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13 May

Everyone wants an easy, happy life filled with great experiences, and joy, but every day won’t be ideal, and we’ll all go through difficulties, tragedies, disasters, and hard times. There is opposition in everything and although there will be times when everything lines up perfectly and we sail through with no problems, those moments are rare. Sometimes everything goes wrong, our plans go up in smoke, the bottom falls out, and we crash and burn. It happens. No matter how hard we try to plan for eventualities and complications, we may face a time of unexpected trials and extreme disappointment. If we’ve made a serious mistake in judgement that has led to disaster, we may feel horrible as everything falls apart and we fall down. If the error has caused serious problems not only for us but for others, we may suffer great pains of regret. We might believe the situation is so bad that we are finished and there is no way to recover. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bad situations, even the very worst, can be overcome. Life isn’t stagnant and change is constant, and whatever is happening now isn’t permanent. Even if we made the biggest mistake of all time, which isn’t possible, there will be a way to recover. The road ahead we had planned may be gone forever, but there will be other ways to move forward. There will always be a way to recover from whatever has happened. We may have to change our ideas about how we move ahead, but we can create a new plan that will open the road before us, and help us find success. We will never reach a time in our lives where everything is so bad that we are finished and unable to continue. It may not be easy, but we are strong. It might be complicated, but we are intelligent. There isn’t anything that can hold us in place forever. The destination is still there for us, and with patience and wisdom, we will find our way.

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. What happens after we’ve made them depends on where we are, and who else is involved. If the error is egregious and far reaching, we may lose relationships, jobs, or valuable connections, which may bring us great sorrow. But tomorrow the sun will rise, and there will be opportunities to start again. It’s only over if we quit.

Some people like to play the blame game. They may constantly remind us of what we did that failed, and blame us for everything that happened afterward. We are aware of what’s happened, and don’t need a reminder. What’s done is done, and we don’t need to carry it forward to find success. We can accept our part in any decision, and then step forward in a new direction to reach the goals we desire. Success is still there for us, and with determination we’ll reach it.

Today if you’ve made a bad choice and everything has fallen apart, think about how you want to proceed. The journey doesn’t end because of a wrong turn. No matter how far you are from where you want to be, you can find the way forward. Every destination is possible, and nothing can keep you from success. Stand strong, and step forward with confidence. All your dreams are possible, and you will reach them.

Into the Unknown

14 Jan

Life is full of experiences and we never know what will happen next. There is a lot of uncertainty and what’s around the next corner may surprise us. If we’re comfortable with our routine and like the way things are now, we might try to do everything possible to keep things the same. We can try all we want, but there is no way to prevent what’s coming down the pike. When things suddenly change and the landscape quickly becomes foreign, we may find ourselves in unknown territory. It can happen over time or everything can change in an instant. Trying to grab onto normalcy and routine when the bottom falls out may be an exercise in futility. When the winds of change come, and they will come for all of us, the best we can do is hold on until we figure out how to proceed. Stepping into the unknown isn’t comfortable and we may feel lost and disoriented for a time. There will always be a way forward and if we stand still and take the time we need to see the road ahead, we’ll find it. We are capable of understanding and managing everything that comes to us. We may not like it, there may be moments of serious self-doubt and concern, and the road ahead may be dark and unclear. But we are intelligent and with patience and calm, will find all the answers we need. There are never any guarantees in life, and we may face things we don’t dream we can overcome. There may be times we’re sure we won’t survive, but the day passes, and we start again. All the courage and wisdom required to get through will be there when we need it. We are stronger and more resilient than we imagine, and nothing can keep us from success. Hard times will come. We will be tested, and we might stumble and fall. But we can get back up again, and step forward with confidence and clarity. Every destination is there for us, and nothing can keep us from success.

Change is constant and when an uncomfortable development arrives, we may be filled with dread and concern. We aren’t on the earth alone, and if the situation is frightening or unsettling, we can reach out to those we trust for advice and counsel. There will be an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. Nothing is impossible for us to unravel. By trusting ourselves, and getting help when we need it, the road ahead will open, and we’ll be able to move forward.

When we lose something we value greatly, we may grieve for a time and feel intense sorrow. When pain is prevalent, we may feel frozen and unable to move. It’s okay to stand still. There is no rush to continue forward. We can take the time we need to find peace and clarity, and when we’re ready, can begin again. All our dreams will still be there for us, and we will make them ours.

Today if you’re facing a very difficult challenge and you have no idea how to get through, trust yourself. You’ve already overcome many hard trials and trying times. You are strong and capable. Be confident and take your time. Every answer is there for you, and you will prevail.


21 Dec

Sometimes we must face a very difficult situation that carries with it extreme sorrow and sadness. Things may go very wrong, something unexpected may break our heart, and we may be left standing, bereft and broken. If the pain is very deep it will take time to recover and as we walk through it we may feel the hurt is endless. It may seem there is no bottom to the well we’ve fallen into. It’s hard to move forward when we’re in pain and we may believe the suffering will never stop, and the millions of tears and sleepless nights will never end. But each day moves us a little further down the road and away from the sorrow. Even if it’s hard to imagine, joy will return. The hurt will heal and we will be whole again. The only thing we can depend on in life is change. Whatever we’re going through today will be different in some way tomorrow. It’s impossible to keep things exactly the same over time. Just like each night eventually ends with the rising of the sun, no matter how sad and bereaved we may be, there is light ahead. We can hold on during the difficult moments knowing they will pass. We can take comfort that our suffering will end. Hard times come to us all and we each manage them our own personal way. If we need to be alone, we can. If we want to be with others, we may reach out to them. Whatever it takes to heal and right ourselves is there for us. We can be patient when it hurts, and remember this is just a passage that we will successfully walk through. Life is long and many things will come to us. We have everything we need to manage any difficulty or sorrow. We can find the light to brighten the darkness and get through.

Our individual experiences are very personal. How we manage them and process them is unique to us, and may be very different from the way those around us would handle the situation. It doesn’t matter how anyone else would manage our personal experiences. We will find the way that works for us and helps us continue walking forward. There is no one right way to live life. We can do things our way and get back on the road that leads us forward.

There are no rules for how long sorrow should take to overcome. Some people manage disappointments and trouble quickly and let it go. Others need more time to process what’s happened and decide how they want to move forward. Great upsets may change the course of our lives and we can take all the time we need to understand where we are and determine where we want to go from here. We have enough strength even when we feel weak, and we will know what to do. There is no reason to doubt. We are strong enough to face any adversity and continue forward.

Today if you’re struggling with sorrow and it seems it will never end, look back and see how far you’ve come already. If you’ve only moved one step forward you are closer to where you want to be. Have faith. You can do anything and nothing is strong enough to defeat you. There is sunshine ahead and you are only steps away from the light.

What It’s Not

5 Apr

Change is an inevitable part of life.  Every day we face new things, learn new ways of managing them, and grow a little more.  We can learn by hearing about something but mostly we learn by doing.  If we don’t know how something is done and we have to figure it out, we can jump in and start.  But sometimes in the process we don’t figure things out by seeing what something is.  Sometimes it’s what it’s not that teaches us.  If our first impressions are incorrect we may not realize it until we’ve been in the situation for a while.  For example, we meet someone who is very brusque and seems to be wrapped up in their own world.  We might think they’re rude or arrogant, but then after interacting with them over time we discover they aren’t like that at all.  First impressions are important but they can be wrong.  It’s easy to believe we know the whole situation from the first moment, but that is rarely true.  We learn about things as we go, and sometimes what we thought was real wasn’t real at all.

We can only work with what we know at any given time.  Every day brings opportunities to learn and if we embrace them, we have a better shot of understanding how things really are.  There may be times when we want our world to look a certain way and don’t want to see the truth, and we look the other way.  We can pretend we are different than we really are, or that the situation isn’t the way it seems.  We can create our own little reality that has little truth in it.  If we do, we may be happy for the moment but true and lasting happiness will elude us.  Momentary bliss will never sustain us over time.  Truth has a way of surfacing and no matter how we try to hide from it, will find us in the end.  If we open our eyes and see things as they truly are we may be uncomfortable for a time but living truthfully is the only way to real and lasting happiness.

When we make judgments and later discover we were wrong we may feel disappointment or sorrow when we learn the truth.  If we were wrong about a personal relationship we care a lot about it may hurt deeply.  When people want something badly they sometimes pretend to be whatever it takes to get it.  If the other person was willing to do or say anything to bring us close, and we discover none of it was true it can be heartbreaking.  We could decide to ignore the truth and hope that in time our dreams will become real, but that may only postpone the inevitable.  It’s best to face the truth – whatever it is – as soon as we discover it.  Sometimes things aren’t what they seem.  Sometimes they are very different.  What they really are is what is real.  We can face whatever it is and we can still find happiness.  There isn’t a road too hard for us to travel.  We can face anything and we can find our way again.

Today if you see that things aren’t as you thought, you can turn your course.  The truth is there to show you the way.  There are endless roads in front of you, and you will choose the right one.  You know more now than you did before.  Use that going forward.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  You have everything you need to be happy.


26 Mar

Every day we live we have the chance to do anything we want to do. Every day brings with it the promise of happiness. Even if today doesn’t not turn out to be the best day of our lives, it is the only day we have. Yesterday is gone and will never return, and tomorrow is out of our control. All we have is today. We can decide how we’ll live it, what we’ll do, where we’ll go, and what we’ll learn. If we make the most of it, today may bring untold blessings and countless benefits. If we squander it just going through the motions it will pass, and nothing will be gained. We cannot stop the march of time. We can’t make it last longer or slow down. We can only navigate it as it comes and do our best to make the most of it. It’s easy to close our eyes and drift through the hours, mindless of what we’re doing and oblivious of what’s available. But our chance to live right now is fleeting, and the hours will be wasted if we don’t pay attention and live wide awake.

Today is a good day to start. If we’ve been thinking about something we want to do, somewhere we want to go, or someone we want to see, today is the perfect day to begin. We can take the first step on a new journey, or begin the plans we’ve been making and putting off. Sometimes just taking the first step is the hardest but once we’ve set our foot in the direction we want to go we can be off and running. Every dream is a possibility. Every goal is achievable, and today is a good time to start making them happen. We can set time aside and really begin to move in the direction we want to go. We can reorganize our priorities to make sure we continue moving forward, and we can succeed. If we aren’t quite ready, today is the day to start making a plan. Unrealized goals often bring with them frustration and unhappiness. If we are consciously working toward where we want to be and actively pursuing what we want to gain, we will find contentment even before we reach the goal. When we’re on the road moving forward we will gain the confidence we need to succeed.

If we’ve been grieving or hurting from something in the past, today is a good day to start letting go. No matter how many tears we’ve cried, no matter how many sleepless nights we’ve endured – it’s enough. Maybe we can’t let go of all the hurt but today we could look up and let happiness creep in just a little. Pain sometimes has its own timetable and we can’t rush it, but we can give ourselves a breather. We can take a day off from the worry and sorrow. It will still be there tomorrow if we return to it. But if we’ve had enough, we can choose today to let it go and move forward. Happiness is a gift we give to ourselves. Nobody else can give it to us. We have to decide to take it and make it a reality in our lives. This life flies by in an instant. We can choose to be happy and make the most of each day, and today is the perfect day to start.

Today – if you’ve been wanting to do something and haven’t begun, start. If you’ve been suffering and are ready to move forward, let it go. You are worth more than you know. The world is blessed because you are here, and your presence brings light to us all. Choose today to move forward and be happy. You deserve every happiness. You can have it. Today is the perfect day to get it.