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Living Well

30 Jul

We all live in ways that are unique to our personal desires and goals.  We make our own decisions and the lives we end up with are the lives we choose.  Some people are very successful and inventive, and do things that impact the world or change the way it works.  Some discover cures for diseases, or create things that alter the way we live, or serve in grand ways that embellish thousands and change the world for the better.  It’s amazing and wonderful to have such greatness among us, but we don’t have to do incredible or grandiose things to live well.  The world is blessed by things that amplify goodness and make it work more easily but we also bless it when we choose well in small ways.  By being kind, serving others, and showing charity to those around us, we change the world for the better and augment the environment around us.  We have far more influence over those we interact with than we may realize.  When we reach out to comfort sadness, or extend our hands to help lift a heavy burden, when we listen with compassion or offer a kind word when someone is down, we change the world for the better.  Like ripples in the water after a pebble is tossed in, our influence can move forward indefinitely.  When we choose well we bring glory to the world around us.  That glory brings light into darkness and joy where sorrow once prevailed.  We have the power to change the world.  By choosing well, and living in ways that serve not just ourselves but those around us we turn everything toward light and bring joy and comfort.  We are powerful and good, and our choices reflect who we most want to be.

No life is perfect and there will be days when clouds roll in and the skies of trouble darken.  We may face serious trials and difficult challenges as we push forward and there may be times when we feel doubt and fear over what will happen next.  Misery may overwhelm us and we may be uncertain about how to proceed.  When we’re struggling we can allow others to reach out to us and offer help and support.  We don’t have to do everything alone.  Allowing others to comfort us will bring light and lift us as we continue forward.  Letting others help us when we are overcome helps us live well.  When things settle again and we’re back on a more even keel we can reach out to others and share the gift we received.

The world is filled with billions of people but we are all important and valuable.  Reaching out in kindness, even in small ways, can change everything for someone who is struggling.  Cheering a crying child, helping lift a grocery sack, opening a door, or simply listening when others speak are simple and effective ways to serve.  We can turn sadness into peace, sorrow into comfort and grief into hope.  We are more powerful and influential than we realize.  The whole world is blessed because we are here and we can share that blessing every day.

Today if you feel like your life is small and inconsequential and don’t think you’re important, remember your influence is greater than you know.  You are amazing and powerful and we all want to share our lives with you.  The whole world is better because you are here.  Be joyful.  Your light brings happiness to us all.


One Piece

12 Oct

There are billions of people in the world. A billion is a number so large it’s hard to comprehend. There are people on every continent and every corner of the earth. Although technology can make the world seem small it’s quite huge encompassing a vast expanse and there are people everywhere. When we think of the enormity of the view we may feel insignificant. We’re such a small part of the whole human race we may think we don’t matter. Our personal lives may seem inconsequential and unimportant. But think about a huge, enormous jigsaw puzzle with billions of pieces. Each piece is small but if you put it all together and there is one piece missing it will be a glaring deficit. It won’t be complete without every piece in place. It’s the same with us. We may feel small in comparison to the whole world, and we are, but we are an important piece of the puzzle. We count and our contributions are valuable. We make the composition whole. Without us the world would miss an integral part of its experience. Our lives may be small but we impact everything around us and everything we do makes the world what it is today. No life is inconsequential or without value. We all count. We are all worthwhile and essential. Remembering how important we are to the whole will help us cherish our lives more deeply. We are precious and priceless. Everything we do has value and our part is necessary to complete the puzzle.

There are kings, presidents, rulers and others with incredible influence all over the world. They have the power to change how things work and what happens in countries and nations all across the earth. Although we may not have those attributes in our personal lives we are powerful in very personal ways. Our impact is felt with every decision we make and everything we do. We can show great love and care to those around us and bring happiness and joy into other lives. Everything we do changes something. If we are mindful and do the best we can we may change the whole world for good.

As we go about our daily routines and our personal issues we may forget how important we are in the big picture. Our choices bring changes into our lives and impact the lives of those around us. If those choices are made well our impact will be positive. If we are careless and create problems as we move forward, we may leave behind a trail of trouble and despair. There is no way to get through life without affecting those around us. What we choose will bring joy or sorrow, and happiness or grief. If we choose to be the best influence possible our personal gifts will be precious and may change the world for good.

Today if you’re feeling like you don’t count, and your contributions are insignificant, remember your piece of the puzzle is priceless. Nobody else can fill your space. You are the only one who can do your part. Everything you do changes the world. Be confident and go forward knowing you are valuable and precious. Nobody else can bring the gifts you give. You are important and essential. The influence you bring is unique and we need you here.

One day at a time.

8 Apr

Some time ago, a young pregnant friend discovered that the baby she was carrying had a chromosomal defect that runs in her husband’s family. Five months pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage. It was sad. It was devastating. They didn’t know what to do. Her husband was riddled with guilt because the defect came from him. She was lost in grief and sadness. Neither of them knew what to do, how to process this horrifying change, how to go forward.

Time went by and as it did, they began to heal. They found joy again, and were able to laugh. They got through their grief and began again to plan for a family. It took serious courage for them to even consider opening that door again, and they sought the advice and counsel of genetic professionals on whether or not they should proceed. They learned that the odds of having another child with this same anomaly were low, so they decided to try again. Now, there is another baby on the way. They are hopeful and determined. The experiences they’ve gone through have made them stronger, more willing and able to face what might come, and they are looking forward with confidence.

Life. It can be joyous one moment, perfect almost, and then things can change and your world can be turned upside down. Although we often can’t do anything about the changes that come to us, we can learn, as we go, how to cope with them. I was sad for my friends watching them go through such a terrible disappointment. It was hard to understand and accept. But this life is fleeting. If we take an eternal view, this really is just a moment. And if we take it moment by moment, we can manage whatever comes our way. We can, if we look, find joy even in sorrow. Things will change. Nothing is permanent, not even sadness. There are still good things to come. Sometimes it’s difficult to look up when we feel so down. We have to take it one day at a time. Sometimes we have to take it one hour at a time. Sometimes we have to take it one minute at a time. But no matter how we manage it, things will change, and we will get through whatever we’re facing. The only real thing we can count on in this life is that no matter what you’re going through now, it will change. Change is inevitable. When we are hurt and suffering, we want the change to come immediately. But change comes in its own way, on its own timetable. So moment by moment, step by step, we navigate until things improve.

We’re all going to suffer at some point. We’re all going to face disappointment, sometimes serious disappointment. But look up. There are still good things to come. Today is just today. Just do today. Tomorrow will be different.