When we’re thinking about a change and all that it will entail to make it happen we can sometimes think we can’t do it. Or we might think we aren’t worthy of the growth, or we may even think we don’t deserve it. There is a lot to experience in this life but we can only have the experiences we’re willing to try. If we don’t believe we can do something, odds are we won’t do it. If we don’t think we can manage the challenge, we may not even try. But we can do anything we want to do. There isn’t anything out of reach if we want it badly enough. And we all deserve everything we want in our lives. We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to get approval, and we don’t have to wait. We can have anything we want as soon as we’re ready to do what it takes to get it. There is nothing that is too much for us. We can climb mountains, learn to fly, get an advanced degree, open a new business, or just take one day a week off. It’s all up to us. We don’t need the support of everyone around us. All we need to do is decide. And then go for it.

Some people like routines and keeping things the same. There is security in knowing what to expect each day, and that security is important to some. But the problem with keeping everything the same is that nothing changes. And when nothing changes we can’t grow. If we want a life that’s fulfilling and challenging, we have to be willing to try new things. Getting out of our comfort zones isn’t always easy. They’re called comfort zones because we’re comfortable in them. If we step away from them and do something new it may open up a whole new arena in our lives. We can’t know what’s outside if we stay indoors all the time. There are limitless experiences waiting for us but we have to be willing to let them in.

We may not always get support from those around us when we decide to change our lives. They may say we’re too young or too old, it’s too hard, they don’t want us to change because they like things the way they are, or a thousand others reasons. If they try to keep us the same it just means they don’t want to change. They may certainly keep their lives any way they want them and that has no bearing on our decisions. Everyone can choose the type of life they want. If we want to, we can embrace all our dreams and forge ahead to make them come true. We are the only ones who can make our dreams a reality. There are no fairy godmothers coming to grant our wishes and there is no magic spell that will make them come true. We can do it ourselves. There is no dream that’s too big, no change that’s too much, and no future we can’t create. We have everything we need to have the kind of life we want.

Today if you’ve been dreaming of a life different than the one you’ve been living, change your course. Set out on a path that will make your dreams come true. You can do anything. There is nothing strong enough to keep you from moving forward. You deserve everything you want and you can get it. Open all the doors and push through. The destination is waiting for you.


19 Oct

Confusion is difficult to navigate. If we’re confused about a task we’re doing we could ask for help or look up information that will show us the way. If we’re confused about directions we can consult a map or use a navigation tool. But if we’re confused in a personal relationship, it can be hard to figure out what the problem is, and what to do. Most people are honest and forthright, and in relationships, most of us try to be upfront and not deceptive. But there are some people who have an agenda directed at their own desires, and will do whatever is needed to make it happen. Nobody really wants to be involved with people like that, either in a friendship or something closer.  But unfortunately in the beginning sometimes there is no way to know all the facts. Things may start out okay, and then we realize something is amiss.  Maybe what they say doesn’t match what they do, or they don’t follow through on their promises, and hurting us brings excuses but no changes. There’s a lot of nonsense – meaning it doesn’t make sense. When we get caught up in relationships with people like that it’s very confusing. And that confusion can be hard to untangle.

We often have inspiration, intuition, or a gut feeling when things aren’t quite right. It’s good to trust others. It’s good to believe what they tell us, and trust that they’ll follow through on their word. But if they don’t, and it happens repeatedly, it’s important for us to take a step back and look at the situation objectively. We need to look at the facts without reserve or filters. We need to set our feelings aside and look at what is really happening. If we pay attention to the reality of the situation, and let go of all the excuses and explanations, we can clear our minds and find truth. The truth is always available to us when we’re ready to see it. And the truth is what will bring us peace in the end.

When we get confused and things aren’t making sense, we can lose our footing, get tangled up, and keep going around in circles trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense. If we keep hoping things will improve and they don’t, we may get deeply hurt. And if we let ourselves be hurt again and again, we may forget how valuable we are, and that we deserve every blessing. Every day is precious and spending it on a situation that hurts us isn’t in our best interest. We are valuable and should be treated with care. If we’re in a situation where that isn’t happening, we need to re-evaluate our decisions going forward.

Today if you’re confused over a situation in your life, step back and look at things objectively. Look at what’s happening as an outsider, and be open to seeing the whole picture. You’ll find the truth and then can decide how to go forward. You are a precious gift to the world. There is nobody else like you. You deserve to be treated well, and with care. Remember how important you are. And then make decisions going forward that will bring you happiness.